Best Chat Lines With Free Chat Now for Adults

Best Chat Lines With Free Chat Now for Adults

You’d be forgiven for thinking that phone chat lines are a thing of the past due to cam sites becoming so popular.  But you will be glad to know that phone sex lines are making a massive comeback.  True, sex video chat may be the latest way to get your rocks off, but old schoolers […]

You’d be forgiven for thinking that phone chat lines are a thing of the past due to cam sites becoming so popular. 

But you will be glad to know that phone sex lines are making a massive comeback. 

True, sex video chat may be the latest way to get your rocks off, but old schoolers know that the best chat lines could never be replaced. 

The best chatline numbers are back in fashion!

We bring you everything you need to know about these phone chat lines which include a few awesome gay chat lines.

If you’re looking for chat line free numbers, you’ll find a few of those too.

Without further ado – let’s get “best chat line” rating. 

First Look – Best Chatline Free Numbers

Access the top chatline numbers right away by clicking here:

Top Chat Lines With Hot Adult Chat Trials, Reviewed

Our reviews cover the ins and outs of the hottest chatline free numbers, so you’ll know exactly what to choose:

1. Live Links (866-951-0726) – Best Chatline Overall


  • Easy payment methods
  • Many cities and regions covered in USA and Canada
  • Helpful guides and FAQs are listed on the website
  • Many singles online to meet


  • No professional phone sex line operators
  • Reports of underage users

Price Point: Depends on your region.

California, for example costs: 

  • 90 minutes $29.99
  • 60 Minutes $10.99 (first time purchase offer)
  • 10 minutes $4.99

Unlike traditional phone sex lines, Live Links link up ordinary singles with each other for phone sex chat. Users phone the chatline, listen to introductions from other users and pick who they would like to talk to. 

Voila. It is that easy. 

Don’t let the absence of professional phone sex operators fool you into thinking this is a teddy bear hotline for cutesy dating. Most of the users on Live Link are here for the dirty talk so expect a steamy session or two. 

Live Links is offered in English as well as Espanol so you can expect a thriving community of sexy Latinxs on the platform too. Live Links has been around since 1990 and it remains one of the best ways to meet other singles. For fun steamy stuff as well as romantic relations. 

To start your journey on the best chatline over all, click here

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2. Talk121 (866-838-5613) – Best Free Chatline Numbers for Group Chat


  • Free 30 minute trial
  • Free for women to use
  • Awesome group chat lines on offer
  • Interesting sex blog on their website
  • Helpful 24/7 support


  • Pricing is not easy to find on their website
  • Limited gay chat lines

Price Point: 

  • 30 minutes is $14.99
  • 105 minutes is $29.99
  • 215 minutes is $44.99

Talk121 is a fantastic free chat line (if you are a woman). That’s right, if you are a woman, Talk121 is a free chat line at your service to help hook you up with other singles in your area. 

There are many locations in their log book, so even if you live a little off the beaten track, you are bound to find someone to chat to. Men do get a taste of a free chat line, however. 

Single men qualify for 30 minutes free as a welcome offer

Talk121 is popular with the people who are looking for more serious relationships than steamy chats. That being said, users have been known to let loose a little. We especially love that Talk121 has group chat capabilities. 

To discover the best group phone chat lines, click here

3. Red Hot Dateline (855-382-1310) – Sophisticated Phone Chat Line


  • Known for being slightly more upmarket than most chatlines
  • 30 minute free trial
  • Many cities covered
  • Thousands of singles on the platform
  • Offline messaging possible


  • Reports that free trials sometimes don’t work
  • Few reports of being locked out of online web accounts

For a slightly more sophisticated phone chat line experience, you are going to need a Red Hot Dateline in your life. The smooth, elegant website sets the tone for the whole Red Hot Dateline experience. 

It’s one of the best chat lines for more than that, though.

New users can treat Red Hot Dateline as a free chat line service as they offer 30 minutes free chat time. The recorded messages are easy to flip through and we love that you can listen to, and send, offline messages. 

Red Hot Dateline covers many cities and outer lying areas so you are sure to find a single in your local region to chat to. The website is slick as can be and you can sign up for an online account which makes recharging your account super easy. 

For the most sophisticated phone chat line, click here.  

4. TangoPersonals (855-209-7872) – Best Free Chat Line For Women


  • Free for women
  • Free trial for men
  • Easy to use voicemail box
  • Ads are divided into categories
  • Warning system when you are about to run out of credits


  • Payment information difficult to find
  • No information on cities covered on the website

Price Point: Free for women. Men depends on the region.

  • On average around 60 minutes is $9.99

TangoPersonals is a great free chat line if you are a woman and they have very decent pricing if you are a man. It is a little difficult to tell what areas they cover as they are not listed on the website but they did accumulate over 200, 000 members within 14 months. 

The voicemail and connector service (like an online voicemail service that alerts you to new messages while you are chatting) are great additions to their chat line service. We especially love that you can choose different chat categories. 

Popular chat categories include casual dating, intimate chat and long-term dating. There are a few naughty categories thrown into the mix for those that want to be a little adventurous. TangoPersonals is a 24 hour phone chat line. 

