Behind The Scenes of Jerkmate: In-Depth Jerkmate Review

Behind The Scenes of Jerkmate: In-Depth Jerkmate Review

Once you visit Jerkmate, I doubt you’ll ever go back – but that’s exactly what we can help you find out in our Jerkmate review of 2023. When Jerkmate’s splendid cam models meet your screen, it’ll be hard to look away. Honestly, you might want to hold onto your zipper (or not). Head straight to […]

Once you visit Jerkmate, I doubt you’ll ever go back – but that’s exactly what we can help you find out in our Jerkmate review of 2023.

When Jerkmate’s splendid cam models meet your screen, it’ll be hard to look away.

Honestly, you might want to hold onto your zipper (or not).

Head straight to Jerkmate now

My Jerkmate review takes you down this titillating path, unraveling Jerkmate’s nitty-gritty – its credibility, wholesome interactive webcams, and more where these came from.

Find your ideal jerkmates and never beat one off by yourself again.

Ride with me!

Comprehensive Jerkmate Review

First Thoughts on

My first impression after landing on for my Jerkmate review was, “What a beauty!

Jerkmate is the epitome of modern technology, with snappy graphics, high-resolution cams, and a personalized AI that make it the perfect cam site.

In a nutshell, here is a brief breakdown of; the highs, lows, and what to expect from this Jerkmate review.

Here we go. Pros

  • Covers extensive sexualities/genders
  • Plethora of fetishes and kinks
  • Multiple contact options
  • Awesome search filters
  • Secure payment
  • Play interactive porn games
  • Credits to control your spending
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Available in different languages
  • Thousands of positive Jerkmate reviews Cons

  • No app…yet
  • Features might be overwhelming to some

Promos or Giveaways

From what I gathered on investigative duty while coming up with this Jerkmate review, Jerkmate’s newest premium users get a bonus addition of 3 free Jerkmate Gold on top of their chosen subscription. 

This is a limited-time offer, so grab your ticket while the offer still lasts. Overall Rating – 8.5/10

After a thorough and intense get-down with, I am convinced it deserves no less than a spic 8.5/10.

During this Jerkmate review, I took up Jerkmate’s offer that promises to ensure I always have company to beat one off when the urge comes knocking.

Also, with 150 million monthly visitors and numerous positive Jerkmate reviews and testimonials later, we can only draw one conclusion – that Jerkmate is a legit cam site. 

So far, we can see the cam site has an incredible range of tantalizing webcam shows and super enthusiastic studs and babes, but that’s not all. 

There’s more to discover on this adventure of a night-time (if you catch my drift), so tag along and watch me ‘Indiana Jones’ this jerk mate finder.

Jerkmate History (Where the Fun Begun) was conceived in 2019 to provide a safe haven for horny souls bored of watching repetitive porn to find live masturbation partners, aka jerkmates

Jerkmate has since been the best place to explore your sexual fantasies on the best variety of HD webcams. This Jerkmate review will highlight how you can interact with a diverse community of webcam hosts and their fans.

On top of that…

Find jerkmates, recorded porn videos on Jerkmate TV and an exclusive Jerkmate sex games section that adds a fun twist to your masturbation.

Is Jerkmate Real? (A Personal Adventure)

When I heard of the Jerk Mate offer (that you’ll never wank alone), I decided it was time for my highly-anticipated Jerkmate review.

I found the revamped a beautiful modern online space, integrated with just the right bells and whistles to get me all my dream jerkmates from all corners of the internet.

At this point, instead of drooling over the fun, let’s jump into the jerk pool and find a jerk mate

Getting Started – Who’s Jerkmate For?

This cam site is for anyone that’s down for a passionate jerk mate. And I really mean ANYONE.

The platform has:

  • Female jerkmates
  • Male jerkmates
  • Trans jerkmates
  • Couple cams

This Jerkmate review reveals that irrespective of your sexual preferences (straight, gay, or trans), seeks to accommodate all jerkmates – even couples.

Lots of pleasure-filled couples frequent its pages for some raunchy foreplay before the main stage action,

Jerkmate’s thoughtful joint accounts for the open-minded and swinger couples provide joint access to all the fun going down in the private and public webcam shows.

Signing Up on

Jumping onto the wagon is pretty straightforward and should only take you a couple of minutes.

