Jerkmate Games: Fun and Interactive Way to Enjoy Cam Shows

Jerkmate Games: Fun and Interactive Way to Enjoy Cam Shows

As the world of online adult entertainment evolves, Jerkmate games have become a fun way to interact with cam girls online. Sure, sex games have been around for a while, but usually, those are 3D animated porn games.  To be frank, animations don’t really hit the spot like real cam girls or porn stars, do […]

As the world of online adult entertainment evolves, Jerkmate games have become a fun way to interact with cam girls online.

Sure, sex games have been around for a while, but usually, those are 3D animated porn games. 

To be frank, animations don’t really hit the spot like real cam girls or porn stars, do they?

Jerkmate interactive games combine the best of porn videos and Jerkmates’ shows to create a porn game that suits any preference.

Today we explore the best porn games on Jerk Mate, from sex games with roleplay to “command and obey” Jerkmate games, to help you spice up your sexy self-care routine.

First Look At Jerkmate Games

Before we delve into the world of Jerkmate sex games, let’s take a look at what’s in store in our review of the best Jerkmate games online:

  • A brief guide to Jerk Mate porn games
  • Top Jerkmate interactive game categories
  • The most popular porn game on Jerk Mate: Command and Obey
  • Roleplay sex games
  • How to play porn games on Jerk Mate

Jerkmate Games: A Brief Guide To The Best Porn Games Online

Unlike other popular cam sites, Jerk Mate has always managed to stand out from the crowd—now with Jerkmate Games.

Specifically, these porn games include some of the most popular cam girls and cam boys on Jerk Mate. Not only that, but you can also indulge in sex games with popular porn stars.

Moreover, Jerkmate games are a state-of-the-art way to showcase both established and up-and-coming Jerkmates. 

But what makes these porn games so special? Well, let me show you.

Firstly, unlike other sex games online, there is the Jerkmate interactive game element. The interactive Jerkmate games’ interface allows you to enjoy a smooth experience on Jerk Mate, which keeps you enthralled by your monitor.

You can initially try out some of the Jerkmate games’ interactive features for free since you get some Jerk Mate Gold for free

After that, you have to purchase Gold Coins, which go for $1 per coin.

Next, there is the element of control within the Jerkmate games. 

The control panel on the Jerkmate game is full of body parts and actions. When you choose your favorite Jerkmates, you can immediately start playing and giving yourself a good time.

What I like about these types of sex games is that on top of providing you with a fun way to enjoy cam shows from your favorite Jerk Mate girls and boys, you improve your sexual health, too.

More specifically, porn games provide you with an opportunity to develop and explore your fantasies, which can inspire you during sexy times with your partner.

Not only that, but you and your partner can play the Jerkmate games together, as a sexy foreplay experience.

Specifically, this makes it easy for users to choose a fantasy for the Jerk Mate girl or male models to fulfill, or create a new spicy scenario that the Jerkmates can make a reality.

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Types of Jerkmate Games Available With Jerkmates

Under the Jerkmate game umbrella, there are two types of porn game categories available:

First, the “Command and Obey” Jerkmate game. It’s a point-and-click type of porn game where you have the option to choose from a myriad of porn stars like Amber Paige, cam girls, and male Jerkmates like Windom Gold.

Pick one of the commands from the Jerkmates’ control panels and then the cam girls or porn stars will obey your instructions.

Next up, there are the “Roleplay” Jerkmate games, where cam girls and other Jerkmates cosplay as popular characters. 

Similarly, as in the previous sex games, you can choose what the Jerkmates will do after deciding on the character type.  

However, if you are more inclined to play animated sex games, Jerk Mate has got you covered with free RPG games like Hentai Heroes and Comix Harem.

Jerkmate Game: “Command and Obey” Specs and Top Porn Game Girls

Within this porn game, you can pick from one of nine available Jerkmate game scenarios. 

To be specific, here are some of the commands you can give to the cam girls usually within the porn game: 

  • Whip
  • Spank
  • Play with vagina
  • Twerk
  • Squirt
  • Feet stuff
  • Dance
  • Play with boobs
  • Show off body parts, etc.

On the other hand, male Jerkmates on the porn game have the additional Jerkmate game options to show you a helicopter with their penis, flex their muscles, and even work their prostate on cam.

