Chaturbate Review

October 2, 2018/ thepleasureseeker

Chaturbate is one of my favorite sex cam sites.  It has more users, so the women are more attractive and it's generally cheaper if you do feel like shelling out tokens for a private show.

In this review I'm going to be covering the basics of Chaturbate, how it compares to other cam sites, how tokens work, the best Chaturbate models, and where you can watch some Chaturbate recordings if you feel like it.

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Review of the Best Chaturbate Models

One of my favorite things about trying a new cam site is the new ​​​​girls.  It's tough for cam girls to work on different sites, so each cam site has a different landscape of tits and vaginas.  Some sites might have more European cam girls for example.

Here are the usernames of some of the hottest cam girls on chaturbate:

  • Siswet19
  • Caylin
  • ChronicLove
  • Brooke_Synn
  • Kaci Kash
  • AmyValentine
  • Chrissy LeBlanc
  • Donna Raynes
  • Newchloe18
  • SexxyLorry
  • Hot_princess_21

Chaturbate Tokens & Private Shows

Tokens let you tip models during their live shows and get your own private shows.  If you like control, private shows are awesome because you can tell the model exactly what you want her to do.  Make her play with her tits, make her deep-throat her boyfriend or a dildo until she gags.  Your imagination can run wild.  Most cam girls will also moan your name while they masturbate--nothing is hotter.

The more in demand the performer, the more tokens they charge for private shows.  The cheapest will cost you 6 tokens per minute which is the equivalent of 47 cents per minute and $28 hour, but it depends on the amount of tokens you buy (I assumed 1000 tokens were bought for this estimate). Private show tiers range from level 1 to level 6, with level 6 performers being the most in demand (level 6 are generally the most attractive and give the best shows)

What is the value of chaturbate tokens

Token Value and Cost

  • 100 tokens for $10.99
  • 200 tokens for $20.99
  • 400 tokens for $39.99
  • 550 tokens for $49.99
  • 750 tokens for $62.99
  • 1000 tokens for $79.99
  • 1255 tokens for $99.99
  • 2025 tokens for $159.99

Private Show Tiers and Rates

  • Level 1 performer - 6 tokens per minute, 47 cents per minute, $28 per hour
  • Level 2 performer - 12 tokens per minute, 94 cents per minute, $56 per hour
  • Level 3 performer - 18 tokens per minute, $1.41 per minute, $84 per hour
  • Level 4 performer - 30 tokens per minute, $2.35 per minute, $141 per hour
  • Level 5 performer - 60 tokens per minute, $4.70 per minute, $282 per hour
  • Level 6 performer - 90 tokens per minute, $7.05 per minute, $423 per hour

Chaturbate only pays the cam stars 50% of tokens they get tipped.  As their level increases they only take 40%, giving 60% to the performer, but the performers still need to pay taxes on this amount.

Should You Upgrade Your Chaturbate Account?

In addition to tokens Chaturbate also has an account upgrade you can get for $20 per month.  The main idea is that you support Chaturbate's 'mission' as they call it, and has a few small perks.

The upgrade removes ads, making the site a bit easier on the eyes.  You can also customize the colors of the interface and chat.

But what is Chaturbate private messaging you ask? This let's you message other people in the chatroom or the models in a new and separate chat box.  The normal cost of this is 1 token, so you can feel more liberal with your PMing after upgrading.

In general though, i'd just save your money for tokens, unless you really hate ads, this isn't that great an upgrade.

Chaturbate Fan Clubs

Level 6 cam girls also have their own fan clubs that you can join.  This has a bunch of different perks that each model sets for their club.  In Brooke_synn's club you get access to her private snapchat, 25% off the cost of getting her do to things for tips, and free tickets to shows that cost money.

Chaturbate Recordings

If you have a favorite Chaturbate model you're going to want to watch all her past shows, not just the new ones.  That's where Chaturbate recordings come in.  You can stay in and watch a Chaturbate marathon of your favorite stars, all for free.

  • pornhub chaturbate section
  • xHamster chaturbate section

The best shot of finding your cam girl or guy is with pornhub.  Just search for chaturbate + the star's name and hopefully someone has uploaded some of their shows.  The more famous they are the more likely they will have recordings on these sites.