Adult Friend Finder Review: Is This Hookup Site Legit?

Thanks to the miracle that is the internet, it’s possible to now pop online and find yourself an equally willing someone in a matter of minutes, before getting down to it. Problem is, the whole concept of hooking up with a stranger off the internet can sound risky. Questions plague you, such as: What if it goes wrong? What if the website I’m using isn’t even legit? What if they don’t even turn up? That’s where comes in, the world’s most popular – and legendary – hookup site. It’s home to millions of profiles – but Does AdultFriendFinder really work? In this comprehensive Adult Friend Finder review, I put it to the test and am going to take a look at a few key questions for you.

I’m also going to show you what I personally got up to (no, you can’t see the videos 😉 ) when I gave it a shot.

What Is AdultFriendFinder?

AdultFriendFinder is probably the internet’s worst kept secret. To all and sundry, it sounds like a place where adults just like you and I can go and make new adult friends, yay!

Because, as we know, making friends as an adult is so damn hard. It’s not like when you were a kid, where you would spot another kid across the road playing ball before telling them they’re your mate now because you like to play ball, too. Instead, there are cliques, anxieties and all kinds of issues to fight off before you make new, legit adult friends. Unfortunately, if that’s what you’re after, AdultFriendFinder isn’t the solution. Instead, AdultFriendFinder is much, much sexier than that. Aimed at those who are looking for speedy, get-in-get-out sexual encounters, it bills itself as “the world’s largest sex and swinger community.” So, it’s still for friends – but those friends come with benefits. It’s essentially an online community that helps you find someone who’s looking for a hookup. This could be a single guy or girl with a wide range of sexual orientations, or it could be a couple. It might even be someone with a BDSM fetish who wants to whip you. And, as you know, friends with benefits don’t come with a million questions; they don’t nag you, and they don’t take up all your time. Instead, they want what you want – sex. Pure and simple.As such, AdultFriendFinder does away with the annoying relationship questions you’ll find on sites like OkCupid and EliteSingles. Instead, you get sexy questions that are as funny as they are flirty. You also get access to a community and lots of dating advice. It’s more than just a place to hookup. It takes just 30 seconds to register and all you need to include in your “bio” is a brief introduction. You don’t even need a pic (though I recommend you add one anyway). True, you can personalise your account, and this will take some time. But this is so that you find the mate you’re looking for tonight while making yourself as attractive and desirable as possible. Then, you’re taken to the homepage which makes it really easy to get started. There are around 50 matches above the fold, and they’re all neatly organised into categories, such as New Matches, Who’s Online and Members Near Me. AFF is totally free but you can upgrade to the Gold membership for access to more features (more on that soon).

AdultFriendFinder Review Time: My Experience

First things first, I’m a dude. I didn’t know what to expect at first (like anyone). I was feeling bit bored one night, wanted some fun, and dipped my toes into, a tad unsure. It took me less than a minute to complete the registration process (the form is free and very simple) and before I knew it, I was in.What I soon came to realise was that this was kinda like all the other dating sites in that you have to really turn on the charm if you want to get anywhere, but very unlike other dating sites in that you also have to upgrade to the paid membership if you want to fast-track things (again, we’ll cover that soon). Basically, it’s difficult to initiate contact with anyone unless you’re a paid member. I’m also guessing that women have a LOT more choice than the men. As such, you can’t go into this expecting to be able to pick someone up just like that *snaps fingers*. You have to put some work into it, man. I mean, bro, AFF is real busy. Now, this is totally cool if you’re willing to put the effort in. I was. I like to think I’m a normal, average looking guy, and I created a neat little profile and added a few pictures. Before I knew it, I was getting messages from actual real women. To find the one you want, you need to apply for a few filters. And everyone – for the most part – seemed super fun, friendly and wanted exactly what I wanted. As long as you get along fairly well online and your profiles check out, it’s not long before you arrange to meet up. In the meantime, there are a lot of other things to do, such a read the blogs and even – cough – watch the videos. If you’t not ready to meet someone in person yet, you can engage in a bit of cyber sex instead. In terms of the ‘dates’ themselves, what I would say is that I’m not using the word ‘dates’ loosely. To be honest, the women I met through AdultFriendFinder wanted to be wined and dined, just like women I’ve met before off OkCupid or Tinder. They didn’t want to just get straight down to it (although one did – in fact, she wanted to meet up for sex within a few hours of me initiating contact!). But there’s a good reason for this, and – guys – don’t complain. The woman needs to trust you first before she’ll go back to your place. It’s just common sense that she wants to meet in a public place – such as a restaurant – first. So just go with it. So, we went out for food first, and then went back to my place. This is probably because AFF isn’t just a hookup site. It’s an actual community with personal blogs, live streams, dating advice and more. All these features helped me to feel real comfortable and I thoroughly enjoyed the challenge of connecting with women and then meeting them. In that sense, it was a lot like a regular dating app – except this time, you knew that both of you just wanted sex. And that’s awesome.One more thing to bear in mind is that I also later used AdultFriendFinder while dating a girl. We checked it out together, looking for a single female interested in having some fun with a couple. The bad news was that there were pretty much zero single females looking for this. There were lots of guys, however, so if that’s what you’re into, you’re in for a good time. Overall, there’s a lot of value to be had in AFF if you’re willing to play it cool, take it easy and have some fun.

