Ashley Madison Reviews: An In Depth Overview

Ashley Madison Reviews: An In Depth Overview

Tired of lacklustre Ashley Madison reviews? We’re here to help. If cheating is so bad, why does it feel so good? And hey, who are we to judge you? Real Ashley Madison reviews are here to help you decide if life really is too short not to have an affair. I mean, let’s be serious… […]

Tired of lacklustre Ashley Madison reviews? We’re here to help.

If cheating is so bad, why does it feel so good? And hey, who are we to judge you? Real Ashley Madison reviews are here to help you decide if life really is too short not to have an affair.

I mean, let’s be serious…

Who here hasn’t heard about the extremely popular Ashley Madison dating app? Known for discreet relationships, this is the go-to online dating app if you’re looking for discreet side action.

>>Go Straight to Ashley Madison

But, you still may be wondering…

Is Ashley Madison legit? Let’s find out. Not only will we answer this question, we’ll also cover how the Ashley Madison dating app works, how to use it, and how it compares to other online dating sites.

Ashley Madison Review: First Thoughts

All Ashley Madison reviews come to the same conclusion – this is the best site for discreet affairs.

Privacy features ensure that you can have anonymous, discreet fun, and the billing is just as discreet and anonymous as the affairs.

You also have the option to share private photos only with users that share their private photos with you first.


  • More than 40 million members across the world
  • Discreet casual encounters with married people
  • Free for women
  • Privacy options for discreet anonymous profiles
  • User-friendly interface
  • Advanced features, such as sending virtual gifts
  • No ads
  • Browse profiles for free
  • Decent selection of profile filter options


  • Men need to pay for a premium membership
  • Some women are escorts
  • A bit pricier than other online dating sites


Ashley Madison dating app is entirely free for women, but there are some sweet deals for men too.

For example, once you buy a credit package, you’ll get to use Message Plus for free for 30 days. This gives you the ability to reply to messages regardless of how many credits you have.

Overall rating: 4.8 out of 5

While the Ashley Madison dating app is not great for finding serious long-term relationships, it is the perfect place for extramarital affairs.

Due to its popularity and privacy features, it gets 4.8/5 in this review (in fact, most Ashley Madison reviews give just as high a rating).

Why? Let’s find out.

Ashley Madison Review: A Candid Look at the Infamous Dating Site

Can you keep a secret? When you first enter this online dating app, you’re clearly encouraged to.

Affairs. Secrets. Discreet encounters. Naughty hookups.

All these things come to mind when you see the Ashley Madison dating app, but what’s it all about?

Ashley Madison Dating App: Basic info

It would be impossible to start an Ashley Madison review without wondering about the story behind it… Who was Ashley Madison, and what did she do?

Turns out, back in 2001 when this site first started, Ashley and Madison were among the most popular baby names in the US, so that’s how the infamous site got its name.

Infamous or famous? After 22 years in the industry of online dating, the Ashley Madison dating app is still incredibly popular.

With over 40 million people waiting for you on the best dating app for affairs, it’s tempting to join right away.

While writing this Ashley Madison review, it became clear very quickly that the site is transparent about what it’s all about. After all, It’s the first and best dating app for affairs, and there’s no sugarcoating it.

It clearly says on the site that monogamy goes hand in hand with monotony.

Will you find the love of your life on the Ashley Madison dating app? Probably not.

But will you have a fun time and enjoy stolen moments with someone other than your partner? Absolutely.

How? Keep reading this Ashley Madison review.

How Does the Ashley Madison Dating App Work?

So, you go to the website, and then what?

Finish reading this Ashley Madison dating site review before creating a profile, and you’ll know exactly what awaits you!

For starters, you should know that you’re joining a like-minded and discreet community, so no one’s judging you.

Privacy features along with the incognito mode ensure that your journey on the Ashley Madison dating app stays a secret.

Everyone gets to make a profile for free on Ashley Madison, but men will need to pay for a premium subscription to send messages to their matches. For women, the app is entirely free.

The great thing about affair dating on AM is that there are no annoying ads, and no limitations on how many profiles you can browse (something that’s common on other online dating sites).

