Jerkmate Review: Top Cam Site Changing The Game for Solo Play

If you’ve had to go incognito on your browser, then you’ve probably bumped into the mother of all cam sites – Jerkmate. Our Jerkmate review answers if this is indeed the best cam site for solo play or not.

Not only is it equally useful as a sex chat and cam site to find a Jerk Mate, but it also claims you’ll never jerk off alone again. 

So, I decided I’d be the judge of that. 

If you’re still wondering, “Is Jerkmate legit?” or ”Is Jerkmate any good?” – I went on a Jerkmate review mission to see if Jerkmate is the same trusted jerk-off buddy it claims to be. 

I even purchased the Gold Club subscription, so I can attest to its premium guns, and boy, do I have news for you.

My Jerkmate review over the past couple of weeks was well worth the bucks.

Here’s all the scoop and 411 from my journey and other Jerkmate reviews for all the horny homebodies out there.

Without further ado, let’s get this webcam party started!

First Thoughts About Pros

  • High-quality video chat
  • Hot models offer free shows
  • Allows couple and group calls
  • Caters to most kinks
  • Gold Club subscription unlocks exclusive content
  • Open to the LGBTQ+ community
  • AI tests to customize your experience Cons

  • The gifts option is a slightly costly venture
  • Private chat rooms can be hard to find
  • Limited language options

Overall Rating: 4.8/5 

Jerkmate gets straight to business and performs so well on merit, deserving of a solid 4.8 out of 5 rating score. 

First, the homepage is so easy to navigate. Also, Jerkmate’s diverse members and roster of cam models lived up to word on the street – 100 percent stunning. 

This is where it gets interesting.

I’ve never seen an adult site, let alone a cam site, with star-studded roleplay games. The same that so many Jerkmate reviews rave about. 

The quality of their video features…don’t even get me started. The cam shows, and chat rooms I interacted with during my Jerkmate review were simply superb. 

Every interaction I made was satisfactory; it kinda made me feel right at home.

Premium features on this cam site are genuinely great as it is now, especially with all the cam-2-cam shows with professional cam models who live for the cam life.

Behold, Jerkmate’s highs and lows, in a nutshell. As for the latter, well, they pale in comparison to all the benefits Jerkmate offers us as viewers.

Extra Treats and Promotions

  • 1 Gold = $1 
  • Add a payment option for Premium Access
  • Use Gold for extra explicit adult content 
  • Unlock cam-2-cam feature 
  • Free trial for sex games and roleplays
  • Variety of NSFW cams for everyone
  • Join special themed online events 

Jerkmate Review: My First Jerk Mate Dip

Do you know how sexting on an average cam site can get boring and repetitive? 

But if you take the word of multiple Jerkmate reviews, is no average cam site.

For the busy single person who doesn’t always have time to mingle and hook up, a cam site like is the safest, most accessible way to find a jerk mate and beat one off together.

An opportunity to test Jerkmate’s waters came when I started this Jerkmate review. 

It’s an innovative shift from the typical cam-2-cam sites where you’re matched with jerkmates randomly. 

Here, the kind of cam models you want to interact with entirely depends on your tastes. You have thousands of amateur cam girls, and your choices also include professional models.

Best believe it.

That’s why I had to give this Jerkmate review a go and managed to delve much, much deeper than many Jerkmate reviews I had interacted with before.  

I entered the site URL, hit enter, and as they say – the rest is history. 

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1. Creating a Jerkmate Account

From what I had gathered on other Jerkmate reviews prior to mine, I was not disappointed. The Jerkmates I find on the homepage have a whole other vibe. 

Before I even got to create an account for the Jerkmate review, I was welcomed by sultry thumbnails of the sexy cam models sitting pretty on the homepage. 

So I did what anyone in my position would; scrolled down the infinity feed a little further, and guess what?

There were more jerkmates where they came from! 

An endless sea of feisty cam models, to be precise.

If I still needed convincing about the high number of active cam models on, my doubts were quickly dispensed as I noticed most were online.

I was tempted to initiate contact with a jerk mate right off the bat, but there was a catch…

Making an account is a must to get the most out of the cam shows. I could feel the yellow “Free Account” button calling to me from the top of the page. 

Once again, I took the bait.

Signing up was easier than I expected for a premier cam site like Jerkmate, so I started by providing my email (a burner one, to stay lowkey), then a nickname, and a password. 

The last step was filling in some details about the kind of cam models that would interest me (nothing to do with big assets, by the by).

Before completing my profile on this cam site, I was reassured that my information would not be shared with third parties because that would need my consent.

How thoughtful.

2. Premium Experience – What It Looks Like

With the formalities out of the way, I could now get into the Jerkmates feast, but there was one final step – premium activation.

To link up virtually with a jerk mate on one-on-one live cams, I decided to commit myself and purchase the full Jerkmate experience. 

While picking out my preferred payment option, Jerkmate was kind enough to highlight the treats I was going to expect on the premium side.

Not going to lie. It made me feel VIP.

Jerkmate reviews appreciate how affordable the Jerkmate premium is. Jerkmate Gold – the cam site’s official currency is valued at 1 Gold for $1.

