Exploring Jerkmate: Learn The Good and Bad in Our Jerkmate Review

Exploring Jerkmate: Learn The Good and Bad in Our Jerkmate Review

Jerkmate.com promises us ‘’we’ll never jerk off alone again’’. Big words. Before we can decide if it’s the best cam site, we had to go deep in our Jerkmate review. Seriously, these sites just keep popping up. So, is Jerkmate ‘just another cam site,’ or is it the ultimate jerk mate, as it claims? Head […]

Jerkmate.com promises us ‘’we’ll never jerk off alone again’’. Big words. Before we can decide if it’s the best cam site, we had to go deep in our Jerkmate review.

Seriously, these sites just keep popping up. So, is Jerkmate ‘just another cam site,’ or is it the ultimate jerk mate, as it claims?

Head straight to Jerkmate here

I was tasked with delivering the answer to that question to you, dear reader. And, strictly for scientific reasons, I ventured into my own Jerkmate story to write the best Jerkmate review. 

Now I come to bring you my in-depth Jerkmate review so you can answer that question for yourself and see if it’s worth your time and money.

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First Look At Jerkmate

What’s Good About Jerkmate

Jerkmate.com allows you to sign up using Google. 

This vastly simplifies the registration process as well as any future login!

You don’t even have to sign up if you don’t want to and remain incognito instead. Jerkmates can watch different shows without even creating an account.

Brilliant, for starters.

Enjoy chatting and public shows for completely free here, too. 

You’ll only have to pay if you want a more tailored experience that’s created specifically for you. 

Think live shows. If (when) you decide to catch a live show and throw some money at these hot babes, you have a variety of payment methods at your disposal, including PayPal, to make transactions fast and easy.

What’s Bad About Jerkmate

To fully understand the lows of this cam site, you need to go through the full Jerkmate review. But these are the main downfalls. Luckily, as you’ll see as this Jerkmate review unfolds, they’re not that bad.

When signing up to this cam site, you will be asked to provide some credit card information. This step cannot be skipped. 

Not even if you don’t intend to ever buy credits. It’s a must in order to get your account up and running. 

If you decide to pay for a private show with one of the stunning cam models on the Jerkmate cam site, the chat will still be active during this period. 

This means that the cam models can still see what other Jerkmates are writing to them and their attention might not be 100 percent focused just on you.

Jerkmate Pricing

  • Browse, chat, and watch public shows for free
  • 1 Gold = $1 (Jerkmate’s currency)
  • Private shows from 1 to 10 (or more) gold per minute

Jerkmate Special Deals & Promotions

  • Everyone gets 3 gold as they sign up, which is a nice touch
  • There are often coupons and discounts offering up to 20% off
  • Many models offer discounts per minute for bloc sessions
  • 10 levels of rewards available to active members

Jerkmate Rating 4.9/5

Overall, I love the cam site and that you can get a quick fix without signing up.

Then I like how much you can get away with for free. You can watch, text, and get there without spending a dime, which I think is a huuuge plus.

What I (and many other Jerkmate reviews by users) slightly hold against Jerkmate is the fact that private shows aren’t just you and the webcam model. She still gets to see the chat, and how much she’ll devote herself to you and your pleasure is up to the webcam model.

All Jerkmate reviews agree that if they pay for a private show, the cam models should spend every single second focused on them.

That aside, the private shows can cost as little as 1 gold per minute, which is good compared to some other sites. 

Gold, Jerkmates currency, is also very convenient as 1 gold is $1, so you don’t have to always do the math or be afraid you’d spend more than you wanted. 

All of this is why I think Jerkmate does what it set out to do and deserves such a high ranking.

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No BS Jerkmate Review: My First-Hand Experience

Every time a product or service markets itself as the next best thing since sliced bread, I am skeptical. And I felt the same way with Jerkmate.com.

I mean, I understand aggressive marketing and all, especially for the best cam sites, but you’ve gotta know that if the quality of what you’re selling isn’t that good, it’s gonna backfire.

So, will I never jerk off alone again?

Jerkmate Sign-up Process

One of the things Jerkmate.com promises is that you don’t need a credit card to sign up. I thought that was cool as it really speeds up the sign-up process, and then you can later add your credit card info if you want to spend money. 

Let me just burst that bubble right away—you do need credit card info right away. 

They accept PayPal, too, but you would have to put in some card info to sign up. So, don’t be like me, sitting in my gaming chair, ready for some action, only to have to get up and look for my card. 

Have it ready.

The credit card issue apart, the sign-up process is pretty fast and straightforward. You’ll get asked to give your email, set a nickname, and create a password. 

After the Jerkmate login, you’ll be directed to a page that lets you upgrade to a paid membership or stay a basic member. I decided to stay a basic member for now. 

