11 Best Adult Chatlines To Call: Free Phone Sex Lines

  • March 21, 2024
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I have personally called these highly-addictive adult chat partylines for almost 20 years and concluded that you should only use them for what they’re worth – phone sex.

Let’s break open this naughty treasure chest of the top chat line numbers for hot phone sex on those lonely nights.


Red Hot DatelineFree Hot Phone Line for Horny Chatting

Highlights & Features
  • SSL encryption purchase protections
  • Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, American Express, Western Union to pay for extra minutes
  • Discreet charges that only show the company's name
  • Separate toll-free phone number for support assistance
  • List of Safety Tips
  • Loyal member benefits

Entering in first place is RedHot Dateline with a toll-free 1-800 number for you to call people across the country.

Type in your zip code to generate a local party line phone number. You better have an ink pen handy to jot down your mailbox number.

  • How Does the Website Work?

Record a message to fish out 1-on-1 sex conversations with a companion 24-7. It’s free for women to call and only charges the men.

Unlimited horny phone chat packages are between 45 minutes for $25 to 600 minutes for $150.

  • My Personal Experience with Free Hotline Sex

When I called I heard a message about paying with a credit card or charging the minutes to my phone bill after the 30 minutes free chat trial has expired.

There were only about 15 women online in my particular area and more in the surrounding suburbs and nearby states.

I came across messages from an older lady looking for an older guy, a woman wanting a long-term relationship, and a person who is obviously a tranny who wanted a threesome with her boyfriend.

You better have your gaydar fully operational on here!

Good thing about this site is that these are real people reflective of the demographic in your local area.

RedHot Dateline covers the USA and Canada, but the free trial is only for one phone number in one city. Go to the ‘Something Hotter’ section for the classic free phone sex that you yearn for without much prodding, which seems like a requirement in today’s world. Who wants to sit there and persuade someone all night to have phone sex?

  • Local phone number generator
  • No automatic money deductions
  • Safer environment
  • Automatic payment renewal
  • Annoying popup messages about your location
  • Expensive; 60 minutes for $30, 40 minutes for only $10 for the first-time purchase, and 10 minutes for about $5
  • No ads
Our Rating of Red Hot Dateline

Nite FlirtBest Phone Sex Hot Line

Highlights & Features
  • Women, Men, and Transgender PSOs (Phone Sex Operators)
  • Home Alone, Phone with Cam, Kinky, BDSM subcategories
  • 3-minute free hot phone sex trial
  • Search feature
  • English, Spanish

Flirting is a natural behavior that many humans subconsciously do and Nite Flirt allows you to touch that intrinsic part of your brain.

Pick up the phone and flirt with women and/or men using the interactive services of a company providing over 15 years of phone sex and text chat line duties.

  • What’s On the Profiles?

You will find photos of each person along with an extension that connects directly to them, and a 5-star rating system with written reviews from horny users about their freephone sex experiences.

Here some searchable keywords to find a particular PSO:

  • Race play
  • Sissy
  • BDSM
  • Feet
  • Booty worship
  • Cuckold
  • BBC
  • Dom
  • Busty
  • Barbie
  • Sex
  • BBW

Most PSOs charge around $1.79 to about $3.00 per minute of talk time, and less than a dollar for each text message sent.


  • Deposit XXX Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual Phone Chat Money


Depositing money became a herculean task for me because my PayPal debit card rejected the transaction. The PayPal rep asked me to answer an identity-verifying question before attempting the transaction again.

Eventually, I discovered that this website is flagged by PayPal for potential fraudulent charging practices. I guess Nite Flirt lets you talk up all the minutes and then hijack the money that you cannot get back.

  • I Knew Someone Who Worked On Nite Flirt

I knew a guy from North Carolina who said he would have guys send pizzas to his home from Nite Flirt. I responded, “guys?” He confirmed this and his response was he puts them on mute while they moan. Crazy ass shit!

  • Real recent reviews on each profile
  • Rapid SSL protection
  • Caller's phone number is private
  • Abundance of PSOs
  • No way to tell if pics are real
  • Potential fraudulent charging practices
  • Need credit card just to sign up for the free 3-minute adult phonesex trial
  • No customer support
  • PSOs can mute you
  • Short free trial for sex talk
Our Rating of Nite Flirt

LiveLinksToll Free Live Line with Free Phone Personals

Highlights & Features
  • Local and national toll-free numbers that you can call straight from the website
  • 2-day free trial requiring a special passcode
  • Phone numbers for thousands of cities
  • Western Union, credit and debit card, PayPal, check in the mail - can check balance and minutes online
  • Customer concerns assistance 24-7
  • Blog about phone etiquette and freaky phone sex tips
  • Men, Women and English, Spanish users
  • Keypad Tips
  • Messages reflect your local demographics
  • $5 for 10 minutes, $10 for 60 minutes, $30 for 120 minutes

Many people are familiar with LiveLinks because of those commercials that would pop on TV late at night with toll-free local numbers.