As stated earlier in this Ashley Madison app review, using this site is a bit pricey if you’re a guy, but it’s totally worth it.

Register with the Ashley Madison Dating App

A lot of Ashley Madison dating app reviews are written by women. Why?

Well, as we’ve already covered, women can use this online dating app for free – yes, this includes unlimited messages.

If you’re a man looking for a woman, you will need to pay for a premium subscription to unlock all the features, but you can also create the account for free. So, let’s start with that.

When you click on “See your matches” you will be prompted to create a profile by providing some basic information about yourself.

Pro Tip: Pick a username that doesn’t reveal any personal information about you such as “Sunshine_Daydream”

You will need to confirm that you’ve read the terms, and we highly recommend that you do. Even though a lot of information is in the Ashley Madison reviews, there’s a useful FAQs page on the website under the Terms tab that can help answer any questions that you still might have after reading this.

Anyway, while you’re creating a profile, you’ll be asked to state your relationship status as well as what you hope to find on the Ashley Madison dating app.

Are you a single woman or an attached man? Looking for a fling or something long-term?

Be transparent about who you are and what you’re looking for and you’ll be more likely to find it!

Once you’ve created a profile, you’ll be asked for a “disguised photo”. Once uploaded, the site blurs out your face to maintain your anonymity (a feature that really impressed us while we were writing this Ashley Madison review).  

You can also create private photos, giving the ability to choose who gets access to your photos and who doesn’t.

>>Join Ashley Madison

Once these steps have been done, all that’s left is to write a short description about yourself  and you’re all set!

Is Ashley Madison Safe?

This site got so big that it actually got attacked by hackers back in 2015, but this only contributed to it becoming safer than ever now.

Many real Ashley Madison reviews speak positively about the privacy features and overall safety of using this app.

There are even some hints that help you stay safe in the online dating world, such as not sharing anything about you in your user name and using Incognito mode while you browse.

All in all, the Ashley Madison dating app cares about your safety and offers discreet billing methods.

What else does it have to offer?

Let’s jump to the part of the Ashley Madison review where we talk about features, and how they benefit you. You’ll learn more about privacy features too, so keep reading.

Ashley Madison Dating Review: Top Features & Tools

You already learned a lot in this Ashley Madison dating app review, but here’s where we’ll cover the most important features of the online dating site!

Privacy Features

Ashley Madison advises you to create a new email just for this site and to avoid sharing any personal info, especially when creating the user name. This site also offers discreet billing and blurs your photo unless you give users permission to use it.

It provides 24/7 support in case you encounter any privacy issues and it takes precautions to prevent safety breaches.

Filter options

You can search for matches based on what kind of relationship they’re in or what kind of arrangement they’re after. You can also search by age or location.

Additionally, you can filter users by body type, ethnicity, height, and what kind of affair they’re after. You can filter them based on private and public photos.

Priority man

There are a lot of men on AM, and if you want to stand out, you’ll need more than a hot photo and a snappy description.

That is where the Priority man feature comes – this lets you boost your profile to be seen by more members.

You’ll need to buy credits, and use them to pay for this feature, but it’s definitely worth the trouble (something that became evident while writing this Ashley Madison review).

Priority mail

Not only can you boost your profile, AM also lets you boost your messages! Priority Mail means that your message will show up at the top of the user’s inbox.

Again, you will need to pay extra for this feature, but it’s well-worth it if you’re serious about finding a low-key affair.

Message plus

Yes, you need to purchase credits to use some of the features on the Ashley Madison dating app. However, there is a silver lining…

Any time you buy a credit package you also get Message Plus for free. This means that you can reply to messages without paying anything, a perk that lasts for 30 days.

The “Viewed me” Section

Another feature that Ashley Madison reviews often touch on is the “Viewed Me” section.

Obviously, this lets you see who viewed your profile, and it’s a good way to find matches who didn’t send a message or a wink.

Interestingly, the Ashley Madison dating app lets you see who’s ‘viewed you’ for free (meaning you don’t need to purchase a credit pack to see who’s interested in you).