Oh, did I mention that all new Jerkmates are welcomed with short clips of cam girls touching their clits as a prelude to what’s to follow? 

Finding Jerk Mates of the Day

Alright, now you’re all signed up and ready to go. You’ll get to choose what you’re looking for, and you’ll have the following options:

  • Women
  • Men
  • Trans
  • Couples
  • Random cam

I picked women and was directed to the home page that’s full of pics of cam models that are currently streaming. 

Jerkmate.com seems devoted to helping you find just the kind of webcam model you like as they give you a short questionnaire to fill out. You can also skip this part and kinda venture into the site to see what is there.

That’s what I decided to do for now. 

Jerkmate Search Filters

Jerky is Jerk Mate’s AI tech. He is not just going to be one of your Jerkmates, but he will make sure that you can find exactly the Jerk Mate you’re looking for. 

You can choose the part of the world you want your Jerkmates to be from:

  • US/CA/UK/Australia
  • Western Europe
  • Eastern Europe
  • Latin America
  • Asia
  • Africa

I would suggest choosing cam models from the bottom part of the list, as they charge far less and they’re just as good at what they do. Plus, most of the cam models I’ve encountered speak enough English, and many Jerkmate reviews online agree that won’t be a problem.

There are many different niches available so you can have an easier time.

You’ll be able to find your perfect Jerk Mate easily.

The top niches on Jerk Mate include:

  • UK babes
  • Trans
  • Blonde
  • Young
  • Asian
  • MILF
  • BBW
  • Ebony
  • Cosplay

You can also find jerkmates who speak other languages if you so choose. There’s plenty to pick from in the language bar.

When it comes to the kind of cam models you want, you’ll get the most options. Like, really, really plenty of options.

You get the usual porn categories and then some. Categories range from those focusing on body type to hairstyle to ethnicity to sex acts to kinks to you name it—they’ve got it.

I give them 10/10 for their commitment and variety in this part. 

Public Cam Shows

Alright, so Jerkmate reviews brought you to a webcam model you really like. What next? Well, the first (and free) option is to watch her show & chat. 

Basic members can also watch pre-recorded videos for free, but public shows are as good as it gets for lurkers when it comes to live shows.

You can get off simply by watching the stream, sending a text here and there, hoping her chat won’t be too busy and she’ll acknowledge your message. 

You may also hide your message from other guys watching with the help of the eye icon.

Basically, get your heart’s desire on someone else’s dime. 

All those other guys in the chat will be paying the webcam model to do what they want, and maybe you’ll get lucky that way.

Or you can give her some gold right then and there to do what you want her to do. As you’ll see in all Jerkmate reviews and all other cam sites, some things are off-limits, but most aren’t.

Each webcam model has her own gold menu with things she’s willing to do and the prices.

You can also request something special, and she’ll tell you the price.

But, whatever you do, if you choose something off the gold menu, don’t just send gold—tell her what you want to avoid misunderstandings.

While public shows may be enough for you to get your glorious conclusion on days you don’t feel like spending any bucks, it’s not where it’s at on Jerkmate.

As all Jerkmate reviews will tell you – It’s the private shows. That’s the epicenter of hotness.

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Private Cam Shows on Jerkmate.com

This is where the party’s at you guys.

Now, this may set you back big time—not gonna lie. Depending on the webcam model you choose, prices can range from $1 to $5 per minute and more.

However, some countries fall below this range.

Yes, you read that right.

For that price, you can get 10 minutes with an extremely hot webcam model. You can share your audio and video and have her look you in the eyes while she does what you tell her to do, as you please yourself.

The chat won’t be off during that time, though, which means she’ll be able to see what all those other guys are typing. 

That’s where Jerkmate 2023 really drops the ball, in my opinion. 

Still, private shows are what it’s all about, and I felt like I got what I came for. I’ve also checked out other cam sites. 

But out of all cam sites, Jerkmate had the best private shows I could find.

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Exclusive Cam Shows 

If you want the webcam model completely to yourself, you can choose exclusive shows. This means no chat, no messages from other guys—just you and the webcam model in a room.

Sounds good, doesn’t it?

But you would have to pay big money for it—$10 a minute! And that’s the lowest price. That translates to $100 for 10 minutes at the lowest price range.

Imagine the post-nut clarity after that one. 

If you can afford to go all out and want to, do it. But if you’re not drowning in dolla dolla bills, then budget a little.

Jerkmates Schedules 

If you regularly visit Jerkmate.com, chances are you’re gonna have your favorite cam models. And you don’t need to “stalk” the cam site 24/7 waiting for the green light to pop up next to them.

This cam site’s got you—you can see your favorite cam models’ schedules so you know when you can find them.