Gold vs Free: Is Gold Worth It?

The AdultFriendFinder cost is zilch if you wanna stay basic. And there’s a lot you can do as a free member on AFF. You’re free to message people and you’re free to reply to emails. You can also use the chat rooms and you can check out most profiles. All the basic stuff, you can do, such as upload photos and vids, chat on IM and in the chatroom and receive technical support via email (although this does take up to 2 days). The problem is that there are a LOT of features on AdultFriendFinder, and many are locked away unless you upgrade to paid membership, which is otherwise known as Gold membership. For example, it’s really hard to even initiate contact as a free member, which means you mostly have to wait for others to contact you. Alternatively, you can unlock certain features by earning points, which turns the website into a bit of a game – and that’s kinda fun. What are points? Well, they’re a form of currency – adult currency, ha. To unlock them as a free member, you have to do certain things. Basically, you have to be super active. If you’ve got time on your hands, it’s probably worth it because the more points you accumulate, the more you can do. On the other hand, you could just pay for the Gold membership and use all that free time to have sex. Now, Gold has one HUGE perk for guys, and it’s that – according to a perusal of Reddit – a number of girls won’t even meet a dude unless he’s a Gold member. That seems pretty harsh but what you’ve gotta remember is that AFF is a hookup site, and women want to see some credibility from you. If they don’t see Gold, you’re not getting sold. Gold gives you that cred and makes it easier for people to trust you. If you’re an un-paying member, you might look like a fake profile, or – gulp – you might look like a bit of a threat to their goddamn life. It’s also worth upgrading to the Gold membership if you’re on the site a lot. By a lot I mean that you’re serious enough about meeting a fair amount of men or women for a bit of fun. You login at least once a day. See, when you upgrade, your profile appears higher in the searches, which makes it easier for people to find you. This is especially useful to guys who are up against it in terms of the male-to-female ratio. There are a lot of your fellow men on this website, so you need to make it as easy as possible for women to find you. With Gold you can also use the advanced searches, which makes it easier to find exactly what you want. Looking for a kinky MILF who likes feet? It’s going to be a lot easier to find her when you upgrade. You also get access to profiles with private photo albums (you’ll wanna see these), video profiles and you get unlimited messaging. Here’s what else you can do:

  • Send ‘flirts’
  • Send friend requests
  • Watch full-length videos
  • Receive technical support by email within just 12 hours
  • Comment on photos and videos

To sum up, I wouldn’t necessarily recommend anyone who uses AFF “now and then” to upgrade. If you’re literally just looking to hookup for the first time ever in your life and aren’t looking to turn this into a thing, maybe don’t upgrade. On the other hand, if you’re serious about wanting to have a lot of fun and take full advantage of the wide community on AFF, upgrading to Gold definitely comes with its perks.