If you navigate to the Jerk Mate sex games site, you can find a mix of popular cam girls, male Jerkmates, and porn stars. Here, you get 30 gold coins for free, to spend on the sex games’ Jerkmate interactive control panel.

As mentioned in the section above in this Jerkmate games article, after you spend your coins you need to purchase coins—$1= 1 Jerkmate Gold coin.

Popular “Command and Obey” Models To Check Out

To start your Jerkmate game journey, here are the top Command and Obey models to have fun with on

  1. Amber Paige—When you’re itching for a tattooed teen to play with, this is among the best Jerkmate games you can try.

  2. April Olsen—One of the Jerkmate interactive games that love motorboating big knockers. If you’re a fan of porn games from Brazzers Girls, check out April.

  3. Tia Cyrus—This Jerkmate game is for you if you love a cutie with a bootie. This is one of the cam girls who loves bending over and being spanked.

  4. Selena Love—A porn game with an award-winning Gonzo girl, with a no-holds-barred approach. A great Jerkmate game for Latina lovers.

  5. Skylar Snow—If you want a Jerkmate game with an amateur girl-next-door type, check out Skylar. Her Jerkmate game involves spanking, kissing, and pie to finish.

  6. Katie Kush—Jerkmate interactive porn game with a popular MILF cam girl. She loves pleasing her fans and playing with her hands—hers is one of the sex games with no toys.

  7. Kylie Rocket—Among the best sex games for lovers of petite cam girls. This young-looking brunette cannot wait to take your commands and make them a reality.

  8. Alyx Star—This Jerkmate game is for those who appreciate big jiggling pectorals. She loves filming public scenes and her favorite part of the Jerkmate game is nipple play.

  9. Sabina Rouge—A porn game with one hot-blooded redhead who loves playing with big toys and doing lesbian scenes. Her Jerkmate interactive game will keep you coming back for more.

Keep in mind that the free coins you get to spend on the Jerkmate games don’t reset with each porn game.

So if you’re planning on playing the sex games only by using the free coins, make sure to use them strategically. Alternatively, you can add a payment method to your account so you can easily purchase Gold Coins.

“Roleplay” Jerkmate Games Specifics and Jerk Mate Role Options

Firstly, the Jerkmate games that involve roleplay on Jerk Mate do not involve as many models. It’s a new porn game on Jerk Mate, and you can expect to play the sex games only with Jewelz Blu.

Moreover, there are several Jerkmate games or cosplay plots that you can participate in during the porn game.

As with the other Jerkmate games, after you choose the porn star—in this case, the Jerkmate game scenario—you are met with various porn game options in the control panel. 

However, this porn game stands out for the additional options that come with each scenario

Here are the Jerkmate games’ characters that the porn star can cosplay in, along with the new commands:

College girl—One of the Jerkmate games where the additional options are lollipop licking, spanking with a ruler, bending over to pick up a pen, and teasing you about the Bell.

Elf Princess—The additional options for this porn game are: drinking a magic potion, BJ with a sword toy, making Ahegao faces, and Linx teasing.

Housewife—In this Jerkmate game scenario you get: teasing for a wedding ring, playing with a duster, doing a striptease, and tickling.

Gamer girls—Among the other porn game options in this porn game are: using a buttplug tail, playing with the controller, and taking off her shoes to surprise you.

Dominatrix—This is one of the kinkier Jerkmate games as you also get to spank with a crop and whip, tie up Jewels with rope and have her stop with her boots.

Doctor—Among the classic Jerkmate games, this roleplay includes: playing with the thermometer and stethoscope, using a cotton swab, and taking your blood pressure.

This is among the sex games where you can build a full scenario with the free porn game options—unless you want to pay for Jerkmate games.

Other Jerkmate Games Available on Jerk Mate

The Jerkmate games mentioned above all consist of scenarios with real cam girls and porn stars.

However, that isn’t to say that you can’t find animated porn games and porn comics.

Among the animated Jerkmate games is Comix Harem. It’s a free-to-play RPG porn game that in its essence is an interactive comic—hence the name.

In this superhero Jerkmate game you can play with your favorite superheroes, build a harem of heroines in the porn game, and even explore mini-sex games and help hot SuperHeroines combat evil.

This is one of the most addictive porn games on the internet where you can enjoy explicitly drawn Jerkmate interactive comic book characters.

