Jerkmate 2023: In-Depth Jerkmate Review From User Experience

To aid in your quest for top-shelf NSFW entertainment online, in this Jerkmate review, we dissect this top-rated cam site for you. 

Is it everything it’s cracked up to be?

Many porn connoisseurs (including my kinky self) feel that Jerkmate is the hottest webcam site online with some of the best cam girls streaming there daily.

But what can you expect from a live porn show on Jerk Mate?

In my detailed Jerkmate review, I answer this question and many more – along with a guide to using the website for X-rated content and interactive games.

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First Thoughts in this Jerkmate Review Pros

  • Free and easy to create an account
  • Cam girls keep a well-organized schedule on their page
  • Jerkmates’ mobile-optimized site works on any browser
  • Myriad of niches: trans, MILF, BBW, ebony, cosplay, etc.
  • Go one-on-one with your favorite porn stars
  • Accepts multiple payment methods such as cards and PayPal
  • Customer support is highly responsive Cons

  • One-on-one shows will cost you
  • Popular models only give free shows temporarily
  • Some cam girls are unavailable for extended periods

Jerk Mate Pricing

  • Chats and public shows are free
  • 1 Jerk Mate Gold = $1
  • Private shows cost around one to 10 Gold/per minute

Jerk Mate Promo Deals

  • Gold bonus for new members
  • Rewards for active members
  • Cam girls offer discounts on sessions in bulk

My Overall Rating From This Jerkmate Review: 4.8 Out of 5

If you enjoy content from cam models from all across the gender and sexuality spectrum, this Jerkmate review is for you

You can watch men, women, trans folx, and couples getting down in the way they like best. Apart from having diverse cam girls, there’s also a cornucopia of niches, kinks, and fetishes you can explore on

Despite Jerkmates currency going for $1 per coin, I loved that there are plenty of things you can do for free. 

You can watch public webcams from cam models and chat for free, including sparse access to interactive games.

Jerkmate Review – Let’s Get Down To Business

Never jerk off alone again—That’s Jerk Mate’s mantra.

While I’m not sure that I’ll stop jerking off alone it’s certainly a titillating promise considering how hot these cam models are. 

Masturbation feels great and has tons of health benefits, but as with most sex acts, it’s always better with someone interacting with you.

Hence, the joy of webcam sex with cam girls.

When you first visit Jerk Mate, you can see immediately it’s a very different site than the usual Chaturbate clones.

The big blue background is a major step off from the regular webcam layout. It complements the modern design which has larger show windows that put more attention on a singular cam girl.

Not fifty cam models and performers who all share similar features.

Creating an Account for This Jerkmate Review

Creating an account for this Jerkmate review was quick and easy.

You’ll be reaping the benefits from cam girls in no time, even before you create an official account and register your email.

Just keep in mind that on you need to enter some type of payment info to create your account and view cam models. 

I know, kind of annoying, but it’s good that you won’t be charged until you choose to buy coins.

Jerkmate Review: AI technology on Jerk Mate and Jerky the Robot

As soon as you arrive on the cam site, you’re prompted to answer questions related to your preferences in Jerkmates.

Before anything else, you need to choose between the gender of cam models you want to see on Jerk Mate: women, men, trans models, or couples.

Depending on your answers, you’ll find the pick of the litter according to’s proprietary AI tech also known as Jerky the Robot

The sophisticated AI algorithm powering Jerky will suggest the most suitable cam girls and webcam performers based on your responses.

So, whatever cam model you’re after, Jerky will find it for you.

When using the bot for this Jerkmate review, I was greeted with plenty of cam model suggestions that were certainly up my alley. 

But if you think you can do a better job of finding a webcam star by yourself, be Jerky’s guest, and give the search filters a shot. 

Oh and did I mention the cam site has merch with Jerky? Yep, Jerk Mate has it all.

If you like how the cute little robot looks—’s merch shop is full of products with the webcam robot’s likeness.

You can find t-shirts, hoodies, and even swim trunks with the cute Jerk Mate logo. Great for hardcore fans of Jerkmate and I guess people who find the aesthetic appealing.

Cam Models Quality and Diversity of Jerkmates

What I’ve noticed about the popular cam site when exploring it for the Jerkmate review, is the sheer amount of cam models in a myriad of niches

You can look deeper into your fantasies by browsing through many webcam categories and niches of cam girls on the popular cam site. 

Even without an account, you can check out alphabetized categories of cam girls, which also categorize the Jerkmates according to body descriptors, countries, race, and sexy niches, apart from gender and sexuality.