Incognito Mode

The Ashley Madison dating app recommends you use Incognito mode when browsing their site.

Don’t forget to also delete your cookies and catch, and no one will know that you’ve been looking for discreet affairs on one of the most popular online dating sites.

How does the incognito mode work?

When engaged, your profile won’t show up in search results (one of the most useful features we came across while writing this Ashley Madison review).

Private Photo Album

As you already learned from our Ashley Madison reviews, there are private photo album features that enable users to see your photos only with your permission.

Your photo will be blurred, but you can also choose that your private photos get shared automatically with users who share their private photos with you first.

Ashley Madison Mobile App

Unlike most Ashley Madison reviews out there, we felt it was necessary to cover the dating site’s mobile app.

Not only does it offer everything you’ll find on the desktop version of the site, but there are no ads!

Secondly, the mobile app offers a few extra features when it comes to safely looking for affairs.

The icon of the mobile app is a simple black background with one tiny white line near the bottom of it. This is designed to be discreet, but if it’s not secretive enough for you, no worries!

You can change the app icon so that it looks like an icon for a shopping app or a video game. Obviously, the Ashley Madison dating app doesn’t want you to get caught cheating!

>>Sign-up with Ashley Madison

The Ashley Madison dating app also includes one more special feature – the panic button. This little tool lets you exit the online dating app ASAP when you’re in a pickle.

There’s no reason not to install the Ashley Madison dating app on your phone when you know that you can easily disguise the app to look like a different one, and exit it quickly when you’re being watched.

Ashley Madison Review: Membership Options

If you’re a guy, you’ll be especially interested in this part of the Ashley Madison reviews – the costs of membership options. So, here it is:

Basic Plan

Enter the world of online dating for the small price of $59. Once you’ve clicked on “Buy Now” it’s simple and fast to subscribe to a Basic Plan – guess what – you’ll be rewarded with 100 free credits on your first purchase!

The site even supports several payment options, including PayPal if you don’t want to use your credit card.

Classic Plan

The most popular membership is the Classic Plan for $169, which is $0.34 per credit for 500 credits.

Besides paying with a credit card or PayPal, Ashley Madison lets you choose the option of a check being sent by mail.

Elite Plan

If you’d like the most credit that you can get in a membership plan, choose the Elite Plan. For $289 you get 1000 credits, which is $0.29 per credit.

Again, you can pay by credit card, mail, or PayPal.

How Do You Use Credit on Ashley Madison?

AS mentioned above in this Ashley Madison review, guys need credits to send messages. Messaging a woman will cost you 8 credits while you can use Priority Mail for 13 credits and have your message at the top of the user’s inbox.

Every time you send a message, credits will be instantly deducted from your credit balance.

Real Ashley Madison Reviews

Still not sure if Ashley Madison dating app is the right app for you?

Well, let’s see what some existing and past users of this app have to say. Here are some Ashley Madison reviews that users wrote on TrustPilot:

As you can see, there were some bad Ashley Madison reviews since it has a low rating, but we wanted to see what people liked about this site.

Turns out, Ashley Madison reviews compliment the excellent customer service and how efficient the site is for women.

Some Ashley Madison reviews also point out that you can find a great lover on this site even if you’re a mature person – meaning the Ashley Madison dating app is for everyone!

>>Find an Affair on Ashley Madison

Is Ashley Madison Legit?

Yes, Ashley Madison is legit. It’s the best online dating app for affairs.

A lot of people ask ‘is Ashley Madison legit’ because it seems too good to be true. However, Ashley Madison reviews prove that this is a genuine site for discreet extramarital affairs.

So, yes, you can find a lover on Ashley Madison and no one will ever know about it.

Hey, what happens on Ashley Madison, stays on Ashley Madison.

Ashley Madison Alternatives

Unlike other Ashley Madison reviews, we thought it necessary to briefly cover some alternatives.

Not only does this give you more options, but it’ll make it easier to decide if Ashley Madison is the right online dating site for you.

So, let’s continue this Ashley Madison review by looking at four solid alternatives.

Adult Friend Finder

After something casual, but not particularly interested in extramarital affairs? Head to AdultFriendFinder – one of the best dating apps for casual encounters.

