Gaming and Masturbation Combined: All About Jerkmate Games

We can’t deny that everyone has their own self-love routines, and what better way to complement them than with the exciting Jerkmate games and XXX media?

Jerkmate Interactive, your certified wank partner, will ensure your masturbation sessions are never dull and blah, thanks to their charming girls and exciting sex games. 

You heard me right.

Apart from live webcam Jerkmates, you can now rub one out to celebrity adult stars like Jewelz Blu, Riley Reid, and April Olsen – just to mention a few.

Jerkmate’s Roleplay and Command and Obey sex games add interactive storylines to the mix, too. I get goosebumps just talking about it.

How about we cut to the chase?

Gaming and Masturbation Combined – Overview

Take a sneak peek at what’s in store for this Jerkmate games article:

  • How to access Jerkmate
  • Roleplay
  • Command and Obey
  • Additional Jerkmate interactive games
  • How to play porn games on Jerkmate

World of Jerkmate Games

If you knew what awaits you on the other side of Jerkmate games, you would add it to your masturbation routine ASAP.

First, there are two main Jerkmate interactive sex/porn games that come pre-loaded on the cam site:

  • Command and Obey
  • Roleplay

It’s only fair to mention that a basic Jerkmate membership isn’t your ideal ticket to enjoy Jerkmate’s NSFW arcade since a free account only gets you a limited-time trial.

But for every problem, there’s always a solution.

How to Access Jerkmate Games

To enjoy a good time with the all-star Jerk Mate line-up on Jerkmate games, ensure your Jerkmate account is loaded with Gold credits.

How many?

As many as you can afford. 1 Jerkmate Gold is equivalent to $1 and you can use them to buy private cam shows, tip models, and even play the alluring sex games.

You can get these gold coins by subscribing to any of the Jerkmate premium plans.

Especially Command and Obey and Role Play.

Switch tabs from the homepage, head to the one marked Sex Games” and get ready to knock your socks off with a Jerkmate game of your choice.

You can still enjoy a free trial to sample Jerkmate games using a guest account. It will only last a few actions, but I bet it’ll be enough to get you on board Jerkmate games.

Before I forget…

I also noticed that you could cast your Jerk Mate to an even bigger screen and get the cinematic view of her loot while playing the Jerkmate games on my mobile phone.

How cool is that!?

Without further ado… 

I present the top Jerkmate games for masturbation.

1. Roleplay – A Fantasy Reality Jerkmate Game

Roleplay is one of the best online porn games, away from Jerkmate games in general.

In this Jerkmate game, you will be presented with the likes of the stunning and super sexy Jewelz Blu – a household name if you’ve been Googling the XXX stuff.

Then comes the excellent news…

You won’t spend any of your precious Gold in this free Jerkmate game. Can you believe it? Jerkmate gives you its finest interactive game free of charge.

Imagine that!

The exciting part is that Jewelz Blu (and the other girls/boys) can morph into anyone and still get you to have a good time with her when playing this Jerkmate game.

By anyone, I mean she can be: 

  • Elf princess from an enchanted kingdom
  • Bored housewife craving sexual excitement
  • Fired-up college frat girl
  • Kinky dominatrix
  • Excessively touchy doctor
  • Adrenaline-pumping gamer

For your sake, I wish I’d say that the list is endless, but that’s all your options… at the moment.

On the bright side, her porn game performances on Jerkmate games are 100 percent controlled by you. 

Want to know how?

Getting into Jerkmate’s Roleplay Porn Game

Once you’ve picked your role-play masturbation porn game (I went with the housewife first), you’ll find the room muted.

Your Jerkmate game girls often release soft, teasing moans to get your sauce boiling, and you can crank up the volume when you’re away from the public’s prying eyes.


Simply hit the speaker icon on the top left corner (you can’t miss it) and listen to the sweet tones of a naughty Jewel about to crown your day.

Now for the pudding…

Your Jerk Mate doesn’t just sit pretty in this game. This porn game is about getting her to do all sorts of naughty little things that turn you on, like showing her plump cherry blossoms.

How do you go about it?

You’ll find an array of circular icons neatly arranged below her feet. Each icon is intentionally labeled to represent an action you would desire your Jerk Mate to perform.

Ask her to slide her undies and give you a tour of her back and front entrance. You could even ask for a bird’s-eye view of her full buns or get your masturbation buddy to shake what her momma gave her.

In addition…

You can slide across the icons to reveal other fun activities, like picking out her favorite dildo and using it rigorously.

Depending on your chosen porn game roleplay character, the available actions include:

  • Unveiling the tushy
  • Finger masturbation
  • Boobs showcase
  • A dildo to hold on to
  • A preview of the assets
  • Tongue game
  • Spanking the trunk

While every character has additional actions specific to their roles, these are common in the Roleplay porn game. 