While perusing the cam site for this Jerkmate review, I’ve found that among the most popular niches on the site include:

  • All girls
  • Trans models 
  • UK babes
  • Blondes
  • Asians
  • BBW
  • MILF
  • Ebony
  • Cosplay

There’s also a random cam selection if you want to surprise you.

If you’re too busy drooling to pick a Jerkmate model to view, I’ll give you a head start with some of the best cam girls I encountered while writing this Jerkmate review:

  • /HotBellaOfficial
  • /Nikki_Juggs
  • /MarissaDD
  • /jjtha1nonly
  • /SexyEyes69me
  • /GGMansion
  • /British_EmJess

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Jerkmate Review: Learning More About the Cam Models has a very detailed model profile page down past the initial cam girl chat room.  

Here you can find personal and professional information on the model’s performance. 

Here, you can see info like the model’s physical measurements, as well as their willingness to do certain sex acts on camera, and preferences for other acts. 

The middle part of this section of the page has uploaded videos you can purchase for Gold. 

On the right-hand corner of the screen, you can find reviews for the model you’re watching, which can help inform you on whether or not you should shell out Gold for a particular performer or not. 

Chatting With Models for the Jerkmate Review

You can surf video shows with public chats for free, placing among the best free entertainment sites.

At least initially. 

True, you won’t have access to private shows with cam girls, but you will be able to chat publicly with models, or join a paid show.

After a while, you might get tired of free shows (they can run a bit slow when it comes to action) and want a little more interaction with the model. 

Keep in mind that some models might even kick you off the chat room if you’re idle or don’t cough up a tip after a while.

Now you have the opportunity to buy a few minutes of sexy entertainment, by getting some Jerkmate Gold Coins.

Messaging Models and Other Users

For my Jerkmate review, I’ve noticed that sending messages in the chat box is FREE for both basic and premium members. 

This is a great opportunity to get to know your favorite performer and learn their schedules for future shows, both private and public. 

However, you must have a “Premium” membership enabled, meaning you have to at least add a payment method to be able to peruse most features of the site. 

With a membership, you can also participate in exclusive chats during the show, where no other members can join. 

The Live Vibe feature is a virtual badge that displays showing you’re willing to mingle with other viewers in the chat log, which can be a lot of fun in addition to watching the models. 

Participating in Gold Shows for this Jerkmate Review

A Gold Show on Jerk Mate refers to a paid-for show where several premium members chip in to watch a cam model perform

Unlike regular Tip Shows, a Gold Show is paid for in advance, although tips are encouraged.

The newest Jerkmate reviews suggest 1 Gold coin is equal to $1.00, which is at least easy to remember if not the cheapest option around. 

Some models also have special features that a higher number of Gold will earn—like interactive toys. There’s even a button on the chat box that says whether the toy is on or off. 

If you want to know what the model is willing to do and for how much, click the “Gold Menu” to see a list of prices. 

This is a more discreet way to handle the sex menu, compared to other sites like Chaturbate, which have the menu awkwardly automatically scrolling down the screen as soon as you log in.

Jerkmate Review: Private and One-on-One Shows on Jerk Mate

For the exclusive one-on-one shows with models, per-minute rates on the site will vary from cam model to model. 

Private webcam show rates are standardized for either $4.99 per minute or $9.99 per minute for cam-to-cam. 

Whatever you pay for on the cam site, you do have to see it through; if you paid for 4 minutes for $20 and closed out at 3 minutes, you will still be charged for the full 4 minutes. 

Cam-to-cam is the more “intense experience” as you and the cam girl both get to be on camera and privately chat, presumably talk dirty, and finally “jerk your mate off.” 

When a cam model decides to do a private show or cam-to-cam, you will be told the model has left. 

But not to worry—just click on “Notify me when the model comes back” if just like Aerosmith you “Don’t want to miss a thing.” 

Porn Star Guests on Jerk Mate

One of Jerkmates’ claims to fame is that a lot of beloved porn stars drop by to do cam shows.

So you might get a little star-struck chatting in real-time with the likes of Nina Hartley, Riley Reid, or Cherry Fae, among others. 

There’s a whole category for established porn stars, in addition to amateur models. 

Jerkmate Review: Tip Wheel and Themed Shows

While researching for the Jerkmate review I found that most higher-earning performers on the site use a Tip Wheel

You spend gold to spin the wheel. Then, the wheel reveals a series of naughty things that the performer can do for you, depending on where the wheel lands.

