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  • March 21, 2024
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So you’re looking for a erotic massage, not the deep tissue muscle manipulation kind that brings you up in bruises, but the erotic kind that brings you up in other places and potentially a “happy ending” if you’re lucky.

We got you!

Here we have gathered a list of the best erotic massage sites to experience various forms of sexual massage – from the tantric to the downright dirty.

We’ll also explain what different “erotic massages” are and what some of the terms you’ll see on these sites usually mean. It’s good to know what to expect when using the best erotic massage sites!

Best Erotic Massage Websites – First Look

In a rush? Here’s a quick overview of our top erotic massages websites:

  1. Happy Escorts – Various escort services (including massage)
  2. RubMaps – Find erotic massage parlors in all 50 US states
  3. Kitty Ads – Craigslist-style escort & massage ads
  4. Adult Friend Finder – Hookups & fun
  5. Escort Directory – Best traditional escort site
  6. Adult Search – International erotic massages
  7. Tryst – Independent & LGBTQ+ escorts

Now before we get into the main reviews of the best erotic massage websites, let us explain the main 7 types of erotic massage you’re likely to encounter and what they all mean.

After all, there’s a lot of code being used on these sites.

7 Main Types of Erotic Massage Techniques

It’s worth noting that getting a handy from an “erotic masseuse” isn’t exactly the kind of thing that adult massage parlors put on their website.

While a “happy ending massage” may accompany your service, be aware that it’s not always guaranteed!

Regardless, you’re likely to see 7 main types of sexual massage mentioned on these sites. This is what they mean (generally speaking).

1. Nuru Massage (Body to Body)

A Nuru Massage is an extremely sexual massage involving body to body massage where the masseuse gets naked and covers both her body and yours in oil before getting on top of you and giving you a very slippery experience.

The word “Nuru” actually means “Slippery” in Japanese, with this technique originating in Kawasaki, Japan.

The masseuse will rub her sexy body all against yours, bringing more friction and electricity to the session and getting you incredibly aroused.

Usually some kind of slippery gel or massage oil will be used to help with this process.

2. Lingam Massage (Penis Massage)

A Lingam or penis massage is so much more than what you might initially think.

It does involve rubbing the penis, testicles, perineum and external prostate but the Lingam technique is about more than just tugging on your junk.

Its main purpose is for the man to learn how to experience pleasure and it is often used by men that suffer from premature ejaculation as a way of training their body and mind.

Rather than “jacking it”, it literally is a sensitive massage of your penis.

3. Erotic Massage (Happy Ending Likely)

Simple enough, the erotic massage is what most people think of when they think of visiting a parlor and it’s probably what you’ve done if you’ve fooled around with someone in the past.

The masseuse explores your body in an erotic way and you’ll certainly feel satisfied when she’s finishes rubbing her hands over every inch of your body.

This is a bit of an umbrella term, so bear in mind that different massage parlors may use this term for different things.

4. Prostate Massage (Intense Multiple Orgasms)

Often combined with the Lingam massage for ultimate pleasure, the prostate is actually part of the male penis and is a source of enjoyment for many men.

When reaching orgasm through prostate and Lingam massage many men say the feeling of enjoyment is much more intense and feels better than they would have imagined.

As you’re probably aware, the prostate is located around 2-3 inches inside your butt, but don’t let this deter you. With enough practice and relaxation, it’s possible for men to experience multiple male orgasms through prostate stimulation.

Prostate orgasms also tend to be much stronger (and longer) than regular penis orgasms, so keep that in mind!

5. Tantra Massage (Spiritual Vibes)

This type gives you pleasure in a different way as you both concentrate on full relaxation and on the sexual energy being transferred between the masseuse and you. The tantra doesn’t always end in orgasms but you will definitely feel aroused after a session.

Tantric massage has a strong connection to yoga, mindfulness, and meditation, so you might find it particularly enjoyable if you like these things.

6. Soapy Massage (Very Clean!)

This is exactly like it sounds and can take place in many ways, from a shower to a bath to a room with warm soapy water. It might even involve more than one person as the masseuses use their bodies to help ‘clean’ yours.

I’m sure you can imagine how fun this is.

7. Two Girls Massage (All Girl Massage)

Imagine two beautiful women rubbing their hands all over your body because that’s what you get with this one.

Sometimes called a “four-hands massage”, for obvious reasons, this type often leads to body-to-body contact and is an amazing sight to behold for the lucky guy getting rubbed.

My personal favorite is the two girls massage because, well… need I say more?

Now you now about the 7 main types of erotic massage, let’s find you find the right sexual massage parlor for you.

Erotic Massage Websites to Help Find the Right Parlor For You

Over the last few years, there has been a rise in different online sites that not only show you where all the premier erotic massage parlors are located but some sites even go into more detail with information on services offered by these parlors and the price you can expect to pay.

At one point or another, I have used all of the sites on this list to find a sensual massage or sex massage in my area and I want to tell you which one I found to be the best.

1. Happy Escorts – Best Overall

Happy Escorts


  • Multiple languages & countries
  • Mutiple massage-friendly escorts
  • Advanced search filter
  • 38 different languages


  • Beware of some scammy profiles
  • Not all escorts do massage services

Boasting a whopping 29,326 escorts from 821 cities in 95 countries, Happy Escorts is truly a huge selection of professional escorts from all over the world, including the US.

The site lets you search by keywords (like “erotic massage”) and filter by various things such as gender, location, ethnicity, body type, and even “shaved”.

To put it simply, you can REALLY filter down to just the best erotic massages on offer near your location. Happy Escorts is definitely worth a try.

