Discover Best Sites Like Omegle to Video Chat With Strangers in 2024

Most of you have heard by now – it’s probably the reason how you got here in the first place…

Since early November 2023, Omegle is no more – Now what?

To broaden my horizons, I’ve branched off to trying other sites like Omegle. Here’s a list of some good Omegle alternatives.

sites like omegle

Be aware that these sites are for users 18+. They are adult versions of Omegle.

Sites like Omegle reviewed

1. Chatrandom – Very Similar to Omegle

Chatrandom is the closest site like Omegle, because the website has an identical system setup that users are familiar using.

8+ million members joined!? In my Clay Davis voice: Shheeeiiittttttttt.

I don’t know about that number because I keep coming across cams of the same dudes. Sausage party!

When I pressed the ‘Girls’ button, my screen automatically directed me to sign-in prompt with Facebook, Google, or Email. Hey, at least Chatrandom makes it easy to sign in and create an account, which is great.

However, to unlock all the women cams, probably xxx adult cams, NSFW (Not Safe for Work), I was directed to a page requesting $20 a month. Sorry. I’m straight on that. My pockets are running on empty like a Fast and Furious movie car right now.

Allegedly, after signing up for the $20-monthly premium service, the site will hide the ads, use filters, and other good stuff that make the chat room experience better. I’m feeling that!

However, in general, you get all the usual features that you would see on Omegle, like having the ability to turn on and off your microphone and cam, no matter if you have a free or paid account. But a unique feature absent in Omegle but present in ChatRandom is the mask filter, which did not work for me on ChatRandom for some reason. Bummer!

There is a ‘Chat Rooms’ tab, but they are not the traditional chatrooms. They seem like one-on-one chatting with random people. Moreover, many of them have a low number of people. The room with the highest number is ‘Gay’ at 87 people. Why doesn’t that surprise me? The low chatroom numbers make me wonder about the real number of people on the site and their sexual orientation.

Hold up! Hold up, Lil’ Whooday!

Am I suffering from Deja Vu? I could swear that I saw his fat-butt about 5 months ago wearing the same shirt. Is this the same guy, or are these are the same cams from several months ago. Huh?

Sorry to switch the subject. I must be bored as heck. Right now, I’m watching a young dude from Indonesia wearing a Bugle Boy shirt singing Ariana Grande. Go boy!

Something I noticed about ChatRandom compared to several months ago is that many of these guys are from the middle east, and none of them wanted to see boobs or “open boobs” (a Google translator version of ‘show boobs’), something that I often see in Tinychat rooms.

Surprise! ALL I see is Men even I clicked ‘Girls‘. How can I trust y’all to produce ‘Girls’ cams if I pay for the premium, Chatrandom?

However, according to the reviews, people like this site, so I guess it’s one of the best Omegle alternatives. Ya’ dig?!

2. Jerkmate – Dirty Omegle Alternative


Jerkmate is the best Omegle alternative out there in the internet world because the site features nude models down to do the dirty for a price. You know the deal; you gotta cough up some money via dropping tokens in the chatroom to get the models to do anything sexy. Cha’ ching!

NSFW. Check this out. Omegle has real people on the other end of the screen that you can have one-on-one chats with. Jerkmate, however, does not have real people, per se, on the other end, until you get to the website and sign up for a FREE account using your credit card or PayPal account.

How is that ‘FREE’, you might ask? That’s an unsolved mystery prevalent on adult websites with live chat rooms.

Only when you choose the race, body type, and age using the filter is when you see a model’s chat room on Jerkmatelive. However, you will also likely see plenty of sexually frustrated comrades in the room talking about how horny they are. The only way to isolate the model from those ravenous creatures is by pressing ‘Go Private‘ or ‘Give Gold‘.

Let me warn you, though: expect the money in your account to decrease. Jerkmate will inform you how much money a model charges per minute to “talk” with them – it could be $5 per minute or $7 per minute. I was surprised by the charges.

Basically, Jerkmate is the adult version of Omegle. Fa’ sheezy my neezy!

3. SlutRoulette – Real Adult Models on Cam

I’m going to call SlutRoulette the Automated Masturbator because you cannot properly masturbate due to the automated messages hitting the chat box and delivering pure annoyance.

One of the messages is “To chat you must create a Slutroulette Live account to verify your age.”  This comes straight from Yes, I know those messages very well.

All you see is a bunch of similar messages until the hijacked cams are blocked automatically by the site. Then, the screen directs to a sign up page that, upon completion, directs to SlutRouletteLive, which has no association with Weird, right? I’ve been through it all!

On, there is a roster of real models willing to do nasty things for some Gold tokens that you gotta pay for.

