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  • February 7, 2020
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The majority of interactive porn games gives you the choice to make a selection that changes the course of the gameplay. Life Selector delivers similar actions that makes you the main character who has sex with a variety of porn stars, like August Ames and Riley Reid, as you select the position you want to hit that ass.

The page layout is pretty simple and does not have much to figure out. There are different screenshots of the videos as previews before you click on them.

Life Selector seems to employ the best professionals in filmography who make the best of 4K resolutions. That might put a frown on some faces because their eyes have adjusted to 6K or above resolutions that are normal on other porn sites. However, Life Selector’s employees’ execute expert camera work that captures the essence of the sex actions by using advantageous angles and other determining factors.

If that’s not satisfying enough to tickle your fancy, then you will be pleased to know that they also shoot on location. So, if a character has a need to buy parts for her imaginary vehicle, the scene will likely take place inside a real mechanic shop.

The scenes are choreographed for realism and authentic impressions. Talented authors write the scripts that make it easy for the actresses to remember their lines. They do great work animating the passion of a character, by the way. The actresses seem to pick the best outfits from a carefully selected wardrobe and get makeup professionally done to get into character.

LifeSelector Interactive Porn Filters

The majority of the interactive porn movies are selected by top rated first. Each preview presents the following labels:

  • Name
  • Title
  • Cast
  • Number of models
  • Labels – cumshot, POV porn, cock fetish, interactive sex

LS Models & Cam Girls with High Ratings

The Models listed on the page are not in alphabetical order, making it more difficult to find your favorite one because there are hundreds, maybe even thousands to choose. However, the top rated ones are a priority at the top of the list.

Aside from the casting models, there is a list of models in the Life Selector Sex Cams section that perform live. Many are regular cam girls trying to find their niches in chatrooms that are mostly empty, which increases the chances of your messages getting viewed and reduces the chances of haters cock-blocking your attempts to get ‘freebies’ from the newbies.

However, there is not much interactive sex action going on in this section because they are not porn stars. The only interaction you might get are her responses to your sexts in the public chatrooms, making their dildo vibrate after giving a tip, or sending virtual gifts to show the girl that you appreciate her performance.

Learning about the girl’s personality and sexual tastes is easy. Their profiles show About Me, turn on and turn offs, gallery, and reviews. All footage that you see is RTA protected and ASACP approved.

Life Selector Porn Sites Photo Gallery

Each sexy interactive viewing has a photo gallery with probably hundreds of JPEGs, and each one tells a story of what happens along the course of the video. 75 credits will unlock these photos so you can view them in full screen. You will see the top rated ones first.

LifeSelector Pre-Ordering Information & Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding is the new way to get fans involved in helping to raise money for projects and Life Selector has implemented this system just for that. Fans can back their favorite upcoming projects and get perks that include pre-orders (notified upon release) and notifications about production progress.

Each interested party needs to create an account to back a project. Some information about the project that you will instantly learn about from the preview page are how much money is raised, pre-ordering status, dates, number of backers, and the projected timeline to completion.

Sign Up Promotional Bonus

Life Selector has a special promotion for people who log in consecutively for 5 days. Each day detected grants a 25% bonus boost in credits when you purchase a package.

Buying Credits

All credits have different bonuses for the interactive games and the live cams

  • 100 credits – $9.95
  • 1000$39.95
  • 2000 $59.95
  • 5000 – $99.95
  • 12500 – $199.99

Payments Offered

  • PayPal
  • GiroPay
  • Neosurf
  • Paysafecard
  • Gift Cards (branded like Walmart, Best Buy)

A high-end 2048 bit SSL encryption safeguards the transactions when you make payments.



Ads annoy some people and others don’t care about seeing them. The website does not have any external ads, but does have internal ones like pop ups from women offering a deal on pre-ordering or the discount for 33% for 500 credits for the price of $19.95.

This coupon is blocked by some type of script that won’t allow me to exit unless I click ‘OK’. The reason this ad becomes a compulsory pop-up is if you don’t click ‘YES’ to accept the offer they will ask you often as you surf through the site.

Affiliate Marketing Program (A Way to Make Money with Life Selector)

Everyone wants to generate some disposal passive income and Life Selector gives adult website owners this opportunity with affiliate marketing. You can apply to get approved by sending an email or have a Skype call with the staff.

Life Selector Review Rating: Pros

  • Top-tier camera work and high resolutions
  • Videos are shot on location
  • Hot and horny action
  • Interactive gameplay
  • All the important information is on the same page, which eliminates the need to scroll down
  • Easygoing website
  • Detailed story lines
  • Trailer tutorials
  • Can downgrade resolutions to 280p. That’s great for people using low-performing computers and mobile devices that buffer load large and powerful files
  • Automatic full screen when you start playing the game
  • The POV character actually talks to the model, which does not happen much in other realistic porn game videos (who wants to hear the guy talking anyway?)

Life Selector Review Rating: Cons

  • Compulsory notification pop ups about updates and annoying internal ads
  • Lacking closed captions option during the gameplay
  • Highest resolution is 1080p (other sites are 8K)
  • Have to read the captions upon making your choices
  • Annoying 1-st person POV character talking to the model is a turn off that takes away from the one-on-one experience between you and the porn star
  • The model list is not in alphabetical order, making it difficult to find your favorite porn stars

Life Selector Review Verdict

You can tell that Life Selector is a different porn site for interactive gaming with videos. The scenes are beautiful and the high resolutions pulls your imagination into the environment and heightens your porn watching experience.

Many of the storylines keeps you entertained til the end and veer in the directions you wish. The tutorial video helps bring perspective and teaches you the ins and outs of the game.

LifeSelector even has a Live Cams section if you really want to interact with some models in real time. Lastly, having a crowdfunding section for pre-ordering shows that fans has put their trust in the site.

I give it a 4.9/5  rating.

Before becoming a full-time writer, he was a hardcore porn watcher spending 12-hour days surfing xxx adult websites for 20 years. He has witnessed the drastic change of internet porn over the years and is your guide to the past present and future of the adult industry.

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