Click here for the free chat line for women

5. FreeChatGirls (877-889-1209) – Best ChatLines for Phone Sex


  • Loads of steamy sex chat on offer
  • Caters to fetish and the kink community
  • Many different sex categories to choose from
  • Free trial on offer
  • Special category for phone sex virgins


  • Not for people looking for meaningful connections
  • No pricing information on their website

Price Point: Packages start at $4.99 for 10 minutes

If you are looking for long discussions about your future dreams and aspirations with a romantic interest, FreeChatGirls is not for you. FreeChatGirls is a no holds barred dirty talking steamy sex phone chat line that will set your temperatures soaring. 

The areas they cover are extensive and you are sure to find even the smallest of towns listed on their website as regions on offer. They have different categories to choose from but the most popular are their Asian and fetish categories. 

They also have a novel phone chat line for phone chat virgins. FreeChatGirls is one of the best chatline numbers to call for fantasy girls too. As the name states, it is the best free chat line for women and men get a free trial as a first time user. 

FreeChatGirls is one of the few free chatlines for women that offers women chatline free numbers. Sadly, men have to pay but there is a free trial offered for a limited time only. 

For the best chatline for phone sex, click here.  

6. TalkToMe (1-800-825-5866) – Best Chatline for Professional Phone Sex Operators


  • Thousands of professional phone sex operators
  • Each operator has an online profile 
  • Caters to may kinks and fetishes
  • Also has trans and gay chatlines 
  • Offers sex therapy session 


  • Some chat lines can be a little pricey
  • Not for people looking for compelling relationship connections

Price Point: Charged at dollar rates per minute. Priced from $1.15 per minute and goes up to $9.99 per minute

Enter the professionals. TalkToMe specializes in the very best chat line professionals the internet has to offer. There are many sex categories to choose from such as BDSM, FemDom, roleplay and BBW. Domination seems to be the most popular. 

We love that TalkToMe is also a trans and gay chat line with many listed profiles offering all your trans and gay fantasy chats you can think of. These professionals also offer sex chat and some even offer sex video chat. 

The sex video chat is on TalkToMeCams, an affiliate site but you can find the steamiest sex video chat the internet has to offer on there. Just to keep things real, TalkToMe also offers sex therapy chat sessions. You know… in case you ever need such a thing. 

For the best chatlines for professional phone sex operators, click here

7. Mega Mates (1-888-634-2628) – Best Gay Chatlines


  • Has many free features
  • Popular gay chat line
  • Extensive coverage throughout the US
  • Computerized matching system
  • Can send pre-paid priority messages


  • Reports of underage users

Price Point: 

  • 24 hours unlimited is $11.99
  • One week is unlimited $23.99
  • One month is $49.99

Mega Mates is one of the best chat lines, especially if you are a gay man or lesbian woman. They specialize in same sex chats although they do have a straight chat section too. We love that you can buy unlimited chat blocks for a day, week or month at a time. 

This makes phone chats very cost effective. So what can you expect? Well, Mega Mates is a bit of a mixed bag. 

While there are some people on the lines who are looking for something a little more compelling than a hookup or steamy phone chat session, it’s really all about the sex. That’s right. Mega Mates is home to dirty talking phone sex aficionados. 

There are reports of underage users though, so you need to be careful about who you are chatting to. 

Discover the best chatlines for gay or lesbian phone sex, click here

8. Masturline (1-800-750-7399) – Easy To Use Free Chatline For Women


  • Free for women
  • Easy and simple to setup and use
  • Many recorded greetings to browse through
  • 60 minute free trial for men


  • No payment information on the website
  • No coverage info on the site

Price Point: Free for women

  • 83 minutes is $25
  • 200 minutes for $50
  • 475 minutes is $95

Masturline is one of the most simple and easy to use phone sex line services out there. Their offering has no bells and whistles- just straight sexy chats between like-minded singles. 

They are very evasive about the areas they cover but all major metropolitan areas are there. 

It is one of the best free chat lines for women but men do need to pony up for the steamy chats. That being said, men do get a free 60 minute trial period to enjoy. There are many users on the site so you do not have to worry about never having anyone to talk to. 

Masturline is a well-known player in the phone sex chat universe and for good reason. They keep things uncomplicated and they have a great reputation for connecting singles for steamy chats and even romantic liaisons in person.  

To discover the best free chat line for women that is the easiest to use, click here

9. Lavalife (1-800-747-9022) – Best Adult Dating Phone Chat Line


  • Excellent for adult dating
  • Has a cool dating app
  • You can see online profiles
  • Intuitive matching system based on mutual interests
  • 7 day free trial


  • Not really for people looking for steamy sex chats
  • Somewhat lengthy signup process

Price Point: 

  • 1 month is $19.99
  • 3 months is $49.99
  • 6 months is $89.99

LavaLife needs no introduction. It is a hybrid online dating and phone chat service that connects like-minded singles to one another. LavaLife believes that the phone element makes for more compelling connections over online only connections. 

