My BlueChew Review: Does BlueChew Work? (Plus Coupons and Promo Codes)

It seems like everyone's been talking about Bluechew lately, from dating websites, to podcasts, to forums (and eventually even my partner).

So I decided to try it myself and see whether or not it was risky to give my credit card out for dick pills online.  More importantly though, I was eager to get some of the benefits of a larger erection and more staying power in bed.

Review of The Bluechew Ordering Process

To get Bluechew for the first time, there's a few hoops I had to jump through.  On their website you'll have to fill out a 10 question health assessment and then one of their doctors located in Chicago Illinois takes a look at it over the internet.  If they decide you are healthy enough for sex they'll send you an email saying you're approved, after which you get your Bluechew in the mail in a few days.

After I was approved I got mine in the mail in 4 days, below is a picture of what the packaging looks like.  It comes from "custom medical group" in Chicago IL (i blocked out my personal address). 

Review of What's in the Bluechew Package

Inside the brown envelope there's a thank you card, a safety information packet, and some neatly packaged bluechew.  It's pretty much like every other subscription service these days, they really try to give you an experience every time you open up the packaging.

Here's a picture of the thank you card.  It's from Dr J, the "Chief Medical Officer".

Chewing the Bluechew

The tablet itself is about the size of a nickle.  Unlike viagra it's tasty and is kind of like a chewable vitamin or flintstone vitamin if you've ever had those before.  It's less of a pain to take then a pill.

As nice as the chewing is, it's not the main attraction.  After about 15 minutes I started to get pretty damn hard, the kind of boner that I only get every once in a blue moon, like the first time I tried VR porn, or the first time I banged two girls at once.

After 30 minutes my dick felt sensitive as heck, flexing with a mind of its own and hungry for some soft fleshy hole to bang.

Does Bluechew make you bigger?

One of the side effects I enjoy is increased girth and length.  While bluechew doesn't grow your penis permanently, it does make you as hard as your cock gets, which means an increased size compared to your average boner.

Bluechew Pros and Cons

The main downsides to bluechew are the risks of rare averse reactions, like temporary blindness for example.  It has almost the same ingredients as Viagra, so if you've taken that before you should be okay.  The health analysis test I mentioned also helps weed out anyone with risks of side effects.

Other then that, Bluechew has tons of pros, especially the free 1 month trial they have which is a steal of a deal.  I was worried they would charge me like $100 or something crazy after the first month.  But they only charged me $20 after the 30 day trial, and then sent 5 more bluechews to my house again.  If you don't like it you can also cancel before the trial ends so you don't get charged.

I think since the viagra patent expired in November they are really pushing to become the big name in chewable ED medicine, so they are offering free trials because they plan on getting lots of people staying subscribed for years.

That being said, here's a run down of all the pros and cons.


● Comes in a discreet package that looks like any other piece of mail
● Free 30 day trial with their coupon
● Ships to you in the mail every month if you get the subscription
● Tastes good and is easier to take then a pill
● Improved sexual performance and stronger erections
● ​Delayed ejaculation and longer sex
● Treatment plan administered by real physicians with certifications from accredited medical institutions


● Does not use natural ingredients like horny goat weed. However, it is still an excellent choice.
● You must get a subscription, however you can cancel it online or via email easily
● Possible side effects including temporary blindness

When you take it for the first time, start with only half a Bluechew, make sure you are feeling okay, then after 30 minutes take the other half.  I also read in many other reviews that some people only need to take a half for an awesome effect and can get twice the uses out of their subscription.

Use this link to get the 1 month free bluechew trial

All in all, most male enhancement products in the market today are sex pills that taste horrible and have to be swallowed whole. Taking them feels more like taking prescription medicine than taking a blue viagra. So how can you find the best stay hard pills?-one might ask.

As you already know, there are plenty of sex pills for men on the market that makes all types of spectacular claims. One would wonder why women are not climbing up the walls, jumping with joy, and landing in a sea of satisfaction? Some of those descriptions make your erection sound like Superman or something.

Well, I can honestly say that through my experience with this blue viagra, my dick has become more like Batman. A powerful figure lingering in the night, waiting in the shadows to come out in the light.

So what the hell does this have to do with Bluechew male enhancement pills? For those of you who have ED (Erectile Dysfunction), like I had, knows how empty life feels when you cannot satisfy your woman properly.

So, come and join us to get your freak on with Bluechew viagra chewable tablets! Don’t you wanna feel satisfied and deliver satisfaction to your woman? Read on....

Bluechew FAQ

What is Bluechew?

Bluechew is an erectile dysfunction chewable viagra and cialis alternative tablet with a texture like candy that is easy to pop in the mouth.

These sex pills dissolve better Viagra and Cialis and provide better consumption and absorption of the minerals.

Is Bluechew Legit?

Dr. Alex Jovanovich MD is the brainchild behind this company. He has credentials from the University of Chicago Medical School and a certification by the American Board of Family Medicine. Also, he has residency at the University of Chicago-one of the top ranking schools in the U.S. with state-of-the-art medical facilities and world-class service.

So, this is not just some guy sitting in his mother’s basement jacking off to porn trying to discover the next male enhancement pill as an excuse to get more pussy or a quick buck.


This is a real doctor doing excellent things for the community. He is “on a mission to change a broken healthcare system” in our society.

What Are The Ingredients?

