How to Become a Good Financial Dominatrix

  • March 21, 2024
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Do you want to make big money as a findom model? 

What could be better? Milking rich guys of their net worth! All from the remote comfort of your cam.

I’m gonna show you the best sites for findom models! Read on and learn how to become a findom today.


What is Findom – Pay Pigs

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Findom is a fetish involving financial domination. In a findom scenario, a financial dominatrix engages in BDSM role-play with an affluent yet submissive male, known here as the pay pig. She sets a price that he plays in exchange for virtual erotic services, such as sexual humiliation.

A lot of findom scenarios involve leather, vinyl, whips and other BDSM themes and attire. Findom is a lot like other master/slave fetishes, only here the theme is money. While the undercurrents are sexual (at least for the man) it’s understood that the findom is there to exploit him financially like no one else can.

Pay pigs are mostly high-powered men who dominate in all areas of life, especially at the office. These are men who control the livelihoods of many people. The ultimate fantasy of a pay pig is to not be in control for once. While these men are always calling the shots at the job, they fantasize being dominated behind closed doors. To a certain extent, they want to be taken (financially) in the process.

What is it Like Being a Findom

Being a findom dominatrix is a safe way to earn a living. You have to treat it as a business and approach it as work. Even if you find this fetish odd, you’ll need to understand it to succeed. Never make it seem like you are in it for the money, as that will make you seem like the needy one. You must go into this to dominate. That’s what these men want to pay you for.

The payouts vary by site. On some, you’ll net up to 90%; on others, 60%. Most sites let the doms keep 70%-80% of their gross earnings. For every pay pig you encounter, you’ll have 10 people getting off to your free preview content.

Why Should You Become a Findom

There are numerous benefits to becoming a findom model. It lets you make good money from the comfort of your home. You could attract hundreds of affluent men, some of them wealthy. You’ll never have to meet these men. They’ll be happy to pay you just for your domination. The key benefits include:

  • High earnings: Some full-time findoms earn six figures annually.
  • Sexual exploration: Perhaps you have a domineering side? If you’ve ever fantasized about being a dominatrix, findom is one of the safest ways to earn money as one.
  • Meet wealthy men: Findom can put you in contact with hundreds of wealthy, generous men. These men will gladly hand over hundreds, sometimes thousands per session, all to see you crack a whip and humiliate them.
  • Safe sex work: While you will be providing an erotic service, no actual sex occurs so it’s not prostitution. Since there’s no contact involved, there’s virtually no danger. Findom is one of the safest ways possible to earn a living with a variation of the world’s oldest profession.

Findom can also have its darker side. As with any sex cam activities, you should keep your financial dom personae separate from your regular life. Don’t let anyone in findomland know your real name. Don’t make findom-related tweets on your main Twitter account; start a second one. The most common problems with findom are:

  • Extortion or blackmail: If a client knows your true identity and comes away dissatisfied, he might break his end of the bargain and try to extort you. Something along the lines of, “if you won’t do this or that, I’m sending BDSM photos of you to your parents, boss and landlord!”
  • Cheapskates and non-payers: Some guys might not pay the amount agreed upon. In some cases, the guy won’t pay you after all. On some findom sites, you can set the barrier to where a guy cannot even contact you until after he pays. That’s the best way to avoid this problem.
  • Constant perviness: As with any sex work, the constant flood of male horniness can get annoying. If you have a low threshold for creepy behavior, this might not be for you.

How to Make Money With Findom

financial dominatrix

As a financial domme, you give men orders and have them pay up. The most successful dommes are always in charge. Whether you insult men for kinks or listen to their sob stories, always be the boss and never show any signs of financial neediness on your part.

For the pay pig, a big part of the thrill is being able to relinquish their financial responsibility. These are men who constantly oversee payrolls, expenses, mortgages and taxes. Every now and then, these men want nothing more than to blow their real-life obligations to the wind. As part of your clientele, they want to take orders from you.

Your clients will keep coming back if you excite them. Each submissive man has his own kinks, and you’ll need to get to know each one individually. Some men want to feel like your sugar daddy. Other men want to feel like they’re getting drained. Other men want to be humiliated. Some men want to live vicariously through your boyfriend. Give each client what he wants and he’ll return again and again.

You can accept cash through gift cards or transfer services like Paxum and Payoneer. DO NOT use PayPay. They frown upon payments for sexual services and will freeze your account without warning. Try not to accept hand-to-hand cash payments because if you have sex with the client, then that’s considered prostitution and you could be arrested if that is a sting. Cash should never be discussed in exchanged for sex.

Findom is legal but certain aspects are legally dubious. Your payments aren’t taxed, so you’ll need to file as a “private entertainer.” There have been calls among MRA’s to criminalize this activity. In certain states, scenarios where older, senile men give their life savings away to a findom could be seen as a violation of the Vulnerable Adults Act.

Findome is popular in big affluent cities like:

  • New York
  • Dallas
  • Houston
  • Los Angeles
  • Chicago
  • Tokyo
  • Paris
  • Rome
  • Berlin
  • Sydney

Findoms sometimes meet with clients at ATMs where transactions take place. In big cities, findom communities throw parties. Depending on the nature of the relationship, a pay pig might be allowed to accompany the domme on her shopping trips. Most dommes never meet face-to-face with clients.

