Top CityXGuide Alternatives 2020: Getting Back on Track

  • March 21, 2024
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  • Tony was another targeted prey, like Craigslist Personals, in the federal government’s attempts to eradicate online escorting websites that promote prostitution and exploitation of the little ones.

Stay tuned for our future articles detailing escorting vs prostitution information and the generally-known rules of becoming and succeeding as an escort, so people can truly understand the difference so they don’t get caught up in the web. Moreover, so they know how to go about their career choice in a LEGAL way.

My job with this article is to give legal, honest working escorts advice, that I’ve learned through talking to soldiers on the ground and professionals in the upper echelons, a CityxGuide alternative to find clients and provide services so they can enjoy the finer things in life.

In this writeup, it’s time to review all of the best CityxGuide substitutes according to websites that we gathered from users and Google searches.


Euro Girl EscortCityxGuide Replacement for European & WorldWide Escorts

Highlights & Features
  • Providers from around the globe
  • 'Last Seen Online' indicator that lets fans track the login activity of their favorite exotic escort
  • Direct contact information for the escort
  • List of rates and services in the bio, so clients know what they are getting ahead of time

Euro Girl Escort has an extensive set of rules for all users to follow plastered on the age verifier screen. One of them is to never post illegal obscene content, unlike what was happening over at CityxGuide. can easily become a legal CityxGuide replacement since it has one of the most stylish designs and detailed filters I have seen.

  • Locations
  • Newcomers
  • Independent
  • Pornstar
  • Verified
  • Services
  • Every physical characteristic about the escort you can think about

I could continue with this list all night long. You can choose these filters on the homepage that generates a list of escorts relevant to them, making it the easiest way to find what you are looking for.

Each escort thumbnail pic has a banner or a button to show their status. It must have VIP, New, Independent, or Verified. The last one is an identity prover, so all users know who they are booking is not a catfish trying to deceive the angler.

CityxGuide makes everything so simple and so does When a user clicks the thumbnail it opens to a biography of the woman that includes her contact information (phone number or direct messaging through Euro Girl Escorts), a list of rates, and a long list of services. Below are reviews left by guys who have booked this escort and decided to tell the truth about the service they received. I like that touch.

  • Most comprehensive biographies
  • Diverse group of escorts from every part of the globe
  • Plenty of contact means; WhatsApp, email, phone number, etc.
  • Pages look complex, but the UI is very simple like CityxGuide
  • More organized bios than CityXGuide
  • Does not have a section for U.S. escorts
  • The only USA cities currently available are Florida and New York, and the few hookers there are from out-of-country
  • Ads for dating and porn sites
Our Rating of Euro Girl Escort

SeekingBest for Sugar Daddy/Sugar Baby Relationships Seeking Romantic Arrangements

Highlights & Features
  • Income verifier for the guys (sugar daddy) and image verifier for the girls (sugar baby)
  • No gay Seeking Arrangement relationships
  • Millions of users from hundreds of countries
  • Live chatroom and instant messaging system
  • SSL encrypted data protection system if you use your credit card to pay for the exclusive access, also known as SeekingArrangements, is a place where older rich men search for drop-dead gorgeous young women to financially support. The submissive in the relationship is known as a sugar baby and the provider is the sugar daddy.

Some of the male refugees from CityXGuide might just be looking for sex with no-strings-attached and therefore they don’t want to work at getting sum or volunteer a lot of money in donations.

Seeking is more for companionship. So you have to do the ‘relationship’ things in order to get something of value in return. It’s not a quick-and-go transaction like CityGuide, although it can be, but more of a balance of power since the sugar baby or sugar daddy can reject the relationship at will resulting in no one getting paid or losing money after the ordeal. Usually, in a sugar relationship, the sugar parent is required to give the sugar baby an allowance even if sex is not involved. That’s the way the game goes. However, the good news is that when a sugar baby lands a good sugar parent, they will be taken care of financially and don’t have to worry about a thing. A long term relationship at its best.