All in all, Slutroulette is NOTHING like Omegle – it’s for adults only, but more like Jerkmate.

4. Flingster – Top Rated Girls on Cam

Flingster should be renamed ‘Dingaling Central’ because all you will see is dingalings hanging low and getting jacked off on the floor. I haven’t seen a female cam yet – almost exactly like Omegle, really.

Like, you really don’t understand: dingaling is king here!

However, the Flingster system works easier than Omegle did. You can choose your gender, and BAM! Lightning-fast! You’re on cam talking with a stranger. So much so that your cam automatically pops on and you see yourself along with your partner on the other side of the screen. That shit is fast and furious, for real!

Omegle nor Chatroulette are automated like that. You have to grant them permission before connecting the cams.

Once connected, the location and gender of the other person pops on their cams.

Something I never saw before is each cam has a number of likes. Wait, so you can rate these cams, now? That’s some new-age shit.

So what is this?

A rating system for meat-beaters?

I give him a ten!

That’s what Flingster seems to be all about-meat beating and bologna eating.

I knew life was terrible when I awoke from a nap and saw that my computer still logged into Flingster with the camera activated. Luckily, I also activated the masks icon the night before so that no one could see my face. When I opened my eyes this morning, all I saw on my screen was a timid Japanese guy jacking his meat in front of his dorm room desk! You can’t it up.


To unlock all Flingster’s features, including seeing all the “girls” cams, costs $6.99 a week up to $89.94 for the year, I think. I didn’t pay attention long enough to get accurate numbers. My brain is too tender to endure watching all the meat beating on screen.

Bro, how would I trust Flingster to show me the girls for a price when they won’t show me one for free? The only free girls are the adult webcams that you gotta pay for like Jerkmate. Are there any real girls on here, except the cam girls just like SlutRoulette?

I didn’t get that far.

5. Shagle – Site Like Omegle, But Mostly Men

Shagle is pure comedy to me. Haha!

What threw me for a freakin’ loop is the homepage introduction wallpaper featuring a woman holding pineapples in front of her breasts. Like that’s what you’re going to see.

Really, bro? You’re really trying to sell me on this? You know damn well we’re not gonna say no boobs, no pineapples, except for a dude sticking his Weiner in one.

This wallpaper is plastered on the site as if that is what you’re going to see. My car salesmen did a better job selling me my lemon vehicle.

Don’t get me wrong. There are some real women on if you’re willing to pay $20 a month to see them.

Are you ready for this?

If you prefer to keep your cash in your pockets, however, then you will have almost an unlimited spool of men jacking their meats. Take your dick pick!

4 million users joined? Deception, deception. If there were millions of users online right now, then I wouldn’t see the same sausages coming across my screen like a barbecue feast. Who got next on the grill!?

Shagle has a mask feature similar to Flingster so that I can keep my face hidden like Zoro. Omegle has nothing like that.

One aspect that got my head spinning like Bettlejuice is the active banning feature. Why do Shagle ban for anything and everything? It seems like the meat beaters are free to roam the pastures until the cows come home. Moo, bitch!

6. InstaChatrooms – Free Chats with Strangers

At least InstaChatrooms is not selfish and offers multiple links to the most popular sites like Omegle alternatives: ChatRoulette, DirtyRoulette, and ChatSpin. Good job!

Also, InstaChatrtooms has FREE rooms for random conversations with strangers, dating, gay, lesbian, and adult stuff. That means you will save a ton of money chatting here.

After clicking on a room name and choosing your gender, you choose to type in your interests. I typed in “pizza time” because I’m hungry as heck right now. Feed me!

I was unfortunately disappointed that the window goes straight to ChatRandom (NOT YOU AGAIN!), and I see nothing but men. It’s raining men!

I conjured my inner rocket scientist and clicked on the ‘Lesbian’ button because the theory is I would see only women, and nope, my anxiousness quickly dissipated because the screen directed to

I’m clearly frustrated.

Who created this list on Pleasure Seeker? Like, dudddeeee? 

I clicked on ‘Text Chat’ to investigate further and put my thesis to the test, and the screen sent me to Chatrandom.

Pure waste of the time.

However, there is light at the end of the tunnel: if anyone wants to discover new Omegle alternatives they never knew about, then using InstaChatroom would be a good source. Cheers!

7. ChatSpin – Clean Chat Rooms with Men

ChatSpin has got my head spinning again, and now I’m dizzy seeing stars. Milky Way!

No matter which gender I chose on Chatspin, all I see is dudes. Hello Beyonce, who runs the ChatSpin world? Dudes! Men from everywhere, but luckily the ChatSpin penises are non-existent. Yippie!