How to Become a Financial Dominatrix

computer handcuffs

#1 Establish an Online Presence

To succeed as a findom, you’ll first need to make yourself known to possible pay pigs. Start a Twitter account for your findom personae and link it to others in the same niche. As you build up a following, direct men over to your various findom profiles (step 2).

#2 Join the Best Findom Sites

Find all the findom sites that offer healthy payouts and start an account on each one. Some will let you be verified for as little as $10 per year. The more sites you join, the more pay pigs you’ll attract.

#3 Start a Findom Blog

Give your pay pigs a way to keep up with your weekly exploits. With a blog, you can link to all your latest videos and keep fans abreast of upcoming cams. A blog could serve as an all-in-one directory of your findom activity on various sites.

#4 Understand Your Clients

Men who get into the pay pig fetish might be playing the simp, but they’re not stupid. These men are at the top of the ladder professionally. Most of them work in high-level positions and oversee the livelihoods of many employees. As pay pigs, they’re looking to surrender control and put someone else in charge for once. You’ll need to understand the psychology at play.

#5 Take a Course from a Findom Pro

Learn the ropes from someone who has already climbed to the top. One of the world’s most successful financial dommes, Yevgeniya Ivanyutenko, teaches other women how to master this field. You could learn a lot from her insights.

The Best Sites to Become a Findom

#1 OnlyFans

OnlyFans has become the most popular site for glamour and fetish models in every category. It’s the fastest-growing site for adult amateurs, a lot of whom also use Twitter and Instagram. It has a simple, mobile-friendly interface where paying fans can browse through videos and photos. Payout on OnlyFans is 80%.

  • Pros: popular, trafficked, high payout
  • Cons: SnapChat-incompatible

#2 PornHub

With more than 11.9 million videos and counting, PornHub is one of the most accessed sites for new and archived porn videos. The findom search tag brings up hundreds of videos. Popular financial dommes like GoddessTaylorK and Goddess Alexa are on here. PornHub features scrollable thumbnails and a left-side search menu against a black background. Payout is 80%.

  • Pros: Generous payout, high traffic, popular
  • Cons: none

#3 ModelHub

ModelHub is a site where adult models can blog and post selectively priced videos for a paying audience. A site search on findom yields hundreds of relevant matches. Popular Asian financial domme Astro Domina has videos on here. ModelHub features scrollable thumbnail tables and filter categories against a white background. Payout is 75% on tips, 65% on sales.

  • Pros: 80 million visitors, all types
  • Cons: mediocre payout (down from 85%)

#4 I Want Clips

On, you can post pay-per-view fetish videos and build an audience with their built-in promotional tools. Any random search shows just how lucrative the site is for dominatrices of all types, including findoms. The site features thumbnail tables grouped by category against a white background. Payout is 100% custom content, 80% tips, 60% content.

  • Pros: High payout, promo tools
  • Cons: none

#5 ManyVids

ManyVidz has numerous NSFW content categories listed in thumbnail rows on its front page. Across each row you’ll see amateur models of all types catering to specific fetishes, including findom. Each thumbnail is accompanied by rating and price info. The site has more than 1.1 million videos. Payout is 60%.

  • Pros: all fetishes, all body types
  • Cons: mediocre payout

#6 Clips4Sale

Clips4Sale is one of the oldest and most well-known e-markets for amateur adult video content. Older men (those with money) buy videos from Clips4Sale because they’ve known and trusted it since the 2000s. Today, Clips4Sale is a haven for all kinds of domme fetishes. The site lists search categories in columns. The layout is shopping-cart like. Payout is 55%.

  • Pros: established, trusted, diverse
  • Cons: low payout, anachronistic layout

#7 Bongacams is one of the most frequented camming sites. Women get tipped all hours for doing fetish role-play and undressing before the camera. The front page features preview gifs of active rooms. Each cam has a chat box and tip button. Payout is 75%.

  • Pros: fast-loading, popular, easy
  • Cons: none

How Much Money Can a Person Make from Findom

Your earnings as a financial domme will depend on the prices you set and the clients you attract. If you gain a loyal clientele, they’ll pay you well, even if you only do a couple of sessions per week. Astro Domino typically makes $3,000 per session. In some sessions, she makes as much as $20,000. Her annual earnings are roughly $300,000.

Men who engage in this fetish are typically affluent. Due to their dominance in the professional realm, their ultimate fantasy is to be sexually dominated, even humiliated. If you like taking control of things and calling the shots, you could do well in findom.

Findom Glossary Terms

Findom: A combination of the words “financial” and “dominatrix.”

Financial domination: The role-play in which a findom model dominates a paying submissive, typically an affluent man.

Paypig/Money Slave: The man in the findom role-play scenario. 

Tribute: Payment for findom entertainment.

Submissive: A paypig who submits to a findom, but is allowed to say the word “no.”

Slave: A paypig who must obey all orders of his findom, including cuckoldry and faggot-training.

D/s: Dominant and submissive

M/s: Master and slave

Switch: A pay pig who likes to play it both ways and dominate from time to time. It’s understood that the roles of payer and payee never change. Switches mostly occur in gay findom.


Before becoming a full-time writer, he was a hardcore porn watcher spending 12-hour days surfing xxx adult websites for 20 years. He has witnessed the drastic change of internet porn over the years and is your guide to the past present and future of the adult industry.

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