A relatively newer live chat forum born in 2005 by Teligence, LiveLinks host a fiesta of American and Canadian dating lines in over 1000 cities.

Seems like a different quality of people call these telephone date lines throughout the day for erotic chat because of the respect factor and the rules against promoting illegal activities during the call.

  • How Was My Call?

There were an older woman and a Puerto Rican chick on there in my area. The Puerto Rican chick wanted to exchange numbers with me so badly to the point it became almost scary. Oooooh-h-h. So, I would assume that getting phone sex should be as easy as getting a phone number.

  • Simple website
  • Inappropriate things get banned
  • Best value for the minutes
  • Mostly dating phone lines, not really for phone sex
  • Saves all your data
  • Untrustworthy billing process
  • Many bad stories from users meeting crazy people
  • Rude reps
Our Rating of LiveLinks

MegaMatesBest Value for Dirty Talk & Phone Masturbation

Highlights & Features
  • Most famous straight and gay chat line with free features
  • Matchmaking system with an 8-question quiz about how you look and personality traits
  • Unlimited chat and messages for a price, but has some free parts
  • Scan mode in the first 3 seconds
  • Western Union, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover to pay $12 for 24 hours up to $50 for 1 month for minutes
  • Available for callers in over 75 cities

MegaMates would broadcast commercials at 2am showing the easy to remember phone number: 1-888-MegaMates.

They provide local and national toll-free numbers that have thousands of callers waiting to talk to you.

  • My MegaMates Call

I noticed that the introduction message was pretty harmonious that you can hum along. The system generates a mailbox automatically, so find an ink pen to jot down that number and a 4-digit pin before you call.

The matchmaking system asks questions that you can answer using your keypad. If your introduction message is short they will force you to re-record it. So, you need to have a long detailed message that is loud and clear enough for people to hear. All these dammed rules!

No one is live on MegaMates. You have to leave a message for a person and the system will contact them by calling (if they selected that option).

  • Easy to remember phone number
  • Good amount of minutes for the price offered
  • Too much effort to sign up for MegaMates
  • If you lose the mailbox number you can't get it back
  • Press 2 to disable notifications because Megamates will call your phone number when you get a message
  • Crazy people on there, just have phone sex and get the hell on
  • Redundant prompts in the beginning
Our Rating of MegaMates

1-800-PhoneSexLargest Real Free Phone Sex Number Worldwide

Highlights & Features
  • 24-7 free phone sex line
  • Tens of thousands of people follow 1-800-PhoneSex on social media
  • Hot and fun phone sex website for men and women
  • $3 connection fee as a pre-charge each time you call; $1.89 per minute after
  • Transcripts of real calls to get a feel for how phone sex is supposed to go
  • Visa, MasterCard, American Express is required for purchasing additional minutes

1-800-PhoneSex hosted their own TV commercials and provided a setting for Brazzers to perform some scenes in their office.

The women are in all shapes and sizes on 1-800-Phone Sex for free, such as Blondes, Brunettes, MILF, teens, Latina, Black, Trans, Domination and more.

  • A verbal collage of sexy women introducing the adult chat line when you first make a call
  • Specifically made for phone sex
  • Professional and engaging phone calls - PSOs know what to say and how to say it
  • No pricing fluctuation - only one price for the phone sex minutes
  • Couples can come here and feel accepted
  • Only 5 free minutes for 1 on 1 calls
  • Always asking for the credit card number
  • Expensive; some women charge $2.99 per minute for free phonesex com chat
  • Will still get billed if the credit card does not accept the charge
  • List of photos are likely not of the PSOs
  • Substitute phone numbers for alternative fetishes
  • Does not take PayPal
Our Rating of 1-800-PhoneSex

MasturlineHottest Local Singles Dateline

Highlights & Features
  • Toll free 800 number line
  • 5 free minutes trial
  • Tips and Advice for creating the perfect greetings
  • Introduction greeting moderator review and approval process

This chat line trial site is only for those who want to masturbate with someone over the phone.

There was a cool tune at the beginning of the call, but I had to run and get a pen to write down the details of my mailbox. One thing I didn’t like is the amount of minutes they give for free and the constant updates about how many minutes you got left, which takes up time.