It’s a fun way to spice up the usual cam girl experience with something new, fun, and unexpected. 

On top of that, I love that models take the time to understand their audience, and some of the most popular models even offer themed shows. This is different from cosplaying as a niche.

Themed shows can be anything from holiday-themed contests for the audience to specific daily shows that focus on various topics. For example, one day can be a “sex toy day”, and another can be a “butt stuff day”— all of this depends on the Jerkmates and their creativity.

Joining Cam Girls’ Fan Clubs for the Jerkmate Review

If you’re a fan of any of the cam models, then joining the official Jerk Mate Fan Club of said model offers bonus features. 

These perks might include exclusive video content or photo content, and it’s accessible at any time, even if the performer is not active in a show. 

You’ll also get a 10% discount if you’re part of the model’s fan club.

Think of the fanclubs as Jerkmates’ version of OnlyFans.

With a Fan Club subscription, you get a special badge next to your name, a 10% discount with exclusive show access (more on that below), as well as unlocked curated films and pics from the model’s page.

This keeps interest in the model up and adds to its popularity on the site as a whole. It also gives you more content to access for personal viewing in between shows. 

Jerkmate Review: Other Nifty Features 

Apart from the high-quality cam models and different types of webcam shows, I found that Jerk Mate has multiple nifty options.

The Media Hub is where you can see the video store with special videos for sale, as well as “My Media Collection”, where you can see videos you’ve liked and saved.

While browsing Jerkmate reviews, I found that this is the only cam site with a Daily Spending Limit. You can toggle your spending limit, so you don’t go overboard while spending your gold on Jerkmates.

SMS and Browser Notifications can be managed, so that you can get notified when your favorite cam model is online, or if you have a new response to a message.

Discounts and credits will give you access to block sessions with cam girls—that is, “blocks of time” with cam models where you pay upfront for a certain time, like 20 minutes for example. Missed Shows, JerkmateTV and Porn Videos

During my explorations of the cam site for the purposes of the Jerkmate review, I loved the missed video feature.

Most cam girls upload recordings of a show in increments, so you can experience the show even if you weren’t online at the same time as the Jerkmate cam model. isn’t all about live webcams, though, as some Jerkmate reviews fail to mention.

In addition to the supplementary videos and show recordings most cam models have on their page, there is also a cache of Jekmates porn videos from all of the cam girls on the site. 

There’s also Jerkmate TV, an exclusive webcam show featuring the site’s sexiest and most tantalizing cam models. Each show has a special theme and is just like watching a sex documentary but on the Jerkmate cam site!

Trying out Jerk Mate’s Free Sex Games for this Jerkmate Review

One of the big features I found during the Jerkmate review, is their patented Internet sex game called Command & Obey

It’s kind of like playing a video game or experimenting with some top-notch AI with the help of Jerk Mate.

When you choose a cam model from the menu, you are taken to a window where they’re sitting in their room. Cam girls may have “roles” like College Girls, Housewives, Elf Princess, or Doctor. 

As most Jerkmate reviews suggest, these are pre-recorded videos with a menu of preset moves that you can click and watch them do. For example, clicking a picture of the breasts will show the performer playing with their breasts. 

The webcam site’s games are only available for people with a registered email though.

Jerkmate Review: Jerk Mate’s Official Blog Is a Must-read 

This Jerkmate review wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the official blog.

The idea behind the cam site blog is to showcase top-performing cam models, educate you on how to best use the webcam site for your pleasure, and provide another means of entertainment while your favorite cam girls are offline.

You’ll find articles that introduce new cam girls as well as in-depth interviews with existing popular cam models. This way you can learn more about them and get a more immersive experience after getting to know them.

Not many Jerkmate reviews mention this, but you’re met with friendly and informative webcam content that will prove itself helpful on top of being entertaining.

Jerkmate Review: How Does Jerkmate Compare? 

Jerk Mate vs. Chaturbate

Jerk Mate stresses the one-on-one shows more so than Chaturbate, at least in the way the interface is designed. 

Many Jerkmate reviews agree that Chaturbate feels crowded and has occasional display problems with some devices. 

Jerkmate has the edge when it comes to presentation. However, Chaturbate has more free shows and affordable model prices. 

Another way that Chaturbate takes the cake, is that you don’t need to input a payment method to use the site or the chatbox. 

Related reading: Sites like Chaturbate vs BongaCams

Jerk Mate has more American models than BongaCams, but the latter has more promotional giveaways and special discounts.