All ingredients are non-GMO (Genetically Modified Foods), comply with the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) strict guidelines and made in the USA. This matters because cheap male enhancement products made in China with no government oversight can literally kill you!

Here are the FDA approved ingredients in Bluechew:


This ingredient is found in Viagra and stimulates the blood flow into the vessels of the penis to expand the muscles during arousal. During this reaction expect your dick to stay hard for 4 to 6 hours.

All 25mg chewable tablets of sildenafil arrive in black pouches. You should take one 30 minute before you have sex. Also, keep in mind that high-fat foods will prevent absorption.

Have fun!


This ingredient is found in Cialis and the formula works by lowering the blood pressure safely to increase the heart rate during arousal for a stiff erection. It relaxes the prostate and bladder muscles for an erection that could last 34 to 46 hours. All 2.5 mg chewables ship in light gray pouches.

Rules for Taking these Non Toxic Type-5 (PDE5) Inhibitors Ingredients

● Always take them on an empty stomach for the best results.
● Take one 30 minutes before the sexual encounter.




However, the physicians would never prescribe both products if you are already taking one.

Are There Any Risks Involved?

Other than a rock solid hard that lasts for hours- the risks depend on many factors.

Life-threatening risks are diminished because a doctor’s prescription is needed to get these pills. However, do not worry because Bluechew has online licensed physicians trained at the University of Chicago Hospitals, Mayo Clinic, American Medical Association, and Northwestern Medicine. They will view your charts and let you know the results in 2 days.

You cannot take Bluechew due to the following:

● If you take nitrates
● If you take ritonavir
● Do not have erectile dysfunction
● History of drug use alcohol abuse
● Deteriorating health
● Allergies

Possible side effects of Bluechew (Sildenafil)

● Nasal congestion (stuffy nose)
● Back pain
● Headaches
● Muscle pain
● Nausea
● Dizziness
● Blurred vision
● Upset stomach
● Hot flashes in face, chest or neck
● Diarrhea
● Memory issues
● Hearing issues (ringing in ears or loss)

Possible minor side effects of Bluechew (Tadalafil)

● Lightheadedness
● Coughing
● Throwing up feeling
● Acute pain in abdominal, arms, legs, or muscle
● Indigestion
● Flushing
● Irritation in the throat
● Low blood pressure
● Prolonged erections

Call a doctor immediately if the following things persist:

● Heart problems
● Fainting
● Ringing in ear
● Shortness of breath
● Lightheadedness
● Swelling in hands or feet
● Painful erection that lasts more than four hours
● Pain anywhere

Get Bluechew In The Mail

Your product will arrive in a discreet package that looks like regular mail. No one will know what you are getting unless they read the words. Even if they do this, they would think it is an advertisement.

If anything gets lost in the mail, Bluechew will ship another order free of charge only one more time. However, you will get a USPS tracking number to track your package. Moreover, you can call toll-free phone number at (877) 337-6279 with questions.

International shipping is not available but will be in the future. You can get a full refund within 30 days if you dissatisfied with your purchase. All information sent to Bluechew through the server or call center is protected according to HIPAA compliance.

A risk-free trial is available by emailing Bluechew coupons and promo codes. You can get 1 month free with our Bluechew coupon. Get your Bluechew free sample today!

Bluechew Pills Reviews

Here are a couple of reviews from the Bluechew website.

Review #1 - Tommy O. - Bluechew restored my confidence and put a spring in my step and wind in my sails.

Review #4 - Nathaniel L. - I feel like we both noticed the difference right away, and we were both excited.

Review #5 - Michael F. - My girl and I have actually looked forward more to our sexual experiences.

Review #6 - Zack C. - Ordering Bluechew is an absolute no-brainer for any man.

Review #7 - Shaheed C. - It gives me the assurance that I am going to perform. I'm happy, she's happy and we can make love the way we like to.

Review #8 - Donald S. - Bluechew has strengthened our relationship. It's like it's the honeymoon phase all over again.

Where To Buy Bluechew?

Try the Bluechew 1 month free sample here

According to the Bluechew male enhancement reviews, you can only get it at

Keep in mind there is a list of states for legal purposes where this product is unavailable, but can be shipped.

Here are the states you cannot find the product:

● Arkansas
● Delaware
● Hawaii
● Idaho
● Louisiana
● Maryland
● Mississippi
● New Hampshire
● New Jersey
● Oklahoma
● Oregon
● South Carolina
● West Virginia

Live in one of these states? No Bluechew for you! Have you considered moving to one, maybe?

● California
● Florida
● Georgia
● Illinois
● New Jersey
● New York
● North Carolina
● Michigan
● Ohio
● Virginia

Hopefully the staff can bring the product to horny men in all 50 states!

Bluechew Viagra Prices

Prices depends on the prescribed treatment plan.

● Active monthly plan ($20) - Monthly 25MG sildenafil chewables or 2.5 tadalafil chewables
● Busy monthly plan ($30 - Monthly eight 25 MG sildenafil or 2.5 MG tadalafil five of them
● Popular monthly plan ($50) - Monthly thirteen 25 MG sildenafil, eight 2.5 MG

Keep in mind that insurance will not cover this product; however, according to the Bluechew pill reviews the price is up to 80% cheaper than retail price. So, the price is affordable enough for customers can buy it themselves, which costs significantly less than other prescriptions.

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