Another thing about Seeking is that these are high-class individuals who are here searching for companionship. So, people who are living on a diet of Maruchan Ramen noodles might not feel comfortable being in the presence of Whole Foods shoppers. A man with means doesn’t want to be told that “Piggy Wiggly got better deals and better food!” and “There’s no difference between organic and non-organic.”Certain people just don’t understand certain things. The women, or sugar babies, are either broke college students or sometimes professional women who need a little something. But they still got a good head on their shoulders and can easily become great sugar babies. Hookers from CityxGuide on the other hand, might have disagrees with what I said about organic food and therefore I’m speaking Spanish to a Russian. They won’t ever understand a high-class man’s language.

So, operating on is a bit tricky. The best approach is to search for someone who matches your level of arrangements goals and class status. That’s very important.

Another thing, choosing someone is not as simple as picking them up off the shelf like on CityxGuide. No, you need to do some work to get some play, so it’s best to work on yourself to shine through the others.

  • Rich guys who (some of them) want more than just sex
  • Generally attractive people
  • Blackmail prevention system
  • MILF escorts might not get any play
  • Not free - costs a considerable amount of money to sign up (not for the broke tricks who scour the streets or CityxGuide looking for hookers)
  • Limited number of free messages can be sent
  • Fake profiles of women or broke men disguising themselves as models and ballers
Our Rating of Seeking

Ashley MadisonA Married Dating Site with Millions of Potential Tricks

Highlights & Features
  • The largest marriage dating sites in the world
  • Milf and Filf crazy - full of sugar daddies/mommies and sugar babies
  • Mobile site for Android and Apple device users
  • Gift giving
  • Mask veil to hide identity

Shhh, don’t make a sound. Ashley Madison is here serving as the epitome of cheating dating. Therefore, you can’t trust any one on this bitch. It should be a cut-and-dry relationship only.

Married people there just want to have a little fun outside their marriage with a young petite thing or a six-pack ripped stud. See, here, there are both men and women pleasure seekers.

The general website setup is not like CityxGuide, where there is a list of cities and profiles to click. Ashley Madison pushes you to work for the honey and money by having both parties create an account. But there is a bit of sexual discrimination here (men deserve rights too) as the men are charged a considerable fee while the women can register for free.

To get to know someone is to chop up game with them. The system is not hand-over-fist, click-a-profile, set-a-date, give-a-donation, and end with a nightcap. No. I mean, some of the people are looking for that quickie, one-night-stand type of relationship, but there needs to be some communication before that happens. What may surprise you is some people might not want to give a donation because they just want to fuck and have fun. So mutual exchanges are in limbo. Nevertheless, still a good site to find someone for a date.

  • Men want to fuck and some have no problem spending a couple of bucks on some gifts, sometimes
  • Best for finding a quick, quality fuck
  • Safe website - now
  • A jealous wife might come and blow up your spot and stalk you if she gets your phone number for messing around with her husband
  • Encourages unethical dating practices among married people
  • Bots here and there
  • Have been hacked in the past
Our Rating of Ashley Madison

SlixaClosest CityxGuide User Interface Replacement with All Types of Escorts

Highlights & Features
  • Differentiates between regular escorts and VIP ones
  • Only has escorts in major cities; no small towns, unless a client does an outcall service
  • Worldwide list of escorts in UK, Spain, Germany, France, Canada, and Australia
  • Distance Dating Virtual Escorts
  • Available Now button letting users know when that escort is online
  • Verified photos to ensure the escorts real
  • Discreet website surfing mode

Slixa rings bells in escorting and probably has one of the closest user interfaces similar to CityxGuide. It’s not a dating site by far and specifically made for escorts wanting to get down to business. Therefore, visitors will know this when they log on to the site.

Everyone over here at Pleasure Seeker can agree that Slixa has legit escorts who know what they are doing and not little kitties playing around like CityxGuide. By the way, what happened to them was wrong!

The biographies  look a whole lot better than CityxGuide with more detailed information and clearer rates with moderate prices. Some of the women are willing to travel and their contact information is easily accessible.