This Jerkmate review will take you through all the steps and necessities for a smooth orientation into the live cams of your fantasies.

Start by creating a free account without the need to link a form of payment.

The webcam chat app will need your nickname and a set password to create your online alias within a few breaths.

Alternatively, you can use your Google account to sign up if you don’t wish to use your email.

This is purely for account verification purposes, so only legitimate users get through to the cam models.

At this point, your profile only needs your social and sexual preferences to help Jerky, the Jerkmate AI to pick out the webcam streams that appeal most to your senses.

I realized, while on my Jerkmate review, that Jerky, our loyal and trusted AI, gives you a short questionnaire to fill out. 

Don’t worry, It’s not a lot of work.

The questionnaire simply asks you the specs that make up your ideal jerkmates. Based on your answers, Jerky gives you customized suggestions of the cam models to check out.

I know, it’s very cool.

Still, you have the option to opt out of the questionnaire and go on the hunt for cam models on your own.

Even after signing up on, note that you can still change your nickname and cam model preferences at any time you want to take things up a notch or tone down a peg.

With a Jerkmate account, start looking and checking out explicit jerk mates with live webcam streams for free.

But it doesn’t end there.

A free account will also afford you:

  • Search tool filters
  • Access to recorded porn videos
  • All model categories

On the flip side, a free account limits a lot of your interaction and access to bonus features. 

To get comprehensive messaging with your Jerkmates, chat with webcam hosts, tip them, and get into private shows, you’ll need to go premium and buy yourself some Gold credits.

However, I discovered something good in my Jerkmate review. This magnificent webcam site uses a credit-based system in what they call ‘Gold’.

How is that a good thing? Listen to this…

Credit-based payments don’t peg you to a monthly membership, which is the case in many other cam sites.

Jerky’s credit-based features like messaging, tips, and private webcam shows are each priced differently; so you only spend your Gold on what matters most to you at that specific moment.

Premium Account Summary

  • One Jerkmate Gold = $1

My Jerkmate review uncovered that, unlike many other webcam sites, it’s much easier to track your spending on since the prices are quite average and direct. 

Therefore, you don’t have to fork out a fortune to link up with your perfect cam models.

Moving on, the live streams, premium, and exclusive shows are charged on a per-minute basis. 

It’s not entirely a bad thing.

The host Jerkmates set their rates depending on how popular they are, and the entertainment service they offer. This means you are spoiled for choice when your bank account is flooded or slightly on the downside.

Either way, Jerkmate reviews delight over the fact that you can enjoy premium shows for as little as $1/min. 

Depending on the broadcast you choose to spend your time in, rates can go upwards of $5/minute, on the costly webcams.

Thankfully, Jerkmate Premium comes with lots of other great features away from the webcams that my Jerkmate review is happy to expound on. 

Premium Jerkmate also opens you to: 

  • Full access to live streams
  • All-access to sex videos and games
  • Profile privacy additions
  • Cam 2 Cam shows
  • Instant favorite model show alerts
  • Send tips and spend gold
  • Activate model vibrators and sex toys
  • Spin the wheel

With all these options, you can now get the full Jerkmate experience from the convenience of your mobile phone or PC.

With that out of the way, I was now ready to track down my jerkmates and get down to business in the private cams.

Spoiler alert. 

What I found in the search categories absolutely blew my mind.

Available Categories – Finding the Ideal Jerk Mate

Jerkmate reviews don’t give enough credit to how you can choose your preferred jerk mate from the moment you step into the beautiful website.

Your first option is to pick out between male, female, trans, and couple cams, but the list goes even further.

Heck, Jerkmates’ expansive range of cam models is so wide it would be a Herculean task to list all the categories Jerkmate offers here. 

I know, it’s awesome.

When it comes to diversity, Jerkmate really stays ahead of the curve. 

The cam site hosts jerk mates across different sexual preferences with loads of kinks and fetishes tucked up their sleeves spanning from the letter A to Z. 

Do you even know a kink beginning with the letter ‘z’?

Now to the pudding.

While doing this Jerkmate review, I was spoilt for choice when it came to tracing a specific type of jerk mate.

Whether you’re a sucker for specific ethnicities like Latinas, Asians, Africans, or European, you’ll find them all – droves of cam talents just aching for you.

And that’s only one category.