You’ll get most of the teasing action for free, but you may end up paying up to 2 Gold to get the creamier stuff like squirting and dildo play.

2. Command and Obey

Jerkmate’s Command and Obey is the best among the Jerkmate games for everyone who loves to have control in the bedroom, especially in online porn games. 

To get in…

First, you must create your Jerkmate account to access this thrilling porn game.

The best slices of Command and Obey’s Jerkmates are the A-list porn performers that star in the dominatrix sex game. Whether you’re into boys or girls, there’s someone ready to share some naughty fun with you.

Like its sister Jerk Mate sex game Roleplay, this Jerkmate game allows you to pick out actions your star is more than happy to indulge in.

Your choices are plenty.

From the number of sex game stars enlisted in this porn game, you can change Jerkmates like socks daily.

From the likes of Lily Larimar, April Olsen, Trent King, Rocky Vallarta, and Selena Love, your choices in this Jerkmate game are open to porn stars of all shapes, tastes, and sizes.

Before we dive into the models, let me give you a brief guide on how to start the game and pick out your perfect jerk mate.

Choosing a Command and Obey Jerk Mate

For starters, users with free or no accounts are entitled to a free demo of the sex game, like other Jerkmate games.

Next to the Roleplay button, click the Command and Obey tab and wait to be wowed.

You will be presented with a great list of adult star boys and girls to pick out a Jerk Mate from.

At this point, I would love to mention that your choice for a sex game Jerk Mate isn’t only limited to male and female adult stars.

Your choices for a Jerk Mate include:

  • Male Jerk Mate
  • Female Jerk Mate
  • Trans Jerk Mate
  • Couples Jerkmates (MF/MM/FF/)
  • Groupie Jerkmates (FFF/MMM)

I know… it’s all very tempting.

In addition, they are each categorized neatly. Therefore, you can sort out your Jerkmates to appear from:

  • Newest
  • Oldest
  • Name (A-Z)
  • Name (Z-A)

Feel free to knock yourself out.

How to Play Command and Obey

Click on your desired Jerk Mate, and you will be introduced to their Jerkmate game live-action version, waiting to ease you into your new masturbation routine.

Once the playroom lounge comes on, you will see a similar sound icon on the top right to switch on the sound since your Jerk Mate is muted initially.

Now, run the blue slider to the right and start the porn game adventure.

A quick tip:

Unlike roleplay, this porn game is majorly premium, with a few free actions available (like playing with the kitty for female Jerkmates), but that also comes with conditions.

Only Jerkmates with a Jerkmate interactive account (free or premium) can swing at the free actions.

That’s not a big hurdle, though, since you can overcome it by simply creating an account or, even better, upgrading to premium.

I discovered that all new members get 30 free gold to spend on any game action they choose. 

For example, I used my first five coins for a virtual motorboat on Riley Reid’s sexy pair of jugs.

Basically, each action will cost you 1 Gold, so you best pick your commands wisely – if you know what I am saying.

Command and Obey Prices (The Cost of Obedience)

Basically, the two Jerkmate porn games operate similarly. The only twist is that giving commands on this sex game will cost you. 

To get your Jerk Mate to obey your porn game commands, you will part with a few gold coins based on the action you want the beautiful boys and girls to fulfill.

The Jerk Mate rate cards are as follows:

  • Kitty play (20 gold)
  • Leg showroom (5 gold)
  • Batting/Whipping (5 gold)
  • Butt – mobile (30 gold)
  • Lip service (10 gold)
  • Booby trap (5 gold)
  • Dildo in arms (5 gold)
  • Spanking (5 gold)
  • Fingering – for couples (5 gold)
  • Heli-cock-ter for guys/trans (10 gold) 
  • Handjob (20 gold)
  • Rock-Paper-Scissoring; only the last (30 gold)

The prices are standard for all Jerkmates enlisted in the sex game.. 

Though they share some sex game actions, you will discover that each has a different experience and will keep you sufficiently entertained.

I have also taken the liberty to sample a few actions from gay, lesbian, and trans sex games

Top Players in Command and Obey Porn Game

1. April Olsen – Best Among Jerkmate Interactive Girls

April is a stunning tattooed brunette Jerk Mate who’s been in the game for around 5 years and made her Jerkmate debut just recently.

She has beautifully chiseled curves that make her a stunning masturbation subject in the porn game. Even though she is new to sex games, her anal play prowess leads Jerkmates alike to trickle their Jerkmate interactive gold into her account.

2. Tia Cyrus – One of the Kinkiest Jerk Mate Girls on Porn Games

Tia’s kinky resume makes her the best Jerk Mate to carry all your masturbation requirements on her petite shoulders.

