Best Sites To Buy and Sell Used Panties Online: Make Thousands!

  • March 21, 2024
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The panty selling business has become mainstream in the USA due to getting exposed in Orange Is the New Black when the main character Piper started her own panty selling enterprise inside a woman’s prison. Another example is Japan, a country that is always ahead of the times, when vending machines sold used undergarments for men needing an instant whiff of some fresh panties. Mmhhhhhmm.

Selling worn underwear is giving away your DNA to the buyer and a whiff of your natural essence. That is why panty selling websites encourage users to pack their used underwear in ziplock bags during shipping to preserve the smell. Some people love that shit. And that organic aroma is what generates hundreds, maybe even thousands of dollars per month for college students putting their way through school.

Top 10 Sites To Used For Buying and Selling Used Panties Online


SofiaGrayBest Panty Selling Profits

Highlights & Features
  • Get your payments with PayPal or credit cards
  • Domestic and international sales
  • Monthly selling fee ranging between $10 and $20

Where can I find Sofia Gray? Oh, where is she?

Sofia Gray makes it easy for panty trading. It only takes minutes to open an independent store with a specialized link for customers to click.

Sophia Gray lets you keep all your money. Read their Selling Guide for the right tools to become successful. Choose your shop name, create a bio, post pictures, and set the location of the items.

  • Positive testimonials from panty traders
  • Thousands of buyers
  • Keep 100% of profits
  • Professional
  • You can sell more than just used panties; socks, boy shorts, dirty/poopy cotton panties and more
  • Not SSL certified
Our Rating of SofiaGray

ManyVidsBest Independent Panty Selling Store

Highlights & Features
  • Join for free
  • You get 60% of your gross revenue
  • $100 minimum weekly cashouts with ACH transfer, bank wire, and checks on the 1st and the 16th
  • Geo-blocking
  • Men can sell their used underwear online

All your panties would be under the ‘Items’ section in the MV Store. Most women on ManyVids charge $15 for their panties and would increase the price if the panties have a perfume smell, autograph, or come in plastic bags. The same page gives you the option to choose the size, condition, and quantity of the panties you’re selling.

Click here if you need a ManyVid review that goes in-depth.

  • High rated
  • Hosts contest for the models who generate the highest revenue for the month
  • A lot of traffic
  • Chat directly with customers
  • Required to pay taxes when you start generating a lot of money
Our Rating of ManyVids

IWantClipsMost Entertaining Pantie Selling Website

Highlights & Features
  • All content in one central space
  • 80% of revenue share
  • $100 minimum daily cashout payments
  • Regional blocking, DMCA, and model referral program
  • Cart addition and checkout is easy

Women are selling their dirty panties and worn thongs for thousands of dollars on IWantClips beyond the USA borders to a worldwide market. Each underware post is searchable by tags such as fetish, see-thru thongs, teen girls panties, college girl panties, black girl panties to increase sales and views.

You can create coupon codes so buyers can save money when they purchase your products through a special link.

  • Cute displays
  • You can charge a lot
  • Sell videos and pictures of your panties
  • Accept a variety of store gift cards to add money for purchases
  • Flexible payment schedule - weekly and monthly
  • Need to be professional - homely girls won't make a lot of money
  • Beginners might not like it here
  • Need more payment choices
  • Buyers get less than with the gift cards are worth
Our Rating of IWantClips

ExtraLunchMoneyBest Used Panty Sale Website for New Models

Highlights & Features
  • Affiliate program aiming to recruit more models
  • Final payments with the Dwolla, Paxum ACH, or check for a minimum payout of $45
  • 65% of revenue share
  • Promo codes for buyers to save money
  • Great money-making idea for college students

Started in 2011 and now millions of visitors want to buy custom panties worn by models, you can sell your videos to maximize your used panty business profits.

You have to send an ID copy, give your date of birth, Twitter name, and cell phone number to create an account.

  • High traffic
  • Great used pantie underwear site for new models
  • Specific searchable panty tags
  • Low percentage payouts
  • Cheap users offer low payments
  • Too much personal info to give up
Our Rating of ExtraLunchMoney

PantyBayBest Panty Cam Chat Site

Highlights & Features
  • You get 70% of your revenue
  • 35% lifetime revenue for every model you recruit
  • Money converts into credits - $1 for 10 credits/ $3-$5 a minute for private chatting

Be ready to show that sexy body on webcam sporting your hot sexy panties. Guys know exactly what they’re getting.

Webcams show in High Definition and you need to have high-speed internet connection with no interruptions that is reliable.

