Kasidie Swinger Site Review: Is the Membership Worth It?

  • February 8, 2020
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For this review i’m going over my experience with Kasidie.com – one of my favorite swinger sites where you can find almost everything in terms of the SLS lifestyle. The main catchphrase the owners created for this site is “sexually sociable”, which is something they’ve strived for ever since the website launched in 2006. Sometimes people misspell the name like “cassidy” or “cassidy” because they sound alike, but the correct spelling is ‘Kasidie’. No, it does pay homage to a particular person but refers to the entire swingers community on this website.

Joining Kasidie is free and the system only asks for your username, password, email address, and relationship status be that couples, single males, or single females. The couples I have met were interesting, to say the least. Definitely kept me engaged. These were real people like me.

Creating a Profile on Kasidie

We understand that you hold your swingers profile near and dear to your heart. That is why the profile focuses around keeping privacy intact with options, letting you choose what other members will see.

Creating a profile is pretty simple; the system only asks where do you live, birthday, gender – you know, basic stuff. On the next page is a list of rules that all members are required to follow like not uploading photos of yourself with kids in the background, only a landscape showing nature and nothing else, or of your genitals. You need to upload a photo of yourself.

Once you log into the adult swingers network you will see the following sub tabs:

  • Mailbox
  • Notifications
  • Who is Viewing Me
  • Rendezvous
  • Parties
  • Who’s Online
  • Forums
  • Flirts
  • Upgrades
  • Friends
  • Block List
  • Statistics

You can customize your profile and describe yourself with preselected checked boxes that say whether you are a wife swapper or not. Input your eye color, hair colors, whether you drink or smoke, and your body type. There are many other identifiable features to check or uncheck in this section.

Swinger Life Style: Interactivity on Kasidie

One thing I like about Kaisidie is all the cool features and tabs. You can find damn near everything:

  • Events – Discover various events around major cities in the USA
  • Meetups – Do personal or public meetups with other members
  • Resorts – Take some vacation time off and attend an entire resort with swinging club parties

We will go into greater detail later about some of these places. One thing you will find on this website is a lot of couples looking for companionship. In fact, there is a Chatroom on the site, but there weren’t that many people there, only 4 when I logged on, but at least this group exists.

You can always instant message someone privately from your profile to theirs. Or make posts on Forums if an idea pops in your mind if you want people to comment or just want to touch bases with new members. There are thousands upon thousands of posts, so someone from the community will respond for sure. 🙂

Here are some of the subcategories you can click when you visit the website:

  • Roleplaying
  • Erotica
  • Couples
  • Dating
  • Wife Swapping

Establish contact with someone and you get a “Sexometer”. Once you create an account with a membership you can search through profiles by zip code, certain keywords, etc. Just play around with the system to discover something in the personal ads related to finding swingers near me.

Once the profiles pop up you can see if they are a certified user and what is their play comfort level in terms of trying new things. You can choose the person’s sexual preference and orientation. Whether they are a gay swinger or lesbian swinger. If they are drinkers or smokers.

You can choose this stuff based on genders. For example, you can choose to view profiles where the man drinks, but the woman does not. Or the woman is young and the man older.

Swinging Lifestyle-Con – Kasidie Swinging Nudist Clubs

When you click on the Club tab you have so many choices. You can search for specific swinger clubs by country > state > city. The Enhanced Search option gives you an On Premise or Off Premise set of results in case you want to attend a club that meets out in nature, maybe at a nudist beach, or inside a BDSM dungeon.

You can search according to Clubs, Hotel, House Party if you prefer certain locations.

There is an exclusive option to search for invite-only parties or ones open to the public.

See age requirements for certain clubs or the ones who allow single males and/or females.

Choose the style of the club, whether it is Hip, Modern, Contemporary, or Beach.

Is there a play area for BDSM bondage and other things? How clean is the place? You can check those relevant boxes too.

Find clubs that have dance floors or stripper poles. See if smoking is allowed or not. Do they serve alcohol, have food, offer towels for when things get messy, or have lockers to put your clothes when you need to change in another outfit or costume. Are there bathrooms in the place?

Find everything you need to create your own swinging lounge swap party right here on the Kaiside app hookup review.

Extra Fun Tab on Kaiside

If want some extra fun then click on the Extra Fun tab and enjoy those goodies. In this area, you can find places that sell clothes for swinging parties, whether it is club wear or beach wear. Sex stores with toys. Listen to podcasts to learn more about the lifestyle if you are a beginner. Read blogs related to this lifestyle. Find photographers to take your pics or DJs who will host your party.

Kasidie’s List of Swinger Parties by Cities

If you scroll to the very bottom of the homepage you will see a section with listings of swinger parties in all the major cities in the United States. Some are Miami, Los Angeles, Austin, Atlanta, Fort Lauderdale, and Salt Lake City; everywhere almost! Moreover, they only have the states for these swinger parties such as Wisconsin, Texas, Illinois, and Colorado.

When you click on the Club tabs you can actually see flyers for the events. Events are divided into Club Events, National Events, and International Events. You can search this section according to the following:

  • Events type
  • Location
  • Time
  • Date
  • Price (if required)

Most flyers have a few stipulations such as ladies can get in for free or an entry fee. You can also click on the Community Tab to create your own community of swingers by city or style.

Review of Kaiside Memberships

You can get your exclusive “hall pass” to the swinger parties. Kaisidie allows you to try the website for free without paying. If you decide to get a membership then the price would only be $19.95 per month. If you prefer a long-term subscription then you only need to pay $129.95 for the whole year, which seems like the best value. Both options have automatic billing with recurring charges. There are some areas you cannot see unless you become a member.

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • Discover

Kasidie Pros

  • Great membership price
  • Members stay active on this website
  • Friendly people
  • Mobile experience is pretty good
  • Legit
  • Strong and loyal SLS community
  • Enable Discreet Viewing that blocks out the adult photos and only show the words on the page
  • More than 40,000 members
  • Real people just like you and I

Kasidie Cons

  • Seems like you can’t do anything unless you have a paid account

Final Verdict on Kasidie

Kasidie is a great swingers site. I would use it a lot. Great for finding hotwives, bulls, cucks, and couples. Also, the clubs and extras make this website a one-stop-shop for all your swinging needs. It has everything! I hope you enjoyed this swinger site review! Leave a comment if you have more questions or some suggestions about using this site.

Click here to visit the Kasidie.com sign up page

Before becoming a full-time writer, he was a hardcore porn watcher spending 12-hour days surfing xxx adult websites for 20 years. He has witnessed the drastic change of internet porn over the years and is your guide to the past present and future of the adult industry.

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Nooooo. They, who ever they are, reward aggressive black men. Not a place for couples or ladies.