It doesn’t matter if you have a thing for matures, BBWs, ebony, or the glorious MILFS. This Jerkmate review got me into the broadcasts of all my fantasy babes.

Knowing myself, they are a lot.

Better yet, the various categories, grouped into kinks and fetishes, have plenty of models and videos for you to peruse. Each category has at least a few thousand cam models and videos to indulge in your personal sexual affairs

The number is brilliantly displayed next to the category for ease of access so you know what to expect.

I click into various categories and find out that some categories, like lesbian and bisexual listings, have as many as 20,000 available media.

Imagine all the good deeds you would do with that much media.

Next, I decided to expand my search for jerkmates to the all-knowing search tool. I was not prepared for the awesomeness.

Search Filters – Finding Cam Models

Considering the enormous variety of cam models on Jerkmate, I would have been massively disappointed if there weren’t amazing filters to go along with it.

But I wasn’t.

Jerkmate really pulls all its weight to give you a user-friendly experience with its expansive advanced search filters, so there’s little to stop you from having the hottie of your fantasy.  

To mention just a few, these are the available filters:

  • Sexuality and gender
  • Race
  • Body type
  • Age
  • Region
  • Country
  • Kink and fetish
  • Hair Color
  • Boob size
  • BDSM

While compiling my Jerkmate review, I loved how the search filters and the well elaborated user and model profiles richly complement each other.

Cam models on fill up their profiles with very specific details that help you out when searching for specific traits.

Jerkmate’s webcam models profiles are stupidly rich in information. Model appearance, language(s) spoken, turn-ons, and more; you can easily tell if a model is the jerk mate for you.

After all that scavenging, I finally landed upon a few promising models that agreed with my tastes. I was unsure of how to save them where I could easily find them whenever I came online, but Jerky had an idea.

If it wasn’t for my Jerkmate review, how would I know that bonafide Jerkmates can add cam performers to a favorites list so that you can easily find your most desired cam girls?

Thanks, Jerky.

Sometimes on my Jerkmate adventures, I found that a couple of the Jerkmates I enjoyed fraternizing with weren’t online, which is understandable after a good long cam show.

So what do I do?

Jerkmate does a great job of making sure you don’t miss out on your favorite cam model’s show with model schedules

Oh, thank goodness! [Sighs with relief]

When a model is offline, you can check out what they have planned on their schedule and avoid hit-and-miss browsing that does everyone no good. 

Alternatively, you can get more access to your favorite jerkmates.

If you are really head over heels for a webcam model, you can also join their Fan Clubs (we won’t judge). 

As a member of a model’s Fan Club, you get unique priorities like show updates, offline access to their recorded shows, and even live-stream discounts for public and private shows.

Note that the fan clubs are subscription-based, so be sure to renew it monthly to stay in the loop with your Jerkmates.

Now that I know where to find my Jerk mate, it’s time to get busy… if you know what I mean.

Contact and Communication Options

With a storm brewing in the drawers, Jerkmate’s offer that you’ll never jerk off alone comes in handy occasionally (pun intended).

On such days, Jerky doesn’t make you wait, highlighting your cam performers meticulously in public chat rooms.

Before you burst into a cam model’s public show and embarrass yourself unknowingly, jerkmate reviews like this one prepare you with everything you need to know and expect.

To start with, public chat rooms are free to join.

Public Chats

While you are on this cam site, you can hang around and watch a hot webcam model get down and dirty for your entertainment. 

But chances are that you’re not the only one.

In the public chats, every jerk mate is able to send public messages visible to all users logged into the chatroom. 

This is one way of letting your host know that you are in the house, though they get notified when someone new enters the chat. 

Regulars even get a shout-out from the cam model.

Your personal tips go a long way towards encouraging the model to do saucy stunts during the cam show and also get you in their good books.

According to multiple Jerkmate reviews, the most thrilling times come during the ‘Gold Shows’, which I was privileged enough to sample.

Gold shows can be a cheaper path to personalized cam model experiences. 

They are public live streams where jerkmates crowd-fund their credits and encourage a cam model to do an XXX act.

My Jerkmate review discovered that different cam models perform different stunts for different prices, and a tip menu to help you plan your Gold for specific treats.

To complement the gold shows, roulette shows are highly praised by multiple Jerkmate reviews for a spin-the-wheel chance to watch the model do whatever your pointer lands on.

Trust me – there is some pretty explicit stuff in there.