According to other Jerkmate reviews, Bonga Cams also has more models overall than Jerkmate, but less exclusive content like porn star videos and free live shows.

JerkMate vs. LiveJasmin

JerkMates and LiveJasmin have similar great features, including toy interaction, lots of sexy niches, and larger windows for the model.

While the JerkMates does offer interactive features, the “Story” mode on LiveJasmin is an innovative way to introduce new models to regular viewers. 

Another benefit that most Jerkmate reviews mention about Live Jasmin is that all users get 50% off their first private show, which helps cut costs initially.

Jerkmate Review: My User Experience and Testimonials

What I love about Jerk Mate is that you can read testimonials and even a Jerkmate review or more, from real users.

Often the Jerkmate reviews mention how attractive cam models are compared to other sites and the attention to detail on the Jerkamates’ profiles.

If I boil down my Jerkmate review for the user experience to a few words, it would be the following.

Intuitive and organized: A well-thought-out Jerk Mate user interface, allows easy navigation. You can easily find a cam model, be it with the Jerky AI or by searching for cam models via the intuitive search filters.

Engaging: Connect and engage with cam girls and have an entertaining and fulfilling experience thanks to the interactive games, access to missed shows, and additional details that make the experience better.

Safe for models and users: Your security and privacy take high priority, and has safeguards to protect your private information and provide a secure setting for camming. For example, the cam site doesn’t sell your data, and your info won’t show up on Google.

Fun for every user (even you picky ones): Enjoy a myriad of cam models from any webcam niche: couples, trans, lesbians, daddies, and twinks—you name it they have a category for it. Along with this, you can find interactive games with popular porn stars

Jerkmate Review FAQs

Can I Use for Free?

Yes, you can use for free, even without an account to a certain extent.

Still, according to other Jerkmate reviews and myself, it’s best to sign up for an account so that you can still experience all of the bells and whistles of the site on the free side. You can view shows, send messages and view up to 10 responses in your inbox.

Are There Any Rules of Etiquette in the Jerkmates’ Chat Boxes?

There are some rules of etiquette when using Jerkmates’ chat box that other Jerkmate reviews don’t mention. 

You should remain friendly and courteous with your Jerkmates and refrain from saying anything rude, threatening, or vulgar in a way that makes the model uncomfortable. 

In a way, you have to “read the cam models’ room” and not say anything too distracting from the model’s performance. 

Can I Become One of the Cam Models on Jerk Mate?

Yes, you can become one of the cam models on Jerk Mate if you have a stable internet connection, a computer, and a good webcam. 

According to Jerkmate and some Jerkmate reviews online, to stream your live webcam, you need an ID to prove your age and name, the basic consent to share your info.

Afterward, it’s up to you to be creative with shows on the cam site and to attract viewers to private shows.

Are All Videos on Live Streams?

Yes, all videos on are live streams unless it says up front that it’s pre-recorded. 

But there are plenty of Jerkmates who offer pre-recorded videos for premium members and members in their Fan Club. 

Also, many users mention in their Jerkmate reviews that there’s Jerkmate Porn if you want something professionally made by the webcam site.

Is Jerk Mate Safe?

Yes, Jerk Mate is safe to use and it’s completely legit, as far as adding payment and models go. 

If you’re wondering, “Is Jerkmates a scam?” just consider: You can sign up with high authority sites like Google and use trusted payment processors like Paypal to add Gold coins

Jerkmate reviews on the safety and discreet billing are always positive and the site has a fine reputation for the adult industry. 

The site even has a live chat feature for resolving customer issues. Just don’t expect the tech support workers to talk dirty!

Can I Cancel at Any Time?

Yes, you can cancel at any time.

If for whatever reason you need to close your account, for personal or financial reasons, you can close your account through your profile settings or your email. However, some Jerkmate reviews suggest that it can be a slow process.

The Definitive Jerkmate Review: Is Jerkmate Worth Joining? 

In conclusion to this Jerkmate review, I will say that this is an excellent cam model platform for people to come together and, well, come together! 

The fixed price for shows is easier to track, and the dollar-per-gold system makes spending easy to control. The Fan Clubs, Jerkmate TV, and free sex games are also nice touches. 

Yes, many Jerkmate reviews state that Jerkmate can get pricey, but you get what you pay for in terms of content quality and entertainment. earns its value through porn star appearances, larger-than-life performers, and niche categories that other sites don’t have. 

Why not watch a show, play a game, and have some plain good, dirty fun by logging into Jerkmate?

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