The Top 10 Backpage Alternatives in 2019 – The Best New Escort Sites Ranked

If you've been looking for a backpage replacement, this guide is just for you.  

We've tested and reviewed almost 70 backpage alternatives, and now narrowed it down to the 10 best new sites.  

These sites range from directories to classifieds, and have escorts that have rates anywhere from $50 to $500. No matter what you used backpage for, this list has something for you!

#1 - Best Overall Replacement

Tryst is our pick for the best new backpage replacement.  It's the "home of the independent escort" so the providers here can charge rates that cut out any agency fees.  You'll find sex for as low as $80, as well as some exceptionally stunning escorts that charge anywhere from $150- $500 an hour.

One thing I love about Tryst is that the providers here actually pick up the phone!  Every profile is verified and active, the response rate is incredible. 

On the Tryst homepage you can browse listings for escorts near you.  If you plan on traveling, you can use the search bar to find escorts in other cities. You can also use filters to search for men, women, couples, and non-binary providers.

All the escorts on Tryst are verified, so you won't see any spam, ads, or fake accounts, which is a big advantage over other backpage replacements like bedpage or doublelist.  Each provider also lists their contact info, rates, travel schedule, bio, and availability.  The contact info is very detailed, you'll find their instagram, twitter, email, phone number, and website, making it easy to get in touch and book short notice hookups.

Tryst was created by the people behind, another good backpage alternative.  Many of the sex workers using Switter started using Tryst as a place to post listings, giving it a big user base right from its start.


What's Hot

  • No spam or fake ads
  • Verified escorts
  • Good rates
  • Providers are active and responsive
  • No account required

What's Not

  • Not in a classifieds style like backpage

#2 -

Switter is both an escort directory and a social network for sex workers (and our pick for the 2nd best backpage alternative).  

Switter works kinda like Twitter, but only sex workers can have profiles.  You can follow your favorite escorts' and like their 'toots' (Switter's version of a tweet).  Whenever they post you'll get updates in your news feed and see their latest musings, sexy pics, or any special rates.  It's a brilliant system that adds a new dimension to purchasing sex, a vibe that's even better than in my opinion.

You can also go straight to the listings section at  To view the listings you'll need to make an account by signing up with your email.  You can then search by location for any sex ads near you.  These come complete with a menu and list of rates.

Like, Switter has no spam or ads, which is a must for a good backpage alternative in our opinion.  Both are made by, a kind of non-profit sex worker co-op, which helps make it a super unique platform, and the future of finding escorts online.


What's Hot

  • No spam or fake ads
  • Verified escorts

What's Not

#3 - EscortDirectory

Backpage replacement for escorts

The name sums this site up.  It's one of the bigger backpage replacements, in a directory style. 

Lots of backpage girls were posting here years ago, and now that backpage is down, this is their main spot to post.

One thing I love about this site is the cheaper rates.  The girls might not always be as gorgeous, but you can really score sometimes and get a hot night for only $100.  It depends on how hard you look.

Unlike our top two picks, there is more ads and spam on this site, which is one reason why we gave it a boot down the list.  Be careful that the girls you message are verified and that their profiles seem legit.

What's Hot

  • Thousands of listings
  • Variety of rates
  • Attractive providers

What's Not

  • Girls not as responsive
  • Occasional fake ads

#4 - DoubleList

Doublelist is a site for personals ads and finding casual sex.  If you used backpage to just post ads for free sex, then this is site is something you should check out.

About a year ago this site was a ghost town, but it's since picked up steam and has grabbed up most of the personals refugees.

If you want to find escorts it's a little more underground, you'll need to comb through the posts to find posts that offer rates.

The site is well organized and has different sections for M4M, F4M, M4F, etc.  You can post pictures and see others.  

It does censor your language automatically, which is kind of funny.  Instead of seeing "looking to suck some big cock tonight" you might see "looking to wetten a large phallus this evening".

What's Hot

  • Classifieds style
  • Hookups and casual sex
  • Active user base

What's Not

  • Escort ads can be censored
  • Lots of spam and fake ads

#5 - AdultFriendFinder

AdultFriendFinder is one of the easiest ways to get laid for cheap.

There's a genius system behind the site.  Free members can message subscribers, but not other free members.  The result is there a lot of horny women that use the site as free members, and wait for guys to message them.

The result is it's way easier to meet women (or guys) on the site than any other hookup site.  And since the subscription is only $25 a month, i've saved money on escorts and scored lays I wouldn't have thought possible a few months ago.

I'd definitely recommend checking it out, it's been one of the best bangs for the buck post

Visit AdultFriendFinder

What's Hot

  • Easy way to get laid
  • Profiles with bios and nudes
  • Very active and horny users

What's Not

  • Free members can only message gold members
  • $30 a month for a membership

#6 - Bedpage

Bedpage is a site that looks the same as backpage, but is pretty much all fake ads and posts.