How much Gold you choose to buy entirely depends on the weight of your pockets, so no pressure there, buddy.

Since I was on a Jerkmate review mission, I bought a considerable amount of Gold because the more, the merrier. 

To top it off, Jerkmate offered me several payment options that I was comfortable with:

  • Credit/debit card
  • Paysafe card
  • Bank transfers
  • PayPal

I chose the debit option as I found it the most convenient. 

Plus, I loved that looks out for its international jerkmates to make secure payments via PayPal for non-dollar transactions.

Within 5 minutes of signing up, I was ready to be introduced to a jerk mate. 

3. Bring on the Heat – Finding Hot Jerkmates

With a secure foothold on my Jerkmate review, my Jerk mate choices were endless. 

Jerky, my AI jerk mate finder, already wanted to know if I preferred a male, female, couple, or trans jerk mate. 

I decided to pass and start my Jerkmate review by checking out Jerky’s priority suggestions for jerkmates based on the interests I highlighted in my profile.

The Jerkmate reviews I previously read did not prepare me for the pleasant sights.

You can enjoy a variety of live cam models suggested on the homepage from 20-something-year-old stunners to 50+-year-old cougars. 

That was without scratching the list of categories.

From that first glance, I could tell all Jerkmates had something unique to offer, so I dipped my toe in Jerkmate’s infinity pool of cam models to find cam shows that satisfy my religious tastes. 

Excited, I first clicked into 20-year-old Valery Smith’s cam show, expecting the basic configuration, but I was met with so much more. 

My Jerkmate review revealed that cam models on Jerkmate have profiles with the model’s essential information, a detailed appearance description, turn-ons, and expertise. 

That just made me crave the sight of her in full-fledged action.

Moving on swiftly…

For the sake of this Jerkmate review, I decided to try the “Give Gold” button to tip and request activities from my new jerk mate that I enjoy viewing.

My tip was not in vain.

In two weeks, I found a handful of cam models that I regularly consulted for my self-care sessions – if you know what I mean. 

Sometimes, I was disappointed that my Jerkmates weren’t live when I got online, but that was momentary.

I soon discovered that some cam models, like Valery, have a gallery of pre-recorded videos and hot photos at the bottom of their page for loyal fans to keep up with even when streaming hours are passed.

On the other hand, there was the option to join Valery’s fan club and get notifications whenever she’s online, and for her scheduled shows, so I never miss a beat.

All in all, I never ran out of jerkmates to click. 

4. Cam and Chat Categories (The Good, The Bad, and The Sexy)

Jerkmate didn’t come to play around. 

Its categories for jerkmates are as extensive as any top cam site out there. 

I was already amazed when I thought the sidebar to the left side of the screen had all the categories available to me, but as it turns out, there was aSee Alloption. 

I took it ASAP.

This led me to an alphabetized page of all the male, female, trans, and couples categories on Jerkmate. Spoiled for choice, I couldn’t make up my mind over big buns, thick thighs, or both.

It was a bit overwhelming scrolling through the long list of potential jerkmates, but I eventually found new kinks I never even thought existed. 

Now, I’m not into some of these kinks, but I found some of the most obscure categories for anyone interested, like emo, footjob, pegging, sucks, and wicked (whatever that means). 

Wickedly exciting! Right, mate?

This was easier than randomly clicking on cam models and hoping for the best.

5. Jerkmate Selections (Buffet of Lewd Delights)

Jerkmate’s most prominent cam site feature – public cam shows – is generally a one-way stream from the model to the audience, which is what I mostly did.

On top of that, I highly recommend a dose of the highly satisfying private cams for a more personalized experience with your jerk mate. 

Finding a jerk mate you vibe with might take a while, but once you do, that big pink “Go Private” button becomes a frequent destination. 

But that’s not the end of your options.

Alternatively, I also got to request the private cam-to-cam streams charged between $1/minute and $5/minute, depending on the model.

If not for this and other Jerkmate reviews, it would never have crossed my mind how much fun can go down on a webcam, and I only regret not knowing sooner. 

Did I mention you can control the cam model’s vibrators by tipping extra? 

Yeah, it’s as fun as it sounds.

As a pastime for when I can’t afford the pricey privates, I opted for the Gold shows, where everyone in the chat chips in to fill the model’s tip jar.

The room goes wild when the cam model gets fired up, treating us to a show for the books. 

6. Extra Hot Jerkmate Features

With the main features out of the way, it’s about time I unveiled the treasures I discovered while compiling my Jerkmate review.

Interactive Porn Games

Like yourself, before I bumped into Jerkmate reviews, I never knew sex roleplay games with actual pornstars were in existence. 

You too? 

Don’t blame me for being taken aback by the fact that I can pick a model’s character from a list and have them do what I want. 

My choices were college girl, dominatrix, doctor, and my favorite, elf princess.

I was relieved that premium patrons like myself have unlimited access to the game, whereas free users have a few trial runs to get started.

In addition to Roleplay, Jerkmate reviews certify that the dominatrix game – Command and Obey – is where all the fun is at.

Both games are similar in operation, but did you expect a star-studded lineup with professional porn stars like Riley Reid and Jewelz Blu making up the cast lists?

