Top Live Jasmine Cam Girls – 9 Hottest LJ Models

  • May 20, 2021
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Live Jasmin, oh where are you! Let me holla at cha’, baby. Oh my bad, you’re right here in my face in the form of multiple bitches for my viewing pleasures.

Knee-deep in my porn watching adventures in the early 2000’s, a website would constantly pop up in my feed when I clicked on a porn video. hat site was LiveJasmine. For the longest, I thought Jasmin was her name until I noticed she changed her looks all the damn time. One day she would be Latina, another day White, and another day Ebony. Eventually, I would sign up to see those hot webcam girls closer.

So without further ado; I have devised a list of the hottest top LiveJasmin cam girls for you. Check out the Hottest Cam Girls List if you want to see the top ones across all adult cam websites.



About AmorousJoulie

I have to say AmorousHoulie is a very sexy woman. I can imagine having a sensual kiss with her. Wait, let me stop right here. We don’t kiss or love these whores; there’s no telling where her mouth’s been!

But AmorousJoulie has a near perfect body with almost an hour-glass shape made for cam to cam professional modeling. One thing I can say about her is that she appreciates a generous man. So, you know what that means. Calling all tricks! Dig in your pockets past the lint and give your hard-earned cash to this bitch. As this ex-convict once told me one time, “you gotta give some ass to take some ass.” I never talked to him again.

AmorousJoulie gives more ass than enough in her online member chats. She does dildos and anal sex solo shows with live orgasms. She was born in 1992 in Romania, has brown eyes and blonde hair. She has over 1000 likes on Live Jasmin.



About Karinass
  • Does a lot of up-close POV shots
  • Speaks English, French, and Italian
  • Ranked 3rd place on Livejasmin
  • Uses vibrators and BDSM roleplay items like paddles and whips

Are you buttman? Aye, aye, Captain; we are butt pirates (for women, obviously) ’round here. Some men are breast men and some men are Men in Ass (like Men in Black) men. If you are an ass man then you will enjoy this ass woman who bears it all. One thing you can count on from Karinass is her showing that beautiful round ass bending over like a full moon. Activate wolf howls.

What sets her ass apart from the other asses I have seen on the internet is that her ass is soft and smooth like a silk shirt. I’m sure your hand would just slide right off of her booty from touching it because of all that oil. She has like the perfect booty that she really takes care of.

What’s even better is that her ass is tight and slim. It’s not a badonkadonk like what you see in music videos nor a flat pancake at IHOP neither. Her ass looks good in whatever she is wearing like thongs, skin-tight jeans, lingerie, leather, pantyhose, yoga pants, and fitness gear – you name it. Ass worshipers can practice their religion here because she loves bending over and spanking that ass for you.

Karinass was born in 1991 and lives in the United States. She has over a 12,000+ rating on Live Jasmin proving that her modeling time is paying off.



About SexySweetMasha
  • Her videos are found on a lot of porn sites
  • Sweet and sexy snack

Are you ready for a set of bitches that offer two times a charm? SexySweetMasha has a twin doing her own thing named Natsya and just as sexy. No, you silly perverts she doesn’t do any twincest adult camgirl lesbian sex scenes with her sister you incestuous motherfuckers. Many of us like it straight, normal but also raw and Masha is that hot blue-eye blonde-hair beauty with a lot of sex appeal that you should have on your computer screens.

She is into fetish stuff and has a lot of fun with her live cam show. You can tell she loves life. She should since making all this money from camgirl modeling online. Playing with toys is a little kid thing, but with Masha it’s a bit girl thing when she plays with buttplugs and vibrators. Another thing, she likes a lot of anal action and fingering herself like she’s erasing the wrong answer on an exam. For the right amount of money, she will do your online webcam mistress.

SexySweet Masha was born January 1, 1996, in Kiev, Ukraine. She has 6000+ ratings on Live Jasmine showing that a lot of people love her. Some of her live cam sessions are 30 minutes long.



About AngelKiuty
  • Speaks English and Spanish
  • 32,000 followers on Twitter

AngelKiuty is an innocent looking girl but she is far from that. Ever seen a large cucumber? You normally need to chop it up and put it in your softie salad or sum shit. Ever seen a cucumber inserted inside an asshole? Check out AngelKiuty’s live stream and you will see exactly that. Fuck being nominated at the 34th AVN Awards in 2017 for the Best Webcam Model, she needs to win that shit!

