The 5 Hookup Sites I’m Using Right Now

In my time doing adult dating site reviews I've tested every popular hookup site.  This post will be a roundup of all the casual sex sites that actually got me results.  Along with a description of each.

Adult Friend Finder

Adult Friend Finder started back in 1996 and was one of the first hookup sites ever.  When most veteran swingers are looking for some extra side-action, they check their AFF messages.

The people on this site are serious about casual sex.  To message new people, you need a gold membership, but to receive messages it's completely free.  This structure balances out the girl to guy ratio perfectly, and it's easy to find responsive women.

The site has lots of other cool features, too, it feels like a community more than other sites.  There's a forum for asking sex questions and posting ads for local sex meetups.  There's two-way chat so you can really get to know someone before you meet them.  There's also profile pages, blogs, messaging, chatting, and voice chat. They just added sex courses too that teach people about bondage, squirting, and hookup strategies.

 Click here to visit AFF.

#2 Casual Hookups With Craigslist Personals

Update: Craigslist Personals was removed as of March 23rd.

Even though craigslist personals was recently shut down, i'm still keeping it on this list as a legacy to one of the greatest hookup websites ever.  I used it for about 15 years to find casual sex whenever I needed it.  And when I didn't, I still checked out personals regularly just because it was pretty darn fun to see the missed encounters, naked pics, and all the passion that came with it.

My hope is that the new law will be overturned and craigslist personals will be restored to it's rightful place as best adult hookup site ever.  Until then, i put together a list of my favorite craigslist personals alternatives.  Many of the sites on this list are also on that one, but with an emphasis on classifieds.

Ashley Madison

Sometimes people get trapped in marriages and want a way out.  Ashley Madison is a site that helps people, especially married women, find no strings attached hookups.

The women on this site are mostly in their mid-30s to early 40s, which is the horniest time in a woman's life.  Top that with a sexless marriage and you can find some of the most intense and easy hookups.  When i've used this site I was able to get a date with about half the women I messaged, and about half of those conversations turned into sex.  Compared to other sites, that ratio is not even close.

The obvious downside of this site is that you are helping people cheat on their significant others.  But hey, life is short and to each their own.  It's up to you to decide if it is right or wrong, and if you're willing to give it a try.  Just make sure their husbands aren't MMA fighters before you jump in the sack.

You can visit Ashley Madison here

#3 Best Free Hookup Site: OkCupid

For a completely free site you can use  This site has different settings and filters you can use to search for people who are only looking for casual sex.  You might occassionally bump into some people who are looking for relationships, but you can just skip them and sort through the next batch of people.

visit here

#4 Passion.Com

If you consider yourself too classy for adult friend finder and prefer to hook up after throwing off the high heels, suits, or elegant dresses then might be for you.

It has a newsfeed style with profiles so you can add people you are intereseted in as 'interests', you can see if they like you back.  This makes messaging them more smooth and easy than a site like AFF, where you don't always know if someone is interested right away.  The site is also geared towards passionate short-term relationships, which usually means above-average attractiveness people are on the site.

#5 Best Hookup Site For Women: aka SeekingArrangement is a great site if you are a woman who is interested in love and finidng a wealthy guy.  This site hooks up wealthy men that are at least millionaires, with above-average women.  It also works with wealthy women finding young studs, but in my experience testing out the site, that is much less common.

If you like the idea of having a guy take care of you and fly you out to Greece for your first date, then this might be worth trying.  After all, if a guy is successful enough to be rich, he has probably done something interesting to get there.  The site boasts itself as a place for 'Hypergamy' which is the 'act of women marrying into a higher class'.