Getting Laid in New York City: Casual Encounters and Personals Hookup Sites in NYC

February 7, 2020/ Tony

Welcome to one of the most densely populated, bustling, hustling, crazy, insane-in-the-membrane cities in the world - New York City. Flare your nostrils and smell that aromatic energy that expresses life to the fullest in the air tonight, as you listen to the standstill traffic filled with bubble-style yellow cabs bonking their horns like crazy and feel claustrophobic with the crazy amount of people walking on the streets.

The Big Apple is waiting for you to take a bite of her and meet people from all walks of life. If you ain't talking about money then you ain't talking about honey in New York City. Everywhere you look is all about business - even when it comes to sex. Find out where to get laid tonight in New York City.

Adult Friend Finder is the perfect place to find her. Whom; you might ask? Your next lovey-dovey sex buddy for a one night stand. There are thousands upon thousands of singles from all walks of life from borough to borough in New York City. You will undoubtedly find a compatible match through Adult Friend Finder that uses a high-tech system giving you the power to pick out certain characteristics and physical assets to pull up the person of your dreams. Once you gather a nice nest egg of potential pussies to pound or dicks to gobble (for women), pull out your plumbing tool and lay the pipe after sending sexy messages to a prospect on Adult Friend Finder.

Lo and behold, a New York City fetish website with a lot of kinksters. BDSM is alive and well in the City that Never Sleeps, where people are either having hardcore sex or beating their meats, and this alternative lifestyle is accepted so much as a norm that even celebrities who live here practice it on a daily basis. I could name so many of them.

New York City is one of those cities at the forefront for shifting the attitudes about alternative sex lifestyles around the world. Therefore, you will find BDSM participants wandering everywhere in the city looking for a date. You are a long way from home, Dorothy, traveling from Uptown to downtown - this is not the Bible Belt or a conservative country town - this is New York, baby - not a make-believe fairy tale land.

Piggybacking off the last website in this list is This is a full-blown alternative lifestyles website that differs from BDSM in major ways. Keep in mind that New York City was the home of $0.50 peep shows and getting oral sex in the back of movie theaters in the late hours.

I know you have heard the phrase that you can find anything in New York and this especially rings true when it comes to finding people into the alternative fetishes. Sometimes you might even see these people walking around! Just go to Central Park or Midtown and you'll see some of them.

If you are involved in an alternative lifestyle, you best believe there is someone in the city searching for you. New York is a conglomerate of alternative universes colliding together as one. Have you met your Doppelganger yet? Check out to find alternative singles in your area.

Strap on your thinking cap for a moment and imagine you are working in the Financial District where Wallstreet is the name and stock trading is the game. You're a successful man with a wife and kids and you don't want to mess that up, but you still have a hankering for some young trim rubbing up and down your lips.

How can you creep safely? You might ask. Have no fear because Ashley Madison is here. No, not in the flesh. She's not a real person. She is not your personal assistant who you probably bang in an office building next to the One Trade Center (yeah, we know your secrets), but just the name of the website where married men or women can find someone to engage with their infidelity escapades.

Take your new date on a night on the town across the Brooklyn for some cheesecake or Uptown to Harlem for some specialized pizza. Mmhhhmmm.

Get comfortable in your own skin and Be Naughty tonight with whoever you want. Never leave home without this handy-dandy iPhone and Android compatible app because Be Naughty is a top hookup site for casual encounters and personal hookups. Search directly for the people you are attracted to without all the bullshit questionnaires other sites will ask to get you pigeonholed into a paid membership. Be Naughty is super easy to use and people are joining every single day. Find sexy singles New Yorkers by clicking the link below!

If you're like me, then you love the sound of the word 'free'. Who wants to always pay for shit? Especially paying for a membership on a hookup website just to get laid. We're all about getting paid AND getting laid, not the opposite.

Free Hookup Search allows you to search for the same people who are on other adult sites without paying all the exorbitant fees. Of course, you will run into some crazies since it is a free site, but hey you take a chance with everything else anyway.

Save your gas or cab money or train fare. We want instant shit, no waiting. I don't even like to watch porn videos for more than 3 minutes without getting bored.

The website Bang Locals allows you to find locals very close to your borough. You might match with someone down the street or across the Brooklyn Bridge. Search for NYC locals by zip code or neighborhood names.

Why get laid by someone on the other side of the globe that you met in a random chatroom when you could just Bang Locals. 

Trans App (Gay New York Sex)

As the old saying goes, there is someone out there for everyone. Therefore, gays, transsexuals, pansexuals, bisexuals, homosexuals - whatever type of sexual you are is irrelevant because you, my friend, is not left out of the fold.

Same-sex marriage is legal in New York City and the Trans app is great for hooking and getting laid for some gay sex. If you have been in New York long enough then you know gays everywhere and they are even from all walks of life. But the entire conglomerate comes together with the Trans App.

Final Word

Let me prepare my Jerry Springer Final Word speech...

Although getting some New York sex seems difficult to accomplish because everyone is always moving 24/7, understand that people get a chance to slow down at times and engage in their intrinsic, hedonistic behaviors. And that is hot, steamy sex. Find cooperative singles for all walks of life using the sites I just listed. Keep these rules in your head when getting sex in New York:

  • Stab Cautious
  • Stay Stern
  • Stay Real
  • Stay Optimal
  • Stay Smart
  • Most important, Stay You and Stay Getting Laid

Thank you for reading this article. I hope you get some great sex in New York City!

Before becoming a full-time writer, he was a hardcore porn watcher spending 12-hour days surfing xxx adult websites for 20 years. He has witnessed the drastic change of internet porn over the years and is your guide to the past present and future of the adult industry.