LavaLife is extremely popular, particularly with the older crowd who are looking for something a little more serious than casual hookups or steamy phone sex. They also have a great mobile app which works similarly to most traditional online dating apps. 

We like the marriage between traditional online dating and phone lines as it ramps up the “getting to know each other” phase and also weeds out the fakes and scammers. All in all, it isn’t hard to see why LavaLife has become so popular- it really is amazing. 

For the best adult dating phone chat line, click here

10. Nightline (1-877-834-4044) – Great Chatline With 60 Minutes Free Chat Now


  • Great mobile app
  • Unique categories including adventure dating
  • Extensive coverage around the US
  • Free for women
  • Men have a free trial


  • No cost information on their website
  • Not ideal for people looking for long-term relationships

Price Point: 

  • 20 minutes is $9.99
  • 160 minutes is $24.50
  • 420 minutes is $49.50

NightLine Chat is another great phone chat line that offers singles the chance to hook up with like-minded locals. The service has great coverage throughout the US and there are many dating categories to choose from. Including a special adventure dating category. 

The chat lines are free for women to use and men get a free trial period to scope out the potential. There is also a handy mobile app which introduces you to local singles too. NightLine is worth mentioning because the caliber of chat on offer is awesome. 

Just don’t expect it to be explicit orgies of dirty talking steam. NightLine is a mix of people looking to meet for casual hookups peppered with some people looking for something slightly more serious. 

For one more great phone chat line, click here

Best Chat Lines Runners Up 

  1. MetroVibe – 1-877-390 6677
  2. Night Connect – 1-888-490-0707
  3. Axxes – 1-877-610-3555
  4. The Night Exchange – 1-866-917-8328
  5. Talk Cafe – 1-800-912-8222
  6. Acme Chat – 1-800-411-7878
  7. Local Hot Chat – 1-310-746-2366
  8. Cheap Thrills – 1-877-456-2866
  9. Quest Chat – 1-866-736-4100
  10. Live Chat Lounge – 1-888-298-5533
  11. – 029-923-4794
  12. FunChat – 1-855-386-2428
  13. LiveMatch – 1-503-222-2428
  14. America’s Hottest Talk Line – 1-800-825-5548
  15. Telechat USA – Telechat USA
  16. Grapevine Personals – 1-877-242-8810

Best Chat Lines FAQs 

What are chatline numbers?

Chat line numbers are numbers that you can dial that connect you with other people exclusively for phone chat. They can be for long-term dating, casual hookups or online masturbation. 

Traditionally, phone chat lines were for phone sex with professional operators who specialize in the art of phone sex. In the early 90’s there was a phone sex chat line revolution and the phone lines opened up to include singles chatting to other singles. 

Do phone chat lines actually work?

Yes, phone chat lines actually work. Phone chat lines have been connecting singles with other singles or sex chat professionals for decades. 

Is it safe to use the best chat lines?

Yes, it is perfectly safe to use the best chat lines. Obviously you need to be careful and not give your personal information out to the person that you are chatting to. If you decide to meet in person, always meet in a public place for the first time.

What is the hottest chat line in America? 

LiveLinks is the hottest chat line in America. It has great coverage across the US, fantastic categories to choose from and it has the highest number of users of all the chat lines. 

>>Read here for the interesting history of phone sex

Can I use sex chat line for free? 

FreeChatGirs and TalkToMe offer free trials for men while women can use the chat lines for free. There are no completely free chatlines out there but luckily there are a few chatlines that offer chatline free numbers for a limited period only. 

Usually a free trial lasts for 60 minutes where you can get a feel for the chat line and afterwards, you need to purchase minutes to enjoy the features on offer. 

Can I ask the chat line operator for photos or to meet up?

No, you cannot ask the chat line operator for photos or to meet up. If you are talking to a professional, she or he is unlikely to be prepared to send photos or meet up. With other singles, the answer is a resounding yes. 

Can I bring up my fetishes to the chat line operator?

Yes, you can. Fetishes such as BBW, smoking, candle play and even adult nursing relationships are all well represented on different chat lines so feel free to chat about these topics in the appropriate categories.

Be mindful of whom you are talking to though. If the other person feels uncomfortable then it is best to avoid fetish discussions outside of the different chat categories. 

Are sex chats on a phone line cheaper than dating apps?

Yes, and no. It depends. If you want to spend hours talking online with multiple people then it may be cheaper to use a dating app. Having said that, you can also move your phone chat connection over to another messaging platform so perhaps it is cheaper via phones. 

The Best Chat Lines in Conclusion

There is something irresistible about a sexy voice and phone chat lines definitely have their place in the world of adult dating. Even if they seem a little old school. 

For one, they mitigate some of the risk of scamming that is so prevalent in online dating but it isn’t foolproof. 

We highly recommend LiveLinks overall. 

For chatline free numbers and free chatline services, we recommend FreeChatGirls but then again, if you are a guy, you may have to pony up the dosh. 

Whichever you choose, make sure to keep yourself safe and most important, have all the fun the old school world of dial in allows. 

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