  • Real, true escorts. They are not beginners who are probably getting trafficked by pimps
  • Pretty straightforward presentations of the call girls
  • Easy to use for providers and clients
  • Sponsored content for Live Girls, Pay for Play, and Sugar Babies is very deceptive and leads to a live cam site
  • Charge a price to get access to VIP entertainers or to become one
Our Rating of Slixa

Adult Friend FinderA Regular Dating Site with Millions of Horny Ass People

Highlights & Features
  • Strong community of friends
  • Gold and Free accounts
  • Live chat, video requests, and send flirty gifts
  • Award-winning
  • Also has a live cam site in case an escort wants to quit the industry and do something else adult related
  • Android and iOS apps

Adult Friend Finder is arguably one of the largest dating sites in the world with tens of millions of users from around the globe. However, for it to be used as an escorting site is a bit tricky.

You see, people get on there expecting to find someone to date and ‘kick-it with’, have dinner, or even a one night stand. And the last thing on their minds is giving a gift or donation for the entertainment.

Therefore, an escort needs to work a bit harder to get some play on here, but will be well worth the time when they find someone special who believes they’re in a relationship as girlfriend and boyfriend and cough up the dough with ease. I’m not for the trickery, but these tricks trick themselves. See, Adult Friend Finder has all TYPES of people. Ones you cannot ever imagine. If an escort lands a good trick, the milk and honey would come flowing.

Obviously, there are some guys who will pay for a service or two if they have trick bones in their bodies. But the escort’s approach has to be subtle with a bit of finessing. They have to work harder than they would on CityxGuide. However, they need to be aware that people play a lot of games on, so it’s not a 100% guarantee finding someone who is escort compatible.

  • Can choose from a whole sea of people - meet some very unqiue folks
  • Can find a long-term trick who will be loyal if he thinks he's your girlfriend
  • Girls are willing and ready for sex (for male users)
  • Can meet fetish pleasure seekers
  • Not straightforward - people play a lot of games there - not easy to ask for a donation
  • Dead and bot profiles that eat up your credits
  • Have to pay a fee to do anything - including chat with someone and send instant messages
  • Scam central - stay careful and be aware who you are talking to
Our Rating of Adult Friend Finder

TrystsShort-Term Trysts for Independent Escorts

Highlights & Features
  • Mostly focuses on providing a portal for Independent Escorts to flourish
  • High quality biographies, photos, and escorts
  • Profile classifications
  • Male, Female, and Non-Binary Escorts
  • Users can add an escort to their Favorites list
  • A bunch of escort categories like BBW, escorts, blonde escorts, Hispanic escorts, BDSM escorts, etc.

The dictionary describes trysts as a “private romantic rendezvous between lovers.” What an excellent description of this site!

Trysts focus on providing a safe space for independent escorts, not agencies, to do their thing. Therefore, all the donations go into the pockets of the provider and they work hard for them shits too.

Therefore, the girls have a sense of professionalism, because they’re all they got, and not easily rushed to get a donation and will take their time to do it nice and slow for ya’, contrary to the half-assed effort they exert when they have to break a percentage off to an agency pimp. For Tryst, they can take their time and provide a more wholesome experience. allows users to browse a variety of escort categories, and a list of escorts from different regions of the world.

This is funny. They even have pregnant escorts and 420-friendly escorts. Trans escorts are available for the ‘straight’ men who don’t know they’re gay yet.

Profiles have the outcall and incall pricing and availability. Communication methods are by email, phone, and direct messaging contacting.

  • Thousands of providers
  • Picture verification required
  • Travel feature sending out updates about the next locations of the escorts
  • Everyone can feel comfortable being themselves - no rush
  • Cost a lot of money for entertainment with a girl
  • Suburban men would likely have to travel to the women
Our Rating of Trysts

SwitterSex-Version of Twitter with Escorts Tweeting Their Statuses

Highlights & Features
  • Mobile app for iOS and Android
  • Users can follow their favorite escort on

Switter is a sexualized version of Twitter. Therefore, providers can increase their number of followers by giving out their sexual handles. When a user follows, he can see sexy postings by the escort about things going on in her life. Usually, the sweets (alternative version of tweets) are about rates, contact information, and availability times. However, it’s a good means to open communications with an escort. They also use hashtags to represent what they’re all about:

  • #BDSM
  • #Minneapolis (Might be her current location)
  • #Outcall
  • #Incall
  • Providers can make some good money if they get a lot of followers
  • Don't have to worry about spamming and fake ladies
  • Escorts can choose the male they want to have a tryst with as each member has to create an account
  • Not straightforward - need to do some navigating to communicate with an escort
  • Limited number of gay escorts
Our Rating of Switter

AdultSearchA Long-Time Escort Finder With a Simple Layout Just Like CityxGuide

Highlights & Features
  • Providers from the top countries for escorts
  • City to City search
  • Currency converter
  • A couple of links to porn sites like Shemale Escorts, Gay Escorts, Meet & Fuck, and Live Sex Cams
  • Doesn't only offer escorting, but female and male massage, a list of sex shops in and around your city, and strip clubs

Adult Search is one of the originals, no subliminals, so people running the site must be doing something right. This escorting site makes finding escorts easy as Googling the term ‘Adult Search’, which yields links for escorts in your area.

Adult Search has plenty of categories of escorts and non-escort related sexual activities:

  • Female Escorts
  • Body Rubs
  • Shemale Escorts
  • M4M Escorts
  • Erotic Massages
  • Gay BathHouses
  • Sex Forums

The profile designs of the escorts are the best I’ve seen yet. There is a full photo gallery of the providers and even videos of them. I’ve never saw that before – an escort page with video presentations. So, guys can see, hear, and read their potential escorts’ body language and characteristics that pictures cannot capture.

Some other useful pieces of information on the profile are direct phone numbers to the person and the city location they are currently staying.

Some other things are rates, available times, etc.

This website feels more like a CityxGuide layout.

  • Simple layout
  • Easy for escorts to post an ad
  • Providers don't have to do only sex jobs
  • Providers can upload videos of themselves
  • Most comprehensive biography profiles
  • Charges a fee to post an ad
  • Escort thumbnail photos are small - easy for a client to glance over a good provider
Our Rating of AdultSearch

Escort DirectoryProfessional Pornstar Escorts Who Look Like Superstar Models Who Belong on TV

Highlights & Features
  • Advanced search option covers everything like characteristics, availability, verified with video, real pics, online, pornstar, and natural photos
  • Website offers other amenities like setting up tours, advertising your business, and live webcamming
  • Every profile has contact numbers, person details, comments if left by someone, and their WhatsApp or Viber numbers if available

Escort Directory is pretty self-explanatory; it’s an escort directory. Therefore, the place is the go-to place to hookup with REAL escorts and not hookers pretending to be them.

Some of the hookers on CityxGuide look like they smoke a lot of weed for a living, listen to violent-fueled music all day long, and visit Miami Beach on the weekend acting ratchet at the bars on Ocean Drive like the thots they are. These attention-seekers normally get paid measly amount of coins and do half-assed jobs. They rely on your fantasy to take over, that way they can be a lazy fuck.

No, not with Escort Directory. These professional high-class escorts are top-of-the-line dropdead gorgeous. Their looks matter and they got the brains, not “brain”, to back it up too.

Users who have a specific escort in mind could search for their name to see if they have a page. The installed geo-locator automatically finds the escorts nearby to your location and show you a list of them.

Every type of escort is there to fulfill your needs, from pornstar escorts with verified photos and videos online, to heterosexual or bisexual escorts and more. You can basically filter in or out any characteristic you want.

The search feature could pinpoint the specific cup size you want in a woman – maybe C’s or DD’s, any type of fetishes you prefer to be selected – like BDSM, and the keywords related to her performance – “slutty”. This is an all-around, far-reaching escorting site. You can even search for them by phone number.

  • Sexy ass escorts - real competitors
  • Professional escorts
  • Has pornstar escorts
  • Can search for escort by phone, which can open a can of worms. What if a spouse has an escorting account?
  • Risk the person being fake if the photos are unverified
  • People are not really active in the forum section
Our Rating of Escort Directory

Skip the GamesAn Information Revolutionary Website About How to Become a Successful Escort

Highlights & Features
  • In-depth search features
  • Informative articles that help produce longevity in the game

The name Skip the Games lets users know exactly what the escorts are all about. They skip the games and get down to the business.

