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  • February 5, 2020
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Hey, hey, hey. We got another review for you. is an alternative fetish sex site friend finder for hookups and in-person matches.

Dominating the global online relationship network niche community, has assisted power plays since it was conceived in 1996. Providing sustainable dating options, this proven legit dating app focuses around bondage, BDSM, sadomasochism, discipline, roleplay fetish sex erotica for finding swingers,dominatrix, mistresses, cuckolds, housewives, and bulls and cucks for an adventurous time.

From threesomes to foursomes and fivesomes to orgies fluids exchanging, you can meet all types of like-minded fetsters. “Fifty Shades of Grey” has popularized this industry and facilitates it.


Founded by Andre Conru, is owned by Adult Friend Finder with headquarters in Palo Alto, California. Millions of people have created profiles and thousands signing up daily yo find an adult friend making it easy to find a sexy companion for alternative dating lifestyle.

Regardless of the part of the globe, no one is left out because up to 10 languages embed in the system including Dutch, Japanese, Spanish, Chinese, Swedish, Portuguese, Italian, French, German, and English. The system normally picks up your IP address and show the according language relative to your region. If you happen to visit the site from an international location but you speak another language make sure to use Google Chrome because a Translate text button will be available for you to click.

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Like most related websites, you cannot message someone unless you sign up for a membership. After subscribing for a membership and waiting for the messages to come in they will last in your inbox for 120 days exactly.

Membership starts off for free with limited features and if you need full access after determining you like the site then you can choose one of two memberships:

Gold – Connect your profile using Yahoo Messages, MSN, AIm and more. Your profile will rise up to the first spot in queue when new members log on. Moreove,r it comes up extra fast during searching including more benefits.

Silver – Everything is limited with partial access to now opened features, but you get more communicative features.

Once you pay for a subscription then all the profiles you initially seen disappear, so make a note of the ones you like first, and relevant profiles based on your selected preferences such as location, body types, and interests and likes pop up.

The Questionnaire

I hate doing online and will often answer the questions randomly and when you read reviews you would automatically think that is what the questionnaire consists of.

This questionnaire is more of Purity test to determine your deviancy level, how open you are with your sexuality. Are you willing tot try new things? This will match you with like-minded people according to your sexual fantasies, activities, scenes, play. There are over 290 kinks to choose.


You can communicate with members using the Chatroom, instant messages. Live Videos of webcam stream users. Video and voice messaging are a few more options aside from classic typing like I’m doing now.

However, because of the amount of fake profiles, disinterested members, or people who just play around expect your response rate even if you are female to be about 33% probably lower if you are a male.

You can create an Interest group and would make it mroe accessible to find like-minded BDSMers and talk with them.


You pay for the membership subscription by using one of several payments:

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • Discover
  • Checks
  • Money Order
  • UKash
  • Diners Club
  • SMS Payments

The bill will be processed at least 2 days before your membership is supposed to end, giving you more than enough time to cancel if you don’t like the website.


There s no app on the iTunes or Android stores, but you can however download an app directly from to your phone. Additionally, there is a clickable link for the more user friendly optimized website option.


When you log on to you will notice the dark black background. When your profile creation need to verify email and put in your name, age. After that profile is created, messages are automatically generated.

Here are some search features to simplify your results:

  • Auto Renewal of memberhsip billing
  • Block
  • Hide profiles
  • Search (Simple and Advanced)
  • Who’s Read My Profile
  • Send “flower” or “flirts” to users you like
  • ‘H

ot members so you retieve their information upon provocation. This list can fit up to 500 people.

Every new member that sign up you can use Cupid Perferenceto see if you match with them

Create bliogs about your favorite subject. Most of these features like messagfing, flirting cannot be access unless you have a paid membership

What Does My profile Show?

Your profile has your pictyre – pick a good one –

ConfirID to verify photos are real

Search Options

You can search for users based on sexual preferences like

  • Male
  • Female
  • Couples
  • Gays
  • Straight
  • Trans
  • Married
  • Widow
  • In a relationship

Using the filter is very easy for boxes that you can check or uncheck to reveal members

  • Ethnicity
  • Role (60+ sex acts and roles)
  • Location
  • Last Login
  • Activity Feed
  • BDSM interests
  • Marital Status

There is a matching system and some people have complained that it does mismatches by hooking up submissives with other submissives and doms with other doms. So, you need to be mindful when looking down that list.

How Far Does The Fetishes Go?

There are thousands of fetishes in the world that will naturally produce illegal ones with words, such as “rape” that are blocked.

Even though some people view this as censorship it is a necessity to keep all members safe.


A major factor today is especially on these fetish website. First your information is private. Has anti harassment where a memnber will get banned ift he system dectectas they are doing it.

Customer Service

You can call 24/7 as there is a suport any issue regarding the website through privacy@friendfinderm, but don’t expect no phone calls. however, get a response within 48 hours. Live customer service as well through lvie chat or phone. Mailing address if you want to go that route. You can always go to the Billing History part fot he page in order to cancel it. However, keep in mind that is ther eis no activity detected on your profile within 180 days then the website will charge a $5 maintenance free per monrth for you to use. You better cancecl it to avoidthis unless you just got money to blow, balla balla.


Genuine peple if you meet genuine people then the are down with the clown and can actually have long term friendships and relationships. One reason for this is because of the age of the general people. Wont really find anyone who’s young on there although younger people are coming because of the popularity of Fifty Shades of GRey. Most are over the age of 30 so are mroe established in ther mindsets. I have a couple of friends off there. TYhey will ban people who are engaing in inappropriate behavior of any kind so you do not feel like you are being harased.

Rules to Stay Safe on

You can terll by use of incompleter grammar, “my love or dear” phraseology, kissing up to you, conversation does not make sense because they are usiong Google Translator, Might ask to buy gifts or to relocaet or maybe its genuine/ Do not be surprised if someone as you for some cheddasr.

Might find some escorts, models, mentally deranged individuals.

Sometimes the people are flaky and won’t meet up/ Did I mentioned the 50year ol drag queens?


Fake profile problems – anys ay the site employes these people to send you messages and then you cannot contact them unl;ess you sign up for a membership. For me, it’s true but there werw a couple real ones. Thats just the nature of the internet. People come here rpertending to be some shit they ain’t. You will have fake profiles on all sex sites and it is uyp toy ou asd the user or the person to diffrientate fro them. Unforttuatwely, seems to be very bad at removing or even detecting these profiles, but hopefully things would change sonio. Speaking of money monitor your bill to ensure you aren’t getting billed twice unless again you got money to throw away.

Real profile scammers – Some peope mght request those money just ignore them. You are not obligated to give anything to anyone and establish this beforehand. make sure the person you have erngaging BDSM sex is a legit person and what time. Just like with anywhere you go in life especially an arena with alternative fetishes, you need to be careful and vigitlant because people are people.

Final Word

The fuck? Is this Jerry Springer you little cockboy? Well, since we’re referencing that let’s continune with the sentimental spiel.


Before becoming a full-time writer, he was a hardcore porn watcher spending 12-hour days surfing xxx adult websites for 20 years. He has witnessed the drastic change of internet porn over the years and is your guide to the past present and future of the adult industry.

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