That’s right, they do.

This is some futuristic stuff right here, and aside from the cam shows, this is probably where lots of jerkmates like myself spent most of their Gold. 

The amazing part about Jerkate’s porn games is that you have total control of the narrative and the jerk mate.

I now understand why many Jerkmate reviews also highlighted this feature.

Jerkmate TV

In my Jerkmate review, I stumbled upon Jerkmate TV, the videos section for old-school porn enthusiasts. videos page is for when jerkmates witness the iconic moments that took place in previous live streams or additional content the models have in their stores. 

Jerkmate reviews play down Jerkmate’s triple threat. It’s a sex chat site, a cam site, and an adult content site all rolled into one.  

Think of all the possibilities that await you.

Porn Star Line-Up has a dedicated pornstars page where you’ll find a list of all their female, male, couples, and trans stars.

Chat with the faces that have graced your screen countless times, and interact with them in person on their scheduled live streams. 

This also comes with still photos of behind-the-scenes action as a sneak peek of what your Gold can get you. 

You can also use this tab to go directly to your chosen star’s Command and Obey page, indulge, and beat them at their game.

How Does Jerkmate Compare?

My Jerkmate review blew me away. makes enough effort to set itself apart from its competitor cam sites like Chaturbate, My Free cams,, and Bongacams on different levels. 

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a. Interactive Features

I had much more to see and do on than watching the live member broadcast.

I still had Jerkmate TV videos and porn games to keep me occupied when my favorite cams girls were refreshing offline.

A cam site like Chaturbate has lots of cam models to engage with, but the broadcasts are your only interactive option.

b. Live Cams Quality

Jerkmate doesn’t disappoint with the number of live jerkmates on display. With thousands of active live cams available, you will never run out of jerkmates whenever you need them.

Some cam sites like BongaCams and often fail in that department, with fewer active cam models than

c. Wider Variety of Categories

For the best cam sites like and Chaturbate, cam girls are grouped into trait-specific groups that make it easier to find them.

Jerkmate review has very wide and sexually inclusive listings that cater to everyone’s needs and satisfy different sexual cravings among everyday users like you and me.

d. Cams Quality

After interacting with many different cam sites like BongaCams, Chaturbate, and MyFreeCams, I realized on my Jerkmate review that the quality of their video has nothing on Jerkmate.

What ultimately makes Jerkmate stand out from the other cam sites is that it insists on quality. 

Most – if not all – Jerkmate cam girls use HD cameras to broadcast, so you are not left guessing.

LiveJasmin is the cam site with close similarities to Jerkmates HD broadcasts.

e. Ease of Access’s live cams are some of the most easily accessible on the live cams side of adult entertainment.

Compared to cam sites like BongaCams and LiveJasmin, most Jerkmate reviews can attest that signing up on Jerkmate is no difficult affair.

Jerkmates’s cam site lacks a mobile app, but it’s not a big deal since the website version is fully optimized for your mobile or desktop. 

It also performs at optimum speeds and hardly ever lags.

Jerkmate Review – FAQs

What Is Jerkmate? is an adult site that triples as a cam site, sex chat site, and porn site

Signing up is free, and you can upgrade to a premium account to enjoy private live streams with a jerk mate of choice on the cam-2-cam feature and lots of other amazing goodies.

Apart from the live streams it offers, you also have lively messaging options, exclusive adult content, and even fun sex games that satisfy anyone’s masturbation needs. 

In addition, Jerkmate claims to never leave you jerking off alone ever again by providing you with countless cam girls that ascribe to every imaginable kink and fetish.

Can I Use Jerkmate for Free?

Yes, of course! You can use for free to view videos and streams, but you need an account to leave messages in the chatrooms.

You’ll also need to connect a payment option to leave tips and access its premium features like private chats and porn games, which receive a heap of praise from many Jerkmate reviews. 

How Do I Use Cam Sites?

To use any of the best cam sites like, click in and create an account to get full access to the cam site.

Next, purchase a premium bundle using a payment option of choice to get unrestricted privileges.

Finally, choose your jerk mate of choice to watch their streams, and leave a tip to show your appreciation. 

What’s more, cam sites also allow viewers to leave public messages or take the models to a private chat room for a more personalized experience.

Are Cam Sites Safe?

Yes, the best cam sites are safe., in particular, protects users’ data by not exposing them to third parties. As long as you don’t give out your personal information to strangers, the adult sites are completely safe.

>>Webcam security tips

Meeting Your New Jerkmates – Parting Shot is a fresh alternative to bootleg porn sites, where you simply watch others have all the fun.

Here, you can join the party by participating in public streams or interactive sex games. The best part of it all? 

It’s at the tip of your fingers. 

Sign up on Jerkmate by clicking here now

I don’t see myself getting over my routine anytime soon (which has already become a thing thanks to my Jerkmate review).

If you get your jerk mate to pass, you’ll know what I mean, so take the Jerkmate horse by its reins and gallop to your cam site fantasy world like a prince to his beloved.

I hope this honest, unbiased Jerkmate review has helped tilt your scales the Jerkmate way!

You can thank me later. 


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