Her kinky attributes include oral sex games and mature foreplay, making her the perfect cougar Jerk Mate.

3. Selena Love – Fan-Favorite Porn Game Jerk Mate

The 23-year-old love bug is one of the most promising and adored Jerkmates, thanks to her unique, captivating abilities in porn games. Which, you ask?

Selena is a squirting pro, and you can get her to splash your screen if you’re willing to part with a few gold tokens.

4. Skylar Snow – Top Busty MILF on Jerkmate Game 

Skylar is a MILF to drool over. Her sparkling triple D jugs are a sight to behold, enough to give you the best virtual titty f*ck you’ll encounter in a while.

5. Katie Kush – All Natural Kinky Jerk Mate

Based on Katie’s sex game portfolio, I don’t see why any butt-loving jerk mate wouldn’t want to partake in her loot of natural booty.

6. Ryan Jacobs – Top Chiseled Jerk Mate 

Ryan is a rockhard male jerk mate for all the sex game studs looking for a masturbation buddy with the body and looks to go with it.

He’s the perfect star to ball with on a Jerkmate game, especially if you fancy a guy who knows his way around anal play.

7. Sky Pierce, Melody Marks, and Paris White – Lesbian Groupie Jerkmates

This trio of Jerkmates will make your blood boil with lust and desire. 

Spend your gold generously on them and watch your fantasy Charlie’s Angels fondle each other’s wings for your masturbation joys.

8. Sheena Ryder and Donnie Rock – Top Swinger Jerkmate Interactive Couple

Sheena and Donnie are the perfect swinger couple for a Jerkmate game. The two are perfect for masturbation pros who enjoy a good foreplay porn game.

Quick tip: Hit the question mark icon for 5 gold and wait for the surprise. I promise you’ll love it.

9. Cassie Kisses – Top Trans Masturbation Pro

Cassie is among the hottest and most famous jerkmates in the adult film industry. She’s a screen veteran famously known for her masturbation creativity.

Tip her with a decent weight of gold and see her do just about anything to make you feel like a kinky royalty.

10. Alexis Allure – Best BBW Jerk Mate

Alexis is the most charming Jerk mate I have met in a Jerkmate game. She is a chunky piece of sunshine with all the right curves in the right places.

For a measly 5 gold, she will give you a full tour of all her contours, which I believe is a masturbation classic.

Additional Jerkmate Interactive Games

1. Jerkmate Interactive Roulette

One of the best Jerkmate interactive features also falls in its live cams. The roulette sex games are the best way for webcam girls to give their fans value for their gold. 

It’s not exclusively a game, but it sure turns things up during the liveshows.

Instead of randomly showering the cam girls with tips, the roulette Jerkmate game gives viewers a worthy sex game to indulge in – risky but with high returns.

Here’s how…

The roulette is one of those spin-the-wheel Jerkmate games with different sex acts that cam girls are more than willing to perform.

A standard but generous tip set by the cam girls gives viewers a fair chance to spin the wheel after sending a few golds the cam model’s way.

This Jerkmate game requires nothing but for you to spin the wheel. Whatever your pointer lands on is what you get.


2. Jerkmate Hentai Access

Lastly, this adult site also promotes a series of online Hentai Jerkmate games for manga and anime enthusiasts.

Despite not being Jerkmate originals, the three games give jerkmates bonus options to add to their masturbation content when they need something ‘new’ in their self-pleasure mix.

Engage your senses in an animated world with sex-hungry superheroes and villains that give you dramatic actions alongside XXX storylines.

The best part is that these free porn games online are very easily accessible.

You should definitely check out this alternative Jerkmate game.

How To Play Sex Games on Jerkmate

Playing Jerkmate games is a breezy walk in the park. You don’t need to go through complicated registrations or compatibility tests with your mobile or PC.

Here is everything you need to know about playing Jerkmate’s interactive porn games:

  1. Create your account to wholly enjoy all the Jerkmate games. Alternatively, you can use guest access and feel through a demo
  2. For the best experience, login to your desktop for better visuals
  3. Based on the Jerkmate interactive game, choose your favorite version of Jewelz Blu (Roleplay) or your preferred adult film star (Command and Obey)
  4. To start your desired porn game, give the slider a swipe and start
  5. For the command sex games, slide across the actions at the bottom and click on the desired command to have the boys and girls enact them
  6. All members get 30 free gold to use each time they pick a character(s) on C&O, so you can still get the basic fun.

Jerkmate Interactive Games – FAQs

What Is Jerkmate?

Jerkmate is an interactive cam site mostly known for its HD live cams hosted by the finest webcam girls (mostly), boys