Just go to your favorite performer’s ‘About Me’ part. There, you’ll have three sections. 

The first one’s about their turn-ons, expertise, sexual orientation, and stuff, the second is the photo gallery, and the third one is the live-streaming schedule

Fan Clubs

If you really like a webcam model, you can join her fan club. It’s a monthly subscription that brings certain benefits. 

You get a special icon next to your name (that’s sure to grab her attention in chat), a 10 percent discount on private and exclusive shows, and access to private videos.

All Jerkmates and Jerkmate reviews will agree that if you have favorites then joining Fan Clubs is a must. That 10 percent discount on private and exclusive shows really adds up.

If you’re a frequent user of cam sites, you get so many more minutes of enjoyment.

Jerkmate Sex Games

Jerkmate.com has an epic feature called Sex Games that sets them apart from other cam sites. There are two kinds of games—Role Play and Command and Obey.

The first one is all about roleplay, as its name suggests. You get to see the models (including some famous pornstars) role-play all kinds of kinks. They can play hentai characters, housewives, doctors, games—you get it.

Command and Obey lets you control the webcam model and choose what she’ll do. 

You can unlock some of the acts for free, while for others, you would have to play. And the world’s biggest pornstars like Adriana Chechik and Riley Reid play too!

Payment Options

You can pay with your credit card or PayPal you’ve linked to your account when signing up.

Jerkmate runs on its own currency called gold. 1 gold is $1, which, I think, makes things a whole lot easier, especially if you’re not that good at math like I’m not. 

Or if you have a limit on how much you want to spend.

Speaking of spending limits, Jerkmate has a thing called Daily Limit that lets you set the amount you are comfortable with spending for that day. When you burn through that amount, the private room you’re in will close, and you’ll be locked out of paid services.

Well played, Jerk mate, well played.

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Jerkmate Reviews Online

Alright, enough from me. Let’s see what others have said about Jerkmate through their online Jerkmate reviews.

How Does Jerkmate.com Compare?

Let’s take this Jerkmate review even further and see how it compares to other top cam sites so you can decide where you want to take your business.

There are hundreds of cam sites and new cam sites pop up every day. But we’ve decided to compare it to other top cam sites to give you an accurate picture.

Jerkmate.com vs. Chaturbate

Chaturbate is one of the OG cam sites and still one of the best. 

It has a wider range of cam models than Jerkmate but also more strict regulations regarding what cam models do. Their chats are also busier, so it may be hard to get noticed unless you’re a big spender.

Jerkmate vs. BongaCams

BongaCams is also one of the best cam sites, but it’s more geared toward public chat rooms than private cam-to-cam chat. 

Private chats are available, and, unlike Jerkmate, the prices are fixed at $3 per minute for any webcam model. It’s more budget-friendly than Jerk Mate, but the quality of the cam models and shows is better with our fellow Jerkmates.

Jerkmate vs. Cams.com

Cams.com is also part of the top cam sites we’ve ever tried, but much like BongaCams, more geared toward public shows and tips. 

Where Cams.com differs from Jerkmate is that you can’t chat for free, and there are memberships. Private shows are about $3-$4 per minute on average.

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FAQs about Jerkmate 

What Is Jerkmate?

Jerkmate.com is an adult cam-to-cam site that connects strangers so they can masturbate together. Other features include public shows, pre-recorded videos, and sex games.  

Can I Use Jerkmate for free?

As you’ll learn from our Jerkmate review, you can use Jerkmate for free. Watching public shows and chatting with models is available for free, while private rooms are reserved for paying members on this cam site.

Click here for webcam security tips

Does Jerkmate have live sex cams?

Yes, Jerkmate has live sex cams. In the top right corner of the cam site, you will see four main options: Sex cams, videos, sex games and pornstars. 

After reading the Jerkmate review, deciding on this one of all cam sites and making an account, just click the sex cams section and you’ll see live sex cams of super hot cam models.

Is Jerkmate the Ultimate Jerk Mate? The Conclusion

So, will I ever jerk off alone again? 

Hell, yeah—I can’t afford a private show every time I get all horned up. But when I can, I’ll get a jerk mate, for sure.

I also don’t like to limit myself to a single source of, let’s say, material. 

That said, I did love Jerkmate, and I believe it is the ultimate jerk mate when it comes to cam sites. 

I like how much you can get away with for free, I like that the webcam model’s screen is all over mine, and I really liked the private shows. So, there you have it—Jerkmate gets a huge recommendation from me. 

You go ahead and check Jerkmate reviews and the cam site out for yourself—it’s free, so you don’t have anything to lose. But you stand to gain a great jerk mate in times of need.

Learn even more in our behind the scenes of Jerkmate.

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