  • Variety of payments
  • High commission
  • Low traffic
  • Low number of models
  • Browsing experience is complex and confusing
Our Rating of PantyBay

PornHubLargest Adult Website in the World

Highlights & Features
  • Free to post
  • Rating system
  • Interested buyers can post comments
  • Buyers can tip and you get paid directly through PornHub
  • Negotiate how you will send the panties
  • If you do business with ModelHub, payments are sent with direct deposit, check, or PayPal or Paxum e-wallets
  • $1,000 contests for various goals reached

PornHub is not designed for selling panties but has a lot of adult content watchers. You can create your own videos about selling panties and guys will comment on them. However, you would have to do business with the guys directly.

There is not a reliable system for selling panties when using PornHub, but there are a lot of eyes that come to view PornHub’s hardcore porn content and they can become your customers. Just a good way to get some extra residual passive income.

  • Excellent amount of traffic
  • No commission fee - you get to keep 100% of your money
  • You will likely get messages about your panties for years
  • No type of monetary protections against scammers
  • Videos will be public forever and likely published everywhere especially if you are hot
  • Regular porn videos with panty tags will blanket your videos
Our Rating of PornHub

PantydealBiggest Used Panty Selling Marketplace

Highlights & Features
  • Almost 700,000 members and over 800,000 buyers
  • Models can chat with fans
  • Fake Check system verifies posted photos
  • Models can remain anonymous - not required to show identity in photos or videos
  • Featured in mainstream media like Vice, New York Post, Cracked, DailyBeast, Complex
  • Selling fee is $20

Not only can you sell used panties, but you can also sell your knickers, socks, and thongs.

Pantydeal also has a seller’s guide that covers the basics on how to ship panties.

  • Easy to use and simple
  • The website champions privacy
  • Can't really think of any
Our Rating of Pantydeal

PantytrustMost Trusted Panty Fetish Community

Highlights & Features
  • Verified sellers get access to reliable buyers
  • DCMA protected

In Panties We Trust. This is a really elegant website powered by Pantydeal. I like it. You can create a bio to post in each of your panty posts.

  • Elegant
  • Detailed panty post; shows amount, payments, location, delivery methods and wait time
  • Simple sign-up
  • Genuine panty buyers
  • Complex system
  • Prohibits accepting payments through PayPal
  • Need to go through too much to verify identity
Our Rating of Pantytrust

RedditFree Used Panty Directory App

Highlights & Features
  • 89,000 joined members and 200 members online
  • Free group to join
  • Popular, All, Best, Hot, New, Controversial, and Top posts with Card, Classic, and Compact page views

🎵I’m a panty girl. In a panty world!🎵 Toast to the cum on panties with crusty skidmarks. Celebrate panty slips and whaletail thongs. This is a free way to post a panty ad within a group where people come here specifically to party in a panty world. Post your panty pics and wait to get a response from a desperate panty smeller.

  • Always somebody looking for some used panties 24/7
  • Anyone can join, but certain people are approved
  • Safe group because of their strict rules; although crazies can slip through the cracks sometimes
  • A free site, so you never know who you are talking to
Our Rating of Reddit

MyUsedPantyStoreGreat Panty Model Store

Highlights & Features
  • Thousands of models
  • Hundreds of buyers
  • Website design is really playful
  • There is a monthly seller fee

You can create your own fetish panty store to sell your products. The name of this website speaks for itself. Both men and women can sell what they wear, such as panties, boxers, belts, stockings and more.

  • Can make a lot of money
  • Boring site and low sales
Our Rating of MyUsedPantyStore

CraigslistFree Panty Selling Portal

Highlights & Features
  • You will most likely get local results - there's no way to search for panty buyers nationally or internationally even when using Google

Craigslist is an ok free place to sell your panties if you are willing to meet up with the person in person. You could sell the panties directly to the buyer and keep 100% of your money but there are risks.

Did you know that in the home of Craigslist killer Philip Markoff was several women’s panties? He had a panty fetish too. So that gives you an idea of the type of guys who buys this shit.

There is an anonymous user who said they’ve sold panties to a cop. Moreover, there’s no guarantee that someone will buy used panties in your area. Craigslist is another option to possibly make some money.

  • Free to sign up - keep 100% of your profits
  • Will likely meet up with the person in person, which poses some risks
  • Difficult to find a buyer
Our Rating of Craigslist

SnifffrBest Worldwide Marketplace

Highlights & Features
  • Worldwide marketplace
  • Sellers guide and articles with panty selling advice
  • Can sell wet, used, dirty panties
  • Men in panties sell
  • Cool ass logo

Snifffr is where the panty sniffers go. The name speaks for itself. Signing up for a seller’s account is free and men will sniff your panties for days if they can get them.