It's almost worth checking out just to see how ridiculous the spam is.  If you can find an actual legit ad on the site I will buy you a beer.

Even in San Francisco, where backpage used to really shine, you'll just find the above fake listings.  Fake bedpage ads are easy to spot from a mile away, tons and tons of emojis.

I have a theory that the owners do not allow anyone to post real ads because they do not want to get in trouble with the law like did.  It also appears that ebackpage, yesbackpage, and ibackpage are all owned by the same person, since they all link to each other on their homepage.

Even though it's not a good alternative, we still include it as an honorable mention to

What's Hot

  • Looks like backpage

What's Not

  • Can't find escorts
  • All fake ads and spam

#7 - Slixa

Slixa has super hot escorts.  If you want to have one of the hottest nights of your life, Slixa delivers.

It's one of the pricier sites though, the 'VIP' section has ladies like Adahlia, who charge as much as $400 an hour.  Okay, that's not exactly like backpage, but it's still fun to browse and if you can afford it, more power to you.

There's also girls who aren't VIP.  They cost closer to backpage girl rates, and will be anywhere from $50 to $200 an hour.


What's Hot

  • Verified escorts
  • Detailed bios and pics
  • High end escorts

What's Not

  • High rates

#8 - Rubmaps

Did you ever use backpage to score some quick $30 blowjobs or handjobs?  Then rubmaps might be a good alternative for you.

It shows all the massage parlors that have 'happy endings'.  Each parlor shows the names of the masseuse (so you can ask for them) and the price they charged for an erotic massage.

You can then read other peoples' reviews to learn the details of what you can expect and how to navigate your way to getting jerked off.

The downside of is it does have a $20 monthly fee to see other reviews.  But you can still see all the parlor details and locations for free.


What's Hot

  • Cheap way to get off
  • Find massage parlors with happy endings
  • Coming feels awesome after a massage

What's Not

  • Not for escorts per say
  • $20 a month to see detailed reviews

#9 - EscortMonkey

Eroticmonkey has cheap escorts and hookers that always pick up the phone.  It's one of my favorite new sites like backpage.

Rates here will be as low as $50 an hour if you look hard enough, and even lower if you don't want penetration or just a quick hand job.  There's also expensive escorts too, but more like $200 expensive, not $1000+. 

On each girls' profile page you can see all their measurements and rates.  They also leave a hand written bio where they make their pitch on why you should fuck them over their competitors.

Erotic monkey also lets people leave and read reviews about each escort, but you have to be a premium member to see the reviews, which costs $30 a month.  I'd recommend skipping premium and using the free version, unless you are really curious what the reviews have to say.

Visit escortmonkey

What's Hot

  • Cheap rates
  • Lots of providers
  • Website hosted in Switzerland

What's Not

  • Costs $30 a month to view escorts' reviews

#10 - Ashley Madison

Ashley Madison is one of my favorite sites for finding horny women near me.  It's not an escort site per say, but designed for married people looking for casual sex and relationships.

Since not everyone is willing to date a married woman it can be easier to find sex here if you're okay with keeping their secret.  The site works by paying for credits, and then using the credits you can message people.  It's free to use the site if you only want to receive messages, so that's another way they help make the male female ratio balanced.

Visit Ashley Madison

What's Hot

  • Alternative for casual sex
  • Cheaper than escorts
  • Exciting to have sneak around
  • Some of the women can be rich or have nice houses

What's Not

  • Not as quick as escorts
  • More work required to get laid

Backpage Alternatives For Sex Workers And Escorts

It's no secret that sex workers and escorts have been hurt hard by the takedown.  We can still rely on on-going clients, but finding new ones is a challenge without a reliable platform.  We've all been scattered in every direction.

Some sites worth trying first are Switter, Tryst, and Slixa.  Switter is the sex worker equivalent of twitter and the site I use the most instead of backpage.  All the sex workers on twitter who have had their accounts banned and ghosted for no apparent reason, are now going to switter to advertise their services.  

Like all things in sex work, experimentation is key.  It might take a while to find a site that has the perfect clientele for you.

Backpage Replacements Going Forward

I used for almost 5 years before it went down.  The day it happened, I couldn't believe it.  Everyday I was googling at least 10 times to find a good replacement for backpage, but never found anything that was quite a good match. was a life saver for all of us.  It's a place where you could go to meet some beautiful and gorgeous women, that would help you get through even your darkest times.

Leila was a 28 year old stunner from, she was the most gorgeous woman I ever met, and had out-call rates of only $100 an hour.  I met with her every week and she lifted me up and made life great again.

Backpage provided a priceless service, and while we'll miss it, it's good to know sites like and other backpage replacements will help us fill the void.

Did you have a favorite new site on the list? Or do you know any other good sites we missed? Leave a comment below!

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