“Hey, I want to have sex with you tonight and never see you again. Are you in?”

Don’t be surprised if you receive a message like this. You will need to pay, however, if you wish to respond..

Luckily, a 12 month AFF subscription is affordable and comes with tons of excellent perks.

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While you can use it for extramarital affairs, if affairs are what you’re looking for, Ashley Madison dating app is a better choice.

On the flip side, if you just want some short-term fun with other single people, AFF might be the best app for you.


  • 80 million open-minded users
  • Singles looking for casual sex only
  • Kink-friendly, welcomes all fetishes
  • Live sex cam girls and adult chat rooms


  • Some fake profiles
  • Limited features in the free version


  • $24.95/month (1-month subscription)
  • $19.95/month (6-month subscription)
  • $14.95/month (12-month subscription)

>>Find Casual Hookups on Adult Friend Finder used to be a sugar dating site. In recent years, however, it’s pivoted to an elite and luxury dating site.

With over 40 million users across 130 countries, is a great alternative to the Ashley Madison dating app if secret or casual sex is what you’re after. offers ID verification and background checks, which ensures your safety while using this site.

While there are some inactive and fake profiles, the over quality (appearance wise) of Seeking members is higher than what you’ll find on other dating sites.


  • Community of over 40 million users
  • Users from 130 different countries
  • ID verification and background checks
  • In-app gift store
  • Lots of attractive members


  • Some fake profiles
  • They don’t remove inactive profiles


  • $109/month (1-month subscription)
  • $96.66/month (3-month subscription)
  • $274.99/month (Diamond Subscription)

>>Test Out the Luxury Dating Scene at

Secret Benefits

This site deserves its rightful place in Ashley Madison reviews as a great alternative to AM because it’s just as discreet, if not more.

Billing is done discreetly, and you can browse profiles anonymously. Just like at the Ashley Madison dating app, this site is free for women, while men need to pay for membership.

So, you may be wondering, what’s the secret benefit this site’s talking about?

What makes this website stand out is that it’s meant for sugary relationships between sugar daddies and sugar babies.

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Why is this relevant?

A lot of sugar daddies are married men looking for affairs, so this makes Sweet Benefits similar to Ashley Madison. However, some daddies are still single and there’s a financial aspect to the relationship which you won’t find so easily on AM.


  • Discreet billing
  • Browse profiles anonymously
  • Decent guy/girl ratio
  • Decent selection of verified accounts


  • Not as popular as AM
  • Most members are into sugar dating


This site doesn’t use monthly subscriptions. Instead, you buy credits that you can use to pay for different features on a per-need basis.

  • $59 – 100 credits
  • $169 – 500 credits
  • $289 – 1000 credits

>>Find Your Next Discreet Affair on Secret Benefits


Does all of this sound too specific to you? Maybe you’re not looking for an extramarital affair or a sugar daddy/baby…

Why not stick with the good old Tinder? This app is widely known as a quick way to hook up with other singles, and it’s just as popular for flings as Ashley Madison is popular for affairs.

With over 75 million active users, Tinder has always been a popular choice, even despite a few well-known scams such as the Tinder Swindler.

This is a free app that you can use if you’re just starting your journey in the online dating world, since it’s great to get you used to how these things work.

However, you will get much more value if you pay to unlock additional features when you use Tinder. If you’re looking for an affair, you better stick to Ashley Madison, but if you just want to see whether you can get another person to jump into bed with you, Tinder will assist you.


  • More than 75 million active users
  • Extremely popular free dating app
  • Available all around the globe
  • Video chat feature


  • Much more men than women
  • Some fake profiles
  • Some scammers


  • $7.99/month (1-month subscription)
  • $4/month (6-month subscription)
  • $2.67/month (12-month subscription)

>>Connect With Local Singles on Tinder

Ashley Madison Reviews FAQs

Now that we’ve looked at some alternatives, let’s continue our Ashley Madisonr review by covering some of the most frequently asked questions people have about the Ashley Madison dating app.

Do You Have To Be Married to Use Ashley Madison?

