Review – How the Membership Worked Out For Me

February 5, 2020/ Tony

I have another alternative fetish review checklist for all BDSM practitioners out there. is a fetish adult friend finder for hookups and in-person matches. This review will give you everything you need to know about finding what you are looking for on

Dominating the global online relationship niche network community is providing sustainable dating options since 1996. This proven legit dating app produces members profile matches related to major sexual fetishism keywords like bondage, BDSM, sadomasochism, discipline, and roleplay erotica for finding swingers, dominatrixes, mistresses, cuckolds, housewives, bulls, and cucks.

From threesomes to foursomes and even fivesome orgies, slide off that chastity belt and blossom like a flower to enjoy exciting orgasms with like-minded fetsters. "Fifty Shades of Grey" ain't got shit on! Kink Dating

Founded by Andre Conru, is owned and operated by Adult Friend Finder in Palo Alto, California. Millions of people have created profiles on and thousands are signing up daily in search for alternative dating companionship.

Regardless of your global location, your region's language (10 choices altogether) will pop up on the screen, including Dutch, Japanese, Spanish, Chinese, Swedish, Portuguese, Italian, French, German, and English.

The system detects your IP address and shows the language relative to your region. If you happen to visit the website from an international location, but you speak another language, make sure to use the Google Chrome browser for because it has a Translate text button.


Like most related BDSM websites, you cannot read messages sent from another user unless you are a subscribed member. After a verified subscription is completed, you can send messages and archive the old ones in your Inbox for up to 120 days before they are auto-deleted.

Gold Membership

Connect your profile to Yahoo Messages, MSN, Aim and other popular social media websites to send messages to users. Moreover, your profile will automatically rise the ranks to the first spot in a queue when new members log on for the first time. However, you only get limited/partial access to certain content on member's pages, blogs, and magazines.

Silver Membership

You get full access to every feature just mentioned.

The Questionnaire administers a questionnaire to all users. I hate completing online surveys because they hurt my head, but the kink compatibility test is more of a 'Purity' exam with questions related to fantasies you have, activities you have tried, and scenes you have enacted to determine your deviancy level and how open you are with your sexuality. 

Are you willing to try new things?

The system matches your answers to the questionnaire with like-minded profiles. Remember, there are over 290 kinks to choose from so this test will determine where you fit in there.


You can communicate with members using the Chatroom or instant messages. The instant message part gives you the option to send voice or video messages instead of typed messages.

However, because of the amount of fake profiles reported on, the response rate for women is 33% and even less for men. Therefore, you need to play the numbers game to find someone, which is usual for most dating sites today. People leave their profiles inactive or prefer to keep their fantasies online instead of taking them offline. 

You can create an Interest group or blog to attract more BDSMers.


You can pay for the membership subscription using one of several methods:

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • Discover
  • Checks (mail)
  • Money Order
  • uKash
  • Diners Club
  • SMS

The subscription bill will be processed 2 days before your membership is supposed to end, giving you more than enough time to cancel if you decide to throw in the towel because you don't like what the website has to offer.

Mobile App

There is no app that can be accessed directly from the iTunes or Google Play stores; however, the app is downloadable from Additionally, there is a clickable mobile-friendly link for full optimization.


After your profile is created you need to verify your email. Here are some features to simplify the results that display on your profile:

  • Auto Renewal billing
  • Block
  • Hide profiles
  • Search (Simple and Advanced)
  • Who's Read My Profile
  • Send "flower" or "flirts" to the users you like
  • 'Hot' members list that you can add up to 500 people
  • New members
  • Cupid Preference for matches
  • ConfirmID letting others know your photos are real

Advanced Search Options

The advanced search filters have easy-to-check boxes that reveal the relative members related to your preferences.

  • Male
  • Female
  • Couples
  • Gays
  • Straight
  • Trans
  • Married
  • Widow
  • Relationship Status
  • Ethnicity
  • Role (60+ sex acts and roles)
  • Location
  • Last Login
  • Activity Feed
  • BDSM interests
  • Marital Status

Some people complained that the system does mismatched hookups. For example, submissives are connected with submissives and so on. So, you need to be mindful of the results you are seeing when searching down that list.

How Far Do The Fetishes Go?

There are thousands of open fetishes in the world. However, some of these "fetishes" are downright illegal, and tries to combat against posters attempting to put up these unacceptable things. Therefore, harmful, illegal words like "rape" are blocked.


You are not required to give up identifying info if you choose not to, so your information is private. There are also anti-harassment rules in place that bans members who are partaking in inappropriate behavior.

Customer Service

Support is available around the hour 24/7 through with responses given within 48 hours. You can create a ticket through the website using your email address, name, and concern - send it and wait for a response.

If you need to cancel your membership just click on the Billing History page and uncheck the Auto Billing box. 

If there is no activity detected on your profile within 180 days, then you will get charged a $5/month maintenance fee. So, it is very important to cancel your membership unless you just got money to blow.


  • One thing I like about is that you will find genuine people who are truly interested in their fetish that you can build long-term companionship. Where else can you get that? 
  • You won't really find any young people on; therefore, no 'young' games. Most users are over the age of 30 so the maturity is there.
  • will definitely ban people who are engaging in inappropriate behavior, so you will never feel like you are getting harassed.
  • Fake profiles are a problem on this website, but many of the messages I got were from real people. Unfortunately, seems to be very bad at removing or even detecting fake profiles, but hopefully, things would change soon.
  • You should monitor your bills closely to ensure you aren't getting charged twice or even charged after you turned off the auto-renew button because some people say that this has happened to them.
  • Unfortunately, some real profiles are scammers or desperate people who want money. They ask for you to pay for their travel expenses. Just say no.

Rules for Safety on

Be wary of people who have incomplete grammar or the conversation does not make sense because they are likely using Google Translator. Stay alert of phrases like "my love" or "dear" or just kissing up to you for no reason. Also, be prepared for your fetish partner not to show up for a meeting because there are some flakesters on there. is waiting for you...

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