While you’re at it, enjoy that tattoo over her left ass cheek under that free-flowing blonde hair. She might do the costume strip tease grinding up and own a pole, anal fisting, dildo sucking, and vegetable insertion.

AngelKiuty was born in 1995 in Colombia but now lives in Switzerland. Her eyes are green and hair is brown. She has a large following on Twitter and 2500+ rating on LiveJasmin.



About AylinDesireX
  • Athletic body

Oh wow, look at that tanned body and those perky breasts. Very succulent and fuckulent. As prankster, Ed Bassmaster would say, “Just look at her. Don’t do anything, just look at her.” No wonder Aylin has made the top 100 famous webcam girl model list.

AylinDesireX is a charming babe who does a lot of nude dancing. Fuck going to a strip club on Saturday night, when you can attend her solo show. She doesn’t do any lesbian shit or even hardcore stuff (bummer), but she seems very happy with her profession and carries a positive attitude which could take her a long way to becoming a famous cam girl if she sticks with the Jasmen empire.

AylinDesireX was born in 1993 and lives in the United States. She only has a 353 rating on LiveJasmin but can earn more money in the future.



About EmmaCrox
  • Does not have a strong social media account presence
  • Speaks English and Spanish

You don’t need to go to South America to see some sexy Latina coochie. Emma Crox gives you what you want north of the border right here on; Ass and Tittiesville, USA.

She has that caliente hot Latina booty that does some twerking every now and again waiting for a douse your of Tostitos chunky salsa. You might see a bit of premium vagina action and striptease stuff that goes along with the palette.

Tasty EmmaCrox was born in Medellin, Colombia. She has hazel eyes and brown hair and her tits look like B-cups. She has a rating of 622 on LiveJasmin. Sign up to keep track of her.



About JuliaHayes90
  • Loves cats and dogs
  • Has a law degree
  • Drives a Mercedes
  • Speaks French, Spanish, and English

JuliaHayes90 takes her act a bit further than some of the other webcam model reviews in the list. She likes playing with herself A LOT so be prepared to get your lotion, Chinese food, cigarette, and condoms (wait, who uses condoms for a masturbation session? Well, come to think about it, some guys – virgins – do!).

She might start a public or private show with some striptease dancing. Ok, get that lame shit outta here and bring on the real shit! Next, she might start fingering her pussyhole and then migrate the asshole and colonize the pleasure centers that make men go crazy. If you’re lucky then you might see some anal fisting, squirting, and cumming. Of course, you can get this without any hiccups by requesting a private show.

JuliaHayes90 is an entertaining broadcast-yourself adult cam model with a law degree, which means she is capable of having an intelligent conversation, which is scarce in other webcam whores. She drives a Mercedes Benz and has a love for dogs. She was born in 1994 in Dolj, Romanian but somehow found her way to Miami, FL. She has nice brown colored eyes, black hair, and most importantly 38C tits. Her cam score ranking is 2500+.



About AdrennaLyne
  • Bisexual
  • Smokes

AdrennaLyne is a very cute girl but seems a bit goofy, but the goofy, dorky, and nerdy ones are normally the freakiest ones, am I right? I say this because of her use of cartoonish filters on her social media pages and her presence on video roleplay game simulator sites. I’m into games like that, but let’s be real; that is some nerdy shit. Anyway.

Adrenna considers herself adrenaline junkie who loves doing-off-the wall stuff. A huge turn on is her playing games and she does that a lot on her live streams. She might play truth or dares, so make sure to dare her to a lot of shit. The other games she plays will put that tongue ring to work. She does striptease stuff, sucks on dildos, and does anal action to have live orgasms.

Some websites claim she weighs 40 pounds but I think that’s going overboard. She’s very slim but I don’t think she is 40 pounds, maybe 80 lbs.

AdrennaLyne was 1992 in Ukraine but resides in France. She has black eye color and blonde hair. She also has a 2000+ likes rating on LiveJasmin.

Before becoming a full-time writer, he was a hardcore porn watcher spending 12-hour days surfing xxx adult websites for 20 years. He has witnessed the drastic change of internet porn over the years and is your guide to the past present and future of the adult industry.

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