Click here to try Happy Escorts

2. RubMaps – Best For Finding Erotic Massage Parlors in the US



  • Full US-wide database
  • Reviews are from real users
  • Says how much the service actually costs


  • You have to pay to actually read the reviews (which makes finding out about the parlors and what actually goes on inside a little more expensive)

Rubmaps… the name kinda gives it away, this site has a huge content database showing you all the different massage parlors available to visit and as all of their reviews are from real customers, they consider themselves the Yelp of massage parlors.

With links to forums, blogs, and a search function to allow you to find exactly what you want, not to mention information on pricing, Rubmaps gives you everything you need when it comes to finding somewhere to get a rubdown.

Personally, I like to use this site when traveling as it shows all the parlors in my area, making it simple to get an erotic massage whenever I want.

Visit RubMaps today

3. Kitty Ads – Best Erotic Massage Ads

Kitty Ads


  • Similar to Craigslist Personals
  • Vintage style escort & massage ads online
  • No frills easy to use website
  • Filter by US state, city & sections of city


  • Like the wild west of online sex workers!
  • Basic website

Harkening back to the days of Backpage and Craigslist Personals, Kitty Ads has the vibe of an early 2000s sex work site. If you’re into this vibe or remember it fondly, you might enjoy this.

You can filter by US state, city, and even sub-sections of your city, so it’s easy to find local escorts and erotic massage services within a short drive of your home.

While the no-frills website is certainly a blast from the past, this is basically the wild west of erotic massage ads, so make sure you know what you’re doing and don’t fall for any scams!

See escorts near you on Kitty Ads today!

4. Adult Friend Finder – Best For Hooking Up 



  • Many horny people
  • Cams & sexy chat rooms
  • May end up hooking up for free
  • Many escorts use this site


  • Not strictly an escort site
  • Some fake users

Okay, Adult Friend Finder is not technically an escort directory or erotic massage site (it’s one of the best hookup sites for casual sex), but there are many escorts and sex workers that use this site to find customers like yourself.

So while AFF definitely isn’t the best escort massage site of all time, it’s still worth a try if other sites have let you down.

As with most of these websites, beware of fake profiles and bots.

Still, you might end up getting lucky and hooking up for much more than an erotic massage! Everyone here is looking for an “adult friend”, so the possibilities are endless.

Try your luck on Adult Friend Finder tonight!

5. Escort Directory – Best Traditional Escort Site

escort directory


  • Huge range of escorts worldwide
  • Customize your escort to your needs
  • Get the escort to come to you


  • Favors big towns
  • Can be quite expensive when booking escorts

Escort directory is an escort service, however, it has made the list for the pure range of services this site can provide.

When choosing an escort you have the normal things to think about, her looks, body type, ‘services offered’ but one key feature about the escort directory is the ability to find exactly what you want, and that includes a sensual massage.

With different massage types on offer you get the unique opportunity to enjoy your massage but in a safer environment.

It’s no secret that parlors sometimes operate outside of the law and they could be a target for a police raid, but by spending time with an escort that offers the exact same massaging services (and more), you can be sure you’re safe as you enjoy yourself, which is exactly how I use it.

Visit Escort Directory

6. Adult Search – Best For Erotic Massages All Over the World

adult search


  • Worldwide listings
  • Includes user reviews
  • Links to sister sites if you’re looking for casual hookups


  • Only really focused on the big cities, which is a real shame if you’re from a small town.

Primarily an escort site I have used Adult search to find some erotic companionship amongst other things and also as a way of finding somewhere local for me to enjoy a happy ending.

The site looks quite busy, but don’t be put off, once you figure out how to navigate the content on the site you’ll be opening yourself up to a whole world of sensual and erotic possibilities.

With links to escort and cam services, Adult Search has your kinks covered and can often show you exactly what’s in your city.

Visit Adult Search Today!

7. Tryst – Best For Independent & LGBTQ+ Escorts



  • Female, male, trans & non-binary escort options
  • Independent escorts are more ethical to use
  • All escorts are verified so you won’t see any fake profiles
  • Travel feature so you can meet girls in different cities


  • Not always available locally
  • Can be very expensive

Tryst is an independent escort company giving the power back to the sex workers and taking the power away from agencies.

Much like Escort Directory, Tryst gives you the chance to find whoever you want but also find someone who can perform the massage of your choice, or do something else sensual to your body.

I love using Tryst, it’s a great site with a clean design and the girls are always amazing. I must admit however that I haven’t used Tryst for massages often, as once I see the girls’ profiles there’s always something else on my mind.

There’s even a section for Trans Escorts if you’re into that.

Visit Tryst today!

Other Top Escort Massage Sites

We mentioned some sites above that purely focus on escorts and you may already be thinking about some female company to help keep you occupied if you want to go a step further than a massage.

Well, just like when trying to pick a parlor to visit, you need to do your research, so before you follow a link to any old escort site, read this for a comprehensive review of the top escort sites out there.

With a full review of the best sites to visit we’re sure you will find out exactly where and more importantly how to organize some female company.

So, Which Erotic Massage Parlor Will You Choose?

When left with the decision of which site is the best for finding an erotic massage, I would have to go with Happy Escorts. This classic escort site is full of professional escort masseuses who are ready to make you “relaxed”.

However, websites like RubMaps also do a great job of allowing you to filter through various erotic massage parlors from all over the US, so it depends on what you’re looking for.

Whichever site you end up using, we hope you enjoy your erotic massage experience, and don’t forget to treat your masseuse with the respect they deserve. They’re doing you a great service, after all.

Stay safe and have fun!

Before becoming a full-time writer, he was a hardcore porn watcher spending 12-hour days surfing xxx adult websites for 20 years. He has witnessed the drastic change of internet porn over the years and is your guide to the past present and future of the adult industry.

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