Private Shows

To crown it all, you can also send private messages to the entertainer so you don’t get lost in the sea of horny souls.

What’s more, you can kick out the crowd and have the models’ undivided attention by requesting her to go private with you.

Other Jerkmate reviews also uncovered the orgasmic VIP Private chat rooms offering the infamous Cam 2 Cam shows

On cam-to-cam Jerkmate shows, unlock a new world of online sex with one-on-one shows where you also share your camera with the model.

But if you’re feeling a little shy, you don’t have to turn on your camera during cam 2 cam shows. Instead, you can send a live chat or simply use audio for a little bit of privacy. 

Nice, aye?

More Awesome Jerk Mate Features

1. Jerkmate TV

Sometimes, you might not find your favorite jerk mate online. So, do you wait for them? You don’t have to.

From my Jerkmate review, I discovered that a stimulating time on Jerkmate isn’t tied to cam models only. With Jerkmate TV, get access to over 640 porn videos to enjoy.

On top of this, all the videos are in HD to give you a super crisp view of that ass.

Like lots of Jerkmate reviews, you might also like the fact that the page lists the latest videos first. Thus, you don’t have to sift through what you’ve already watched.

2. Sex Games

Jerkmate reviews heap high praise on Jerkmate’s sex games, and now I know why. Jerkmate’s incredibly pulsating porn games add a touch of interactivity to a good time.

With games like:

  • Role-play
  • Command and Obey

… you can bump uglies (theoretically) with some of the hottest amateur and professional porn stars in the cam site industry, like the infamous Jewelz Blu.

Imagine how well that goes with your wild imagination!

In the Roleplay, have the time of your life with a doctor, elf princess, college girl, dominatrix, housewife, or gamer. The choice is yours.

I also enjoyed that Roleplay has a bit of a storyline to make it more natural for those that want to work their way there.

For Command and Obey, you’re the king/queen, giving orders and watching the models fold to your wishes.

3. Interact with Porn Stars

On this Jerkmate review, I realized that you don’t have to stick to regular cam models. gives you a top-notch adventure with seasoned porn actors in the mix.

I am talking about big and sexy industry names Jewelz Blu, Riley Reid, Amber Snow, and the like. 

Get private shows, chat with them, watch their best and most recent videos, and even play sex games with them.

Furthermore, there are hundreds of top names here, so there’s lots of room to find a porn star that tickles your boner.

4. Become a Model

Without the cam models, Jerkmate would not be what it is today.

Jerkmate reviews quote that an average 100M+ monthly visitors to the cam site gives cam models a nice leg up to establishing a solid cam career.

Many models on the platform make hundreds or thousands of dollars per week, hinting at the generosity of the viewers.

You will also love the fact that Jerkmate pays out its cam performers in weekly payments, so you don’t have to wait for ages to cash out.

To boost your earnings, Jerkmate also lets cam girls sell pre-recorded videos and explicit photos to rake in more stacks at the close of the day.

If you are new in the industry, working around your knowledge of the ropes is not an extreme sport.

Getting started with camming is simple as has minimal requirements. 

As long as you’re 18+, have a computer/phone, a good webcam, and a reliable internet connection, you’re good to set up and awe your viewers.

5. Available Languages

In addition, Jerkmate reviews state that the cam site is very friendly to non-English speakers

Jerkmate provides a user-friendly experience transcending borders by being translatable into different languages.

You can translate to

  • English
  • Portuguese
  • Spanish
  • French
  • Dutch

Suffice it to say, there’s a good chance for non-English speakers to find a jerk mate that speaks a language they’re comfortable in.

6. Customer Support

Like some authors for similar Jerkmate reviews, I also encountered a challenge when signing up.  It’s such a bummer that Jerkmate doesn’t have phone customer support, and I was skeptical of seeking help from the email support team. 

To my surprise, I was able to get a timely response from their email support and resolved my issue within minutes.

I further went ahead to check other Jerkmate reviews on social media to see if the fast response was a fluke, but it wasn’t. 

Many others like me are applauding the cam girl site for its responsive customer support.

7. Payment Methods

One of the main aims of doing this Jerkmate review was to discover the flexibility of Jerkmate’s payment options, and boy, was I pleased.

This is what I and fellow Jerkmate reviews found out.

Jerkmate has some of the most secure payment methods that relieve you of the stress that comes with identity theft – a notorious crime in many online webcam and dating sites.