No, you don’t have to be married to use Ashley Madison. However, you’re supposed to state your relationship status when creating a profile (it can be anything from attached to single).

Nevertheless, Ashley Madison is the go-to place for married people looking for affairs, so it’s safe to assume that you’ll find a lot of married people there.

What does Ashley Madison show up as on Credit Card?

Your credit card statement will never show the full name of the site, so don’t worry – won’t see see something like “Ashley Madison”.

Instead, credit card statements will show the letters “AMDA” and a series of numbers. AMDA is short for Ashley Madison, but, odds are, your partner is not going to know that.

What Does the Ashley Madison App Look Like on Your Phone?

Ashley Madison dating app has a black icon with a single small white line near the bottom. However, you can change the icon to make it look like a different kind of app, such as a fitness app or an online video game.

Don’t forget about the panic button too, because it lets you leave the app so fast that your secret will stay safe.

What is Message Plus on Ashley Madison?

When you purchase a credit package you get rewarded with a Message Plus package which you can use in the next 30 days. It allows you to respond to messages without using your credits, and regardless of how many credits you have.

Where is Ashley Madison most popular?

Ashley Madison is most popular in the United States, with 59.88% of users living somewhere in the US. However, it is also available in many other countries of the world, and many users are from Canada, Brazil, and the United Kingdom.

Can I find an affair on Ashley Madison?

Yes, you can find an affair on Ashley Madison  (as shown by the real Ashley Madison reviews detailed above). Many of the Ashley Madison dating site reviews were written by users who successfully had an affair thanks to AM.

Is Ashley Madison Free?

Yes, Ashley Madison dating app is free for women. Men, on the other hand, can create an account for free but need to pay for a membership to use all the features of this app.

Is Ashley Madison Worth it?

Yes, Ashley Madison is most definitely worth it if you’re looking to have an extramarital affair. You have nothing to lose if you try to create an account and see what’s out there.

However, whether AM is the best online dating app for you highly depends on your needs and preferences.

If you are looking for a short fling, but not an affair, you might be better off on Adult Friend Finder.

If you’re looking for other singles and possibly even something long-term, try out

On the other hand, if what you crave is a sugary relationship, Secret Benefits is exactly what you’re looking for.

If you’re just looking for an ordinary dating app that can lead you to a quick hookup, stick to the good old Tinder.

Still interested in having extramarital affairs? Stick to Ashley Madison, the most popular, best dating app for affairs backed up by many Ashley Madison dating app reviews.

How does messaging on Ashley Madison Work?

Messaging on Ashley Madison is just as simple as on any other dating site. What makes it a bit different is that women can message men for free, while men will need to use credits to message women.

You get free credits when you pay for a Basic Plan, Classic Plan, or Elite Plan that were described earlier in this Ashley Madison review.

So, in the end, what do we think about Ashley Madison?

Ashley Madison Review: Final Verdict

Every Ashley Madison review ends the same way – by concluding that, while this site might not be the best dating site out there, it is the best dating site for affairs.

The fact that AM is entirely free for women leads to a balanced gender ratio. So, while there are, like on all of these sites, more men than women, the number of active male and female users is always approximately the same.

With special privacy features to protect your secret, this site is your ally when you want to have an affair.

Is it the best idea in the world to cheat on your partner? Probably not.

But will it make you feel more alive than ever? It probably will.

Ashley Madison’s slogan says “Life is short. Have an affair.”

It gets you thinking… Will you miss out on a lot of fun if you don’t use an opportunity to cheat?

Who knows…

What I know is that writing this Ashley Madison review definitely got me to sign up and start seeing what’s out there, even though I’m in a committed relationship.

Hey, I’m taken, not dead.

And there seems to be plenty of fish in the sea, even for those of us who already got a ring on a finger. Good to know.

Will I use this chance to have a sweet secret affair? I don’t know, but I definitely can, and knowing that feels good.

An opportunity definitely showed itself in a few messages, so you are likely to find an affair partner soon after creating the profile.

Join Ashley Madison if you want a little something on the side to break the monotony because the effectiveness of this site is backed up by every thorough Ashley Madison dating site review.

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