  • Can sell a variety of panties
  • Men and women can sell their panties
  • Encourages you not to show your face
  • Much is unknown about this site
Our Rating of Snifffr

How to sell used panties – Requirements for selling underwear online

  • You are required to wear them

Don’t play games with the buyer. They will know if you did not wear them. Men have paid upwards of $5,000 to women wearing panties for several weeks and they want the real deal.

  • You are required to look hot

Well, this is not technically a requirement, but the hotter you are the more money you will make. Some guys might have an ugly woman fetish, but that is far in between. Think about it, would you pay top dollar for Madonna’s panties or Precious’ (from the movie Precious) panties.

  • You are required to promote and market your old worn undies

I read an article on about a woman who was unsuccessful selling her pannies online. This is mostly due to her just waiting around for the guys to automatically buy like robots. If you want to make money then you would need to creatively market your panties like you are selling insurance. People need them, but can go with another company if they choose.

  • You are required to open a money transfer account

How else are you gonna get paid? Stand on the corner and hustle your panties for cash? Though, that has worked for some women. Anyway, you need to open a PayPal (be careful with using PayPal for used panty sales because if they find out you are getting funds from selling used panties they will shut down your account), Venmo, Cashapp, Bitcoin (panty investments), Google Pay, gift cards, etc.

Types of panties to sell: fresh vs used vs dirty


Fresh panties are only worn one time.


Used panties are worn more than one time over the course of a few days, but you need to bust a few poses like bending over or just going about your regular day while wearing them. Of course, none of these panties are washed.


Dirty panties might have visible pussy juice stains on them, have a stinky reeking stench, or extreme cases, some poo, boo boo, doo doo, dookie, shit – whatever you want to call this human soil. Even some used panties worn during or after sex are valued much. Some men will pay an additional 10 to $20 just for panties worn for like 3 days straight. The longer the more they are valued. Some women, of course, don’t want to go through this because of hygiene issues, but dirty panties seem to be a hot commodity today.

Other tips for maximizing panty sales

Camera Quality

Humans are visual creatures and we prefer looking at high-resolution imagery no matter the content. It’s a good idea to purchase a DSLR or Mirrorless camera to take a pic or video of your panties prepping to sell online. Men like to analyze every panty liner detail before buying.

Worldwide Shipping

A Singaporean guy might pay top dollar for panties from a blonde trimmed pussy. Therefore, it’s your job to become familiar with USPS, UPS, FedEx, DHL, and private courier services operations. Since panties are light in weight, they should not cost much to send. There might be some issue getting them past customs if the country have legal restrictions on fluid getting sent through the mail. For example, Canada Post does not allow you to transport non-infectious biological materials, but what does that mean exactly? We will cover that later. Panty selling has exploded in Ghana, and although it is prohibited there these guys still seem to get their hands on some.

One rule for shipping your panties anywhere is sending the package from a P.O. Box return address, so the perv cannot trace you.

Is it legal to sell used panties online

Buying and selling New and Used underwear is a $110 million industry, so imagine how much you can make from selling used ones. There are only a few people went to jail because the buyer lied about inappropriate items that were not in the package. But you still wanna stay safe, so the Department of Health doesn’t come knocking on your door.

First of all, selling panties is like selling any commodity. As long as you are honest about the Condition, which is Used, you are good. However, selling Dirty panties might be an issue depending on local laws from state to state. Make sure you search laws about the place you are sending the panties in the mail and if they have a restriction on the sales of used panties. Most states are open to it, though. You don’t need to worry because the panty selling website that you decide to work with will be candid on these rules.

According to a few lawyer sites they say that in extreme cases a perpetrator can get fined a couple of hundreds of thousands or sentenced to a 5-year jail stint if you don’t wash the panties and neglect to tell the person about the conditions.

If you check out you will learn that under USPS code 346.212 division 6.2 you can’t do it through the postal mail. Read the 346 Toxic Substances and Infectious Substances (Hazard Class 6) for more information. However, privatize delivery carriers like UPS and FEDEX do not have such strict codes.

Final Word

Are you willing to have your spiritual essence in the company of a stranger? If so, then take them off and send them to me! Thank you for your cooperation.

Time to make some real money doing non-intrusive sexual work.

Smelling used women’s underwear is the new wave, so hop on the body board or get wiped out!

Before becoming a full-time writer, he was a hardcore porn watcher spending 12-hour days surfing xxx adult websites for 20 years. He has witnessed the drastic change of internet porn over the years and is your guide to the past present and future of the adult industry.

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