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WellHello Review: Discover the Truth

Well hello there, beautiful and exotic, erotic and never lethargic, sexy swingers singles ready to mingle in your bedroom tonight. Plenty of people, both real and fake, have profiles on the WellHello app waiting for hot, sweet, special messages from a person like you. My Well Hello Online User Experience The first noticeable issue with […]

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Best Gay Hookup Sites and Apps – 11 Ways to Find the Perfect M4M Fling

[intro] In the US, it’s estimated that 20% of all online dating profiles are looking for same-sex partners. That’s a lot of guys! As someone who’s spent a lot of time traversing gay dating websites and sex apps, I’ve learned a thing or two about looking for gay love online. Alas, no gay app or […]

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11 Best Affair Sites and Apps: Top Tools for Discreet Married Dating, Reviewed

Is having an affair right, wrong, unethical? Everyone has different opinions on this, but new research on human psychology has found that affairs can even be healthy when they are done right. Acting as a much-needed release of pent up sexual energy, frustration, and passion. Books like Why You Will Marry the Wrong Person, say […]

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The Best Ashley Madison Review From Someone Who Actually Used It!

Before you read the full Ashley Madison review, click here to be routed directly to the AM website. Below I start with a general overview of the Ashley Madison website and the second half will tell you what I have experienced personally after using it for some time.IntroductionMen and women who are on the creep looking for […]

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I have another alternative fetish review checklist for all BDSM practitioners out there. is a fetish adult friend finder for hookups and in-person matches. This review will give you everything you need to know about finding what you are looking for on the global online relationship niche network community is providing sustainable […]

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Kasidie Swinger Site Review: Is the Membership Worth It?

For this review i’m going over my experience with – one of my favorite swinger sites where you can find almost everything in terms of the SLS lifestyle. The main catchphrase the owners created for this site is “sexually sociable”, which is something they’ve strived for ever since the website launched in 2006. Sometimes people […]

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11 Best Hookup Sites: The Top Legit Sex Dating Websites Compared

[intro] Over the last 3 years, I’ve tested 17 popular hookup sites and apps.  There’s been some good ones, some bad ones, and some downright awful ones. In short, I’ve got a lot of experience browsing hookup sites and searching for casual sex online. So in this post, I’m bringing it all together and rounding […]

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Adult Friend Finder Review: Is This Hookup Site Legit?

Thanks to the miracle that is the internet, it’s possible to now pop online and find yourself an equally willing someone in a matter of minutes, before getting down to it. Problem is, the whole concept of hooking up with a stranger off the internet can sound risky. Questions plague you, such as: What if […]

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9 Best Adult Breastfeeding Nursing Websites Reviews for ANR and ABF Relationships

Adult breastfeeding, aka erotic lactation or “lactophilia”, is a delicious way of life for those who are in the know. The only problem is it can be difficult to meet lactating moms looking for grown babies who have a breast milk fetish to nurse, and vice versa. So for this post, we have scraped through […]

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Best Crossdresser Dating Websites to Meet Local Femboys and Sissies

Crossdressers are sissies and femboys, and not necessarily trannies because they’re chicks with dicks. Sissies and femboys look like men but act like women. Confusing, right? We will go in-depth on this subject later. You can find sissies and femboys to hookup with very easily by using crossdresser dating websites. The ones listed are the […]

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