Huntsville Sex Guide: A Conservative Strip Club Haven with the Best Southern Hospitality

February 7, 2020/ Tony

Huntsville, Alabama, a sleepy, close-knit town where everyone knows everyone. Therefore, having sex echoes throughout the entire community. Listen up!

Our USA Huntsville Sex Guide will cover internet dating websites to find some local Huntsville sex, adult drive-thru sex toy adult stores, and even gay clubs that are going against the grain. Step into our world and learn what the Huntsville scene is all about... 

Huntsville, Alabama City Information

Shh. Listen. Do you hear those squeaky sounds coming from this sleepy town? What could it be? Snores? Whores? Blowjobs? Moans? Sounds more like some beds squeaking to me. Boredom tends to produce some unique sounds.

Located 20 miles south of the Tennessee border with a population of approximately 200,000, Huntsville got woken up by the sounds of a NASA space ship taking off in the 1960s during the United States Space Race against Russia. Now, this city is rocketing towards the future with ultimate financial success thanks to Fortune 500 companies, biotechnology institutes, engineering companies, missile development and military defense at the helm.

Defense is not only important in the Alabama government, but also on an industrial, spiritual, and culture scale. People have a lot to protect here...

Warning: Pack up your dick and tuck it away around public servants in Alabama! It's illegal to trade money for sex anywhere in the state. This ain't Nevada. Therefore, there are no brothels, red light districts, and a limited amount of hoe strolls in Huntsville. Once residents complain about prostitution in a certain area, the cops put feet, belts, and boots to the ground and start banging that pavement.

Another thing you need to know is that the age of consent in Alabama is 16 and older, but stay respectful to yourself and stick to 18-year-old women.

Internet Escort Sex

Let's face the facts, the internet runs our lives. Without it, many of us feel empty, panicky, full of anxiety - especially in a place like Huntsville. There is not much to do except fuck! The beauty of the internet gives you exactly what you want.

If you want a non-smoker to date for the evening then you can find that person on Adult Friend Finder. How about some Ebony and Ivory action? Check out Bang Locals. Spicy Latinas might be on your plate tonight. Free Hookup Search is your place to be. There are so many nice southern women to meet on these dating sites. Some are paid site and others are free. Click the underlined name to get redirected to the website.

  • Adult Friend Finder - One of the largest dating websites in the world, find an adult friend in  Huntsville for a taste of some pretty glazed poon-tang.
  • Bang Locals - Huntsville locals are waiting for you to bang their backs out.
  • Be Naughty - Get naughty, be naughty, and stay naughty with a Huntsville local waiting for your cock penetration.
  • Free Hookup Search - Never worry about paying for a sex membership again because this site is free.
  • Ashley Madison - Married man? Married woman? Want some raw sex without all the married shit? Ashley Madison is your Huntsville hookup spot!

Huntsville Escorts

Since this is a small city with a rural feel, Huntsville Escorts might be hard to come by. That is why the aforementioned internet websites exist.

Upon searching some of these sites, you will meet a lot of milf escorts with hanging breast full of titty milk and some women who clearly ate too much buttermilk cornbread while growing up.Thickness for days...but there is no judgment here - just judge for yourself:

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Huntsville Hoe Strolls

Hoe strolls are at a minimum in Huntsville, so make sure to gas up your tank on 'F' because you will do a lot of driving. Most street prostitutes in Huntsville are drug addicts looking to get their next hit. They make it pretty obvious by the way they stroll down the street.

  • Prices

Streetwalkers charge between $20 to $50 for a handjob or blowjob. Expect to pay $40 and higher just for sex.

The Wiki USA Sex Guide says that the streetwalkers frequent Hall Street, Old Mill,  and Bob Wallace Ave. 

We found that Drake Ave SW near Newson, Triana up to Patton Road are areas where you can find some hookers.

Huntsville Strip Clubs

The Dirty Down South is representin' the right way, baby! There are so many strip clubs in Huntsville, but let's narrow this list down the good ones.  

  • Pony Bama  - 5 stages and 5 bars with 80 performers doing acrobatic gymnastics 7 days week. Come watch the game on the weekend while getting a lapdance. Titties, ass, and sports? What more can a man ask for?
  • The Cherry - Great food, great drinks, great sports, and great dances. WHAT MORE CAN A MAN ASK FOR?

Adult Sex Shop: Drive-Thru Sex Toys in the Bible Belt

Let's say you failed miserably trying to get some free or paid sex this evening. Well, there might be a practical alternative for you that requires a tool. That tool is a dildo or a fake pussy.

Visit Pleasures Romance Boutique for a luxurious adult sex toy store experience that resembles a nightclub. Moreover, they have a drive-thru where you can pick up your sex toy and get home quickly.

The catch?

Sex toys are technically illegal in Alabama, but this store is challenging that status quo. So, you would need to fill out a form stating that you are using this sex toy for medical purposes (crazy, right?) if you are an Alabama resident to get one.


You can find a nice handful of swingers in Huntsville. Didn't know it was so many freaky people in the area! and SDC are always good places to search through.

The Wiki USA Sex Guide says that Encounters of Huntsville and Fantasies Social has swingers. We found a @AlabamaSwingers group on Twitter. These are just a few places to start searching.

Huntsville Gay & Lesbian Dating

Gays and lesbians are far in between in a city like this. There are laws on the books in the state of Alabama that all homosexual sexual contact is illegal. So, your free gay sex would be similar to a drug deal. Do it in secret.

Alabama has even stopped giving out gay marriage licenses in December 2018. They ain't playin'! Remember, this is a conservative city. All the gay bars such as Convergent and Deja Vieux are permanently closed. I guess the state won that battle.

Huntsville Shemales

Look, man. You will not find any trannies or shemales walking down the streets of Huntsville. Won't happen. Huntsville is in the Bible Belt and you know the bible is vocal about homosexuality. Therefore, you better take your sweet ass to West Hollywood or San Francisco, California if you want to feel welcomed.

But we have found a couple of hidden gems with local Huntsville transexuals and shemales. They are TSDates and TS4Rent.

Final Word - Safety in Huntsville

Although finding someone to date for sex is a bit harder in Huntsville than other cities, this 'people scarcity' is what make the city safe. There are a few bad areas but the city overall is generally cool. There were 28 murders in 2018. Majority of the crime is drug related or domestic issues.

It's very important to know that anywhere you find drugs you will find crime, so be careful dealing with druggie hookers and prostitutes because just being around them can create hostile situations.

Areas that are considered bad are west of University Drive and anywhere in North Huntsville.

We hope you fuck some Huntsville hookers in peace while you skeet. 

Before becoming a full-time writer, he was a hardcore porn watcher spending 12-hour days surfing xxx adult websites for 20 years. He has witnessed the drastic change of internet porn over the years and is your guide to the past present and future of the adult industry.