Did you know that the cam site also takes PayPal payments?

The Paypal option is mostly used by international jerkmates who transact in non-dollar currencies. 

This way, no one is left out of the fun.

These are all your available payment options on

  • PayPal
  • Credit
  • Debit

Jerkmate reviews also highlight the flexibility of remitting your premium bills via Credit, or Debit payments. 

Better still, the platform accepts both Visa and Mastercard, so you’d better get your card out.

I was able to purchase my Gold in a few clicks, and the transaction was as seamless as I thought it would be for such a prestigious webcam service.

Within a few blinks, my status got instantly upgraded to a Gold don. 

How Does Jerkmate Compare?

My search for a great cam girl website has had me visit popular cam sites like LiveJasmin,, Chaturbate, MyFreeCams, and more. 

Interface & Graphics

Many cam websites have outdated interfaces, but what stands out from all Jerkmate reviews is  Jerkmate’s modern and intuitive website stands out. 

Not only is it sleek but also easy to use compared to other jerk mate sites like 


Moreover, the cam platform has one of the widest kink and fetish filters among cam sites like with fewer options, which adds to its overall greatness.

You can browse through tens of adult categories from sex toy teases, orgies, gay/lesbian, anal, foreplay, and whatnot, and feed your unique appetites. 

Flexible Access

Multiple Jerkmate reviews often bring up the issue that Jerkmate doesn’t have an app like other competitors, e.g. LiveJasmin

This said…

You’ll still like how the web interface responds on the phone as well as on your PC.

Overall Site Activity

Compared to LiveJasmin and, Jerk Mate has more active cam models. With thousands of Jerkmates, your options for an enchanting time are almost limitless.

Additionally, most cam chat sites, like LiveJasmin,, and MyFreeCams, mostly host regular cam models. 

To make the adventure more pants-blowing, Jerkmate also has professional porn star cams to give you that all-out experience.

Media Quality

Again, Jerkmate sticks ahead of most cam sites with its commitment to satisfying your eyes. 

No one wants to watch blurry porn. Therefore, Jerk Mate ensures its models provide high-resolution streams, so you can have your fun in HD.

Jerkmate Reviews – FAQs

Is Jerkmate Legit?

Yes, Jerkmate is a legitimate webcam platform certified by many jerkmate reviews.

Jerkmate has been around since 2019 and is one of the most popular live cam sites, said to be among the top 100 visited sites in the US.

To assure its viewers and models, Jerkmate has a privacy and anti-spam policy to give you a safe and secure time on the site.

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Can I Use Jerkmate for Free?

Yes, you can use Jerkmate for free.

Signing up on Jerkmate is completely free. With a free Jerkmate account, you’ll be able to browse hot models, use the search filters, check out some porn videos, and more. 

However, you might need to buy credits to enjoy cam 2 cam shows, send messages to other jerkmates, and spin the wheel, just to mention a few.

Are All Videos on Jerkmate Live?

Yeah, all videos on Jerkmate broadcasts are live.

As a live-streaming cam site, Jerkmate is geared towards giving you real-time sizzling interaction with naughty cam models. 

Still, some models have pre-recorded videos on the side that you can add to your watchlist as well.

Regardless of which route you go down, secure your webcam for a successful camming experience.

What is Gold?

Gold is the in-site currency that Jerkmate uses to transact.

On Jerkmate, one Gold is equal to one dollar, therefore, when purchasing credits to use, you don’t have to stress about complex money conversions.

Do Jerkmate Credits Expire?

No, Jerkmate credits do not expire.

So, once you buy Jerkmate credits, you don’t have to worry about racing against time to deplete them before they expire.

My Jerkmate Review – Is it The Real Deal?

On the whole, should you try


You’ll find rousing Jerkmates online at any time of day/night when the urge comes rushing. As far as sticking to its mantra, Jerkmate appears to be doing an amazing job. The platform has everything you need in a webcam platform, even if you aren’t tech-savvy. 

Smooth interface? Check. 

Wide search filters? Check. 

Tons of mouthwatering HD live models? Check. 

Visit Jerkmate now

There’s a lot to enjoy on this jerk mate cam site. You might even end up publishing your own Jerkmate reviews.

So, why not try out the site and experience the tsunami of Jerk mates first-hand?

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