Is AdultFriendFinder Legit Or a Scam?

Good question, and reviews of AdultFriendFinder doesn’t always give you a solid answer. To be honest, this is the same question singles have been asking about all dating sites at one point or another.Remember when POF was first launched in the early 00’s? People were asking if that site was a scam. They also probably asked the same questions of OkCupid and Tinder until we finally reached a point where online dating lost (most) of its stigma.Thing is, a hookup site like AFF is never going to shed its stigma. Just type “AdultFriendFinder scam” into Google and you’ll find lots of worried folk. Just the name itself makes it sound like it could be a scam. But here’s the deal: AFF has been around since 1996. In 2007, it was one of the top 100 most popular sites in America alone! It’s still the most popular hookup site on the internet, and it has way over 300 million registered users.With numbers like those, it’s safe to say that AdultFriendFinder is legit and that it isn’t a scam. It’s also been awarded an XBIZ award for ‘Dating Program of the Year.’ AdultFriendFinder is legit. However, let’s look at it from another angle. While the website itself is 100% legit, there are fake profiles on AFF. But there are also fake profiles on OkCupid and POF. Just like they want your cash, so too do the ones on AFF. But, look, it’s real easy to spot a fake profile. And once you’ve spotted one, report it and move on. It’s hard to get fooled if you’re smart. There’s another way to look at the AdultFriendFinder scam question, and it’s this: What if you’ve been on the site for a month and still not found anyone to have sex with? Maybe you feel pretty frustrated about that. Maybe you’re even angry, throw your hands up and claim it’s a scam. Well, it isn’t. Success on AFF doesn’t just come instantly. You’re not picking someone up off the street here. Success requires the same patience and effort as it does on any type of dating site. If you’re not having any luck, it’s not because you’ve been scammed. Maybe you might want to take another look at your pics or change the way you converse with people. Or maybe you wanna upgrade to Gold.

Is AdultFriendFinder safe?

There are two ways to look at this. One, is it safe in terms of security breaches? Well, it’s as safe as any website, which is that all websites are vulnerable to hackers, but it’s secured with a web server certificate. Two, is it safe in terms of the people you meet? Well, it’s again as safe as any other dating or meet up site. If you’re concerned, I’d say exercise due diligence and meet your date in public before you take it into the bedroom. Also, if their pictures seem too hot and something isn’t adding up (and if it seems too good to be true), then I’d say bail out. Stay safe, guys and girls.

AFF Site vs App

AFF was always just a website, but there’s also now the app, known as Adult Friend Finder mobile. It’s got all the same features and perks as the website (even though it looks very slightly different), but it just means that you can do all the things you could on your desktop from your tablet or smartphone device. You can:

  • Send emails
  • Browse profiles
  • View cams
  • Watch videos
  • Chat!

It’s basically AdultFriendFinder “on the move.” If you’re on the plane or the train travelling to a new destination for the night, you can find someone while you’re on the way! Then, once you arrive, you could check-in to your hotel, get yourself cleaned up – and head out and meet them. Sounds pretty cool, huh? I’ve used both the website and the app and you literally don’t miss out on anything however way you use it. You can download the app for free on Google and the App Store, or you can get it from the AFF website. The website is mobile responsive, which means it should load pretty quickly.

AdultFriendFinder Review: Pros and Cons

To conclude our AdultFriendFinder review, let’s go over the pros and cons: Pros: 

  • Extremely reputable website that’s been up and running since 1996
  • Lots of search filters so that you can find exactly what you desire
  • It’s more than just hookup site, with blogs, videos, webcams and more available for your pleasure/curiosity


  • Things like sex academy videos and model videos cost extra (even with the Gold membership)
  • The free version is too limited


AFF is awesome AF. If you’re into hookups anyway. If you are, it’s well worth at least signing up for a free account now, but I’d go further and try a trial membership to see how you get on. I hope you enjoyed this AdultFriendFinder review and that you’re now more confident that AdultFriendFinder is legit, it’s real, it works, and if you have the patience it’s going to give you what you want.   If you want more, check out my list of the best hookup sites i’ve tried and reviewed.

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