Next on the list of Jerkmate interactive porn games is another one of the free RPG sex games, called Hentai Heroes. In this browser Jerkmate game, you can explore kinky stories with your favorite characters from comic books and popular games.

By joining the Hentai Heroes porn game, you get sent on a quest, in which you must use your charisma to charm your way into the hearts of the hottest girls.

To gain points and level up in this Jerkmate interactive game, you must defeat other porn game players and you can even compete in monthly events for new scenarios.

Last but not least, there are Jerkmates’ spin-the-wheel games. These work similarly to Jerkmate interactive sex games, except they can only be found during the cam girls’ live shows.

You spend Jerk Mate gold to spin the wheel, which is full of pre-set options that the cam girls must perform for their audience.

How To Play Jerkmate Games on Jerk Mate?

Playing Jerkmate games—be it the Jerkmate interactive roleplays or the “Command and Obey” porn game—is no rocket science.

To simplify the process of Jerkmate games, I’ll give you a little step-by-step guide to using Jerk Mate for porn games.

  1. Register on the Jerk Mate site to access all of the Jerkmates’ cam shows, along with the Jerkmate games and other Jerkmate interactive features. 
  2. Create a free account before you access the Jerkmate games, but if you plan on purchasing gold for the Jerkmate games, adding a payment method is a must.
  3. Navigate to the Jerk Mate sex games site, where you can find the Jerkmate interactive porn games showcased.
  4. If you opt for the Jerkmate game with roleplay, you need to choose one of the cosplay characters and scenarios before you’re presented with interactive options.
  5. For “Command and Obey” porn games, the process is similar. Before you play porn games, you need to pick the pornstars or cam performers you want to play with.
  6. Sort the porn games’ thumbnails alphabetically, from newest to oldest, and vice versa. The porn game stars’ genders are already pre-categorized by gender including male, female, couples, and trans stars.
  7. Moving forward, it’s the same as with the other Jerkmate games. After you pick the porn star you want to play your sex games with, you can start playing by choosing commands from the control panel.
  8. Do remember when playing games online to take frequent breaks to avoid the dangers of online gaming.

Find out more behind the scenes with Jerkmate.

Frequently Asked Questions About Jerkmate Games 

Can I Play Jerkmate Games for free on Jerk Mate?

Yes, you can play Jerkmate games for free on Jerk Mate, but to a limited extent.

For the “Command and Obey” porn game you get 30 Gold coins for free, to spend on the Jerkmate interactive commands. Keep in mind that some Jerk Mate actions cost more than others. 

For example, if you want the Jerkmates to spank themselves, you’d need to spend 5 Jerk Mate Gold Coins, but to have a porn star play with a toy—you might need to spend all 30 of your coins.

Do All Jerkmates Have a Jerkmate Interactive Porn Game Available?

No, unfortunately not all Jerkmates have a Jerkmate interactive porn game available at the moment.

Jerkmate games are a relatively newer addition to the Jerk Mate features. 

While there are plenty of established models you can play with within the “Command and Obey” porn game—not all Jerkmates have their own porn games.

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Why Is There Only One Model on the “Roleplay” Jerkmate Game?

There is only one model on the “Roleplay” Jerkmate game because this is the newest Jerkmate interactive porn game.

But thankfully, there are several role options within this Jerkmate game, so you still get to experience more than one roleplay scenario.

In contrast to the “Command and Obey” Jerkmate game, with each role you get new porn game options depending on the character in question.

Jerkmate Games: Evolving the Way You Experience Cam Girls

While cam shows are a great source for NSFW entertainment online, a Jerkmate game can be a novelty approach to adult fun.

If you are itching for a fix of your favorite Jerkmates, porn stars, or cam girls—but don’t want to watch porn videos online—the Jerkmate interactive sex games will hold you over.

They’re a fun and interactive way to enjoy cam shows, while also being pocket-friendly. 

Whether you want to experience different explicit porn game scenarios, or just want to command the attention of your favorite girls—you won’t go wrong with Jerkmate games.

On top of the Jerkmate interactive porn games, you can enjoy free RPG sex games like Hentai Heroes.

Rest assured, there is a Jerkmate game regardless of your preferences.

Have fun and enjoy your time on Jerk Mate!

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