STG has a section for the top escort cities. Also, there is a bunch of service providers in Canada, Europe, Middle east, Africa, USA, Asia, Australia, Americas, and the Caribbean.

Skip the Games has a comprehensive search feature letting users choose the specific type of escorts they want and the relationship status or gender they want represented on the website. They can choose the following classifications for themselves:

  • Male
  • Female
  • Couple

Then they can choose what they are on this site looking for:

  • Jobs
  • Domination
  • Stripper
  • Male
  • Female
  • TS escort
  • Cams
  • Massage studio

There is a whole range of choices. Moreover, there are some search bars to type in a specific city that will produce a list of cities in your surrounding areas. For example, if you’re in Chicago, you will see checked/unchecked boxes for Bloomington, Joliet, Spingfield, East St Louis, etc. Another search bar allows you to type in the specific type of characteristics you want in your your escort, such as Blonde, big ass, etc.

The website does lack some features, but that is why it’s named Skip the Games because it literally SKIP THE GAMES and makes the user functionality easy and simple. There is no need to have those ‘extra’ features on the website. For what? You can do a simple search, see the profile, and contact the escort. Simple.

An older guy with limited internet knowledge will find this site extremely difficulty to use, especially if he came from CityxGuide. Think of CityxGuide as cable television and SkiptheGames as Netflix.

A major pro of this site that deserves a round of applause is the freakin’ blog section that has some really interesting article titles. I could tell the authors respect the game and their general delivery is cool and down-to-earth just like mine. Wanna job? They have information for both clients and users with topics like

  • “Why you don’t want to get too personal with an escort”
  • “bad clients: No shows and creep”
  • “how to identify a sting”
  • “The good, bad and ugly of porn star escorts”
  • Ads are completely free to post
  • The easiest website to search for escorts in this list
  • Does not have a list of metropolitan areas in a row like the others
  • Older guys might have a problem working the site because it requires a lot of effort
Our Rating of Skip the Games

Escort Safety Information

Safety is paramount as an escort. Here are a couple of ways to keep yourself safe during these trying times.

  1. Be super aware of your surroundings – People are starving for money and free sex right now.
  2. Be super smart – Even if the money is good and if you’re thinking about doing some illegal stuff, don’t do it. It’s not worth the pain and suffering in the long run. Also, try to deal with guys who have a reputation and something to lose because he’s less inclined to do harm to you.
  3. Don’t be afraid to report something wrong – This is considered ‘snitching’ in the game. However, it’s best to do it anonymously and help someone in dire need who can’t get out. As long as you know the tattle-telling won’t come back to you, then saving a life is worth it.
  4. Don’t get stuck being an escort – I know how good the money is. But you can’t do it forever. Always have a plan B, C, D – the entire alphabet. Try to develop a skill to use to get out the game.

Phone Numbers to Help If You Are Getting Trafficked or Feels Like Someone You Know is Getting Trafficked

National Human Trafficking Hotline

  • 1-888-373-7888

Need Help Getting Out  the Sex Industry?

HIPS Advocacy Group

  • 1-800-676-4477

A Couple of Jobs To Do Other Than Escorting That Pays Just As Much & Don’t Require Background Checks

  • Freelance writing for adult websites
  • Truck/Uber Driving
  • YouTube Blogger about subjects you consider yourself an expert
  • Finding a good trick (Basketball Star, Doctor, Lawyer) and being his lady
  • Investing in a business: you can afford it!
  • Stock trading
  • Going to school and learning a trade
  • Running a business as a CEO

My advice is to always be in the business of looking for a way to get out the game as nothing lasts forever.

Before becoming a full-time writer, he was a hardcore porn watcher spending 12-hour days surfing xxx adult websites for 20 years. He has witnessed the drastic change of internet porn over the years and is your guide to the past present and future of the adult industry.

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breakfast with tiffany

hi–I just want to point out a work-around technique to EASILY navigate & master control of search function making SKIP the Games #1 undeniably !! Here is how to literally skip the games on skip the games:
1st- ignore all drop down boxes, options & features at the very top
2nd-skip directly to middle of page
3rd- do not click anything EXCEPT Providers in USA
4th- now choose your state of preference
5th- now select a region you want to zero-in on
6th- browse posts as normal