Wait, is that Keisha!? I ran into the exact same message on Megamates or Vibeline earlier. Recycled message from other chatlines, eh?

  • Professional phone sex services
  • All the women talk about is sex
  • Short-term free trial
  • Only one girl in my city
  • Shows up as UPS when you call using Google Voice
  • No one is pre-screened before calling
  • Website needs an upgrade/update because the tabs do not redirect to their pages
Our Rating of Masturline

Talk 121Phone Sex Number Call Girls

Highlights & Features
  • 509 area code shows the company is in Spokane, Washington
  • Men, women
  • 25-minute free trial
  • Live messages or stories (need membership to listen to the stories) from women or men
  • Women can call for free
  • Local and national numbers
  • Blog about phone sex, sex, and masturbation

Owned by Telemainia, this professional chat and fuck website was also in those late-night television commercials but for some reason, I cannot find a lot of reviews, except of the people who worked there – which are mostly positive.

There is no sexy music, nor sexy talk from the narrator when calling. This new, totally free horny phone sex website is all about the money and getting to the point.

Check this out. I heard this message on Talk121. I can’t make this shit up, “My mom just left for work and I got a dildo.” Sorry young lady, but you have bigger issues to deal with than trying to have some phone sex!

  • Simple automatic greeting without pressing a button
  • Real women who want hardcore phone sex
  • More women than expected on this line and they are freaky
  • Lacking cool music or sexy narrative voice
  • Limited Main Menu features
  • Took a long time to get a private message; probably because there are so many men who found women to mutually masturbate with them
Our Rating of Talk 121

Why Use These Paid Sites and Chatlines?

I have called the free partylines for half of my life and one thing I learned is that the paid sites (for both men and women) have better people. When a person pays money, they usually have a lot more sense.

Why Use The Free Adult Phone Sex Lines?

Because you have unlimited phone sex without interruptions or paying a cent. There are risks, however, such as male pranksters pretending to be girls and dropping the bombshell like, “I’m a dude!”

Adult Chatline & Phone Sex Safety

Never meet anyone from these chat lines in real life. Trust me on this. I have met women who stolen from me, threatened to kill me and my family, and took things out of my home without permission. From my research, this criminal behavior is completely normal on public partylines. Understand, there is something artificial about meeting a person from a partyline that makes them devalue the people they meet.

Honorable Mentions: Black Phone Chat Lines & Latin Sex Lines


A popular live fuck chatline for Latinos and Latinas who speak English and Spanish. Many commercials were featured on Univision advertising this phone sex line that came into existence in the 1990s. Comes with free 30 minutes trial and extra minutes that cost $4.99 for 10 minutes, $9.99 for 60 minutes, and $29.99 for 120 minutes.


An absolutely free ebony telephone sex partyline with no charges, but you need to avoid going in the live rooms because they are flooded with screaming idiots, loud rap music, and static. CB, which is choice 3, is where you can get phone sex but stay careful of those male pranksters and transsexuals. However, if you find a real woman who is into long phone sex sessions without spending a dime, then consider yourself lucky my friend.

Many reviewers and users say that there are downtrodden people, the worst of the worst,  hanging out on the free partylines. People like thieves, drug dealers, addicts, gang bangers, racists, rapists, prostitutes, and even serial killers.


Vibeline is a Teligence ebony chat partyline prodigy from the 1990s that has classic basic features like blocking callers, checking locations, sending and listening to messages and more. There is a 30-minute free trial for men and they can pay for more minutes with a debit/credit card, PayPal, and even Bitcoin. Women can call for free. Prices are $5 for 10 minutes, $10 for 60 minutes, and $30 for 90 minutes.

I heard a weird message on Vibeline at 2am of what sounded to be a woman who said she is at a hotel and the address is down the street from my home. She continues to talk about how she wants to get raped and have a baby.

Free Online Chat Numbers for Men & Women Verdict

Phone sex lines were a thing in the 1990s and exploded in the 2000s and still holds their ground today. Some people have a fetish for talking to someone mysterious who they don’t know.

Many of these numbers have free trials and other partylines are completely free – but there are risks. There are lines for all demographic of people to find and enjoy some hot and steamy phone sex.

You shouldn’t meet someone and just stick with the phone sex. Stay caution of the men if you are a man, and if you are a woman then you have so many men to have fone sex.

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Before becoming a full-time writer, he was a hardcore porn watcher spending 12-hour days surfing xxx adult websites for 20 years. He has witnessed the drastic change of internet porn over the years and is your guide to the past present and future of the adult industry.

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