OK, I take that back. I saw one. But at least here you can have a conversation with them. I came across dudes from Puerto Rico, Egypt, I mean, everywhere. In fact, this is my first time seeing a fake woman stream just now. Does these site purposefully connect you with guys, or is there just no girls here?

The answer?

We will never know.

Well, at least every cam has a heart button to see the number of likes each cam has. Sounds familiar?

The anonymous chat, text chat, and singles chat connect to the same system. Nothing different.

You can pay to unlock all features that include VIP badges, no ads, hide location, and the promise of a gender filter that allegedly produces women cams. That leads me to believe that ChatSpin works identical to Flingster.

8. Jizz Roulette – Site Like Omegle for Gays

Knock, knock, Mr. Uploader. I already told you that JizzRoulette is NOT a gay website. It just seem like a gay Omegle alternative, because of the truckload of dicks dumped on your screen.

Hold up for a minute, hold up. You’re right. Whoever uploaded this page; this is a GAY website. It’s right there on the homepage! My bad. However, I don’t think the guys who broadcasts their cams here fully know this is a gay website.

On here, you are randomly connected with guys who are likely jacking off. Its called ‘Jizz Roulette’ for a reason. In the words of Forest Gump, it’s like a box chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get. In this case, you’re going to get a box full of dicks.

Lookie here, the penises are readily available to watch, and they are of different races, ethnicities. JizzRoulette is all-inclusive for dick beaters of all kinds. For example, you might see French dill pickles, chocolate-covered bananas, and Italian sausages. You can find whatever you like on the menu.

The tags include bisexual, guys next door, mature, twinks, and more.

When you create a free account, you are required to add either a PayPal account with a bank account or a credit card. After signing up (yes, I went through the process), the site directs to Sounds familiar? Jerkmate!

When you get to JizzRoulette, you will see nothing but gay cams to pay models, blah, blah, blah. Man, you know the procedure.

9. Tinychat – Chat with Strangers Site like Omegle

I used to be a regular on Tinychat, and let me say that TC is way better than Omegle if you are looking for webcam chatting with strangers. You can talk with multiple people in one chatroom that can hold up to 12 people on cam and hundreds in the chatbox.

Each room has a real moderator, like you and I, and sometimes they are in the chat room all day, mustying up their bedrooms. They’re just sitting there stinking up the house all day and abusing drugs, you know, broke, fake thugs arguing with other users and then banning them from the room. You can recognize these mods based on the yellow star next to their names. These people normally control the ‘vibe’ of the room based on who they ban from it and who they allow on cam. They also have the power to ‘close’ your cam and make it disappear from view.

TC is completely different from Omegle as you might see the same faces in the chat room and daily and start to develop ‘friendships’ that always seem to turn sour.


10. CamFrog – Plenty of Cam Chat Rooms

CamFrog is so much better than Omegle was, but the site is so confusing to work. Every single day when I fire up my 1998 Apple Compaq (just kidding), the Camfrog app pops up on my screen like every time, which makes it hard to miss.

CamFrog is a downloadable client because you cannot access the webcam chatrooms via the website. So make sure you allow access through your virus protection programs because they will jump up and be ready to protect your computer from intrusions like mall cops.

The Camfog rooms are about any subject. Thai, Filipinos, Smokers, Ballas, whatever. When you click on a users’ name you will see their cams pop up in a separate box, interesting. You best believe when you enter a room everyone is accessing.

I haven’t saw any meat beaters, which is a huge plus from me!

My only concern is what the CamFrog client is doing while running in the background.

When you enter a room, sometimes you will hear a person talking and wondering where the hell it is coming from. I presume the first cam you see is the creator or main moderator of the room. Say cheese! All subsequent voices are other visitors.

What I don’t like about CamFrog is your cam automatically starts up showing your face. There is no ‘Allow’ button like Omegle or asking for permissions. No, I think you already given permission when you signed up for the site and downloaded the program.

So the moment you enter the room, you’re on candid camera! The room disconnects when you turn your cam off.

Each room has a bot that runs weird-ass trivia games in them. It might ask a question like what are the two highest mountains in the world. Like, who will know that shit? Or a random mathematical problem. Then it does a by-second countdown and determines if there is a winner based on the answers typed in the room. Nobody plays it! However, I never saw an instant automated trivia game in the chatroom before in my life. Crazy!

The site has more rooms than Tinychat – that’s for sure. CamFrog is a lot more interesting than Omegle ever was, even as our last pick on this list.

Best Omegle Alternatives: Rounding Up

So there you have it, a list of the best sites like Omegle for you to dive into. Which one do you like best from our top picks above?

You can leave a like on the ones you like by clicking on the lips button, or suggest your own by leaving a comment below.

Did I leave out any Omegle alternatives?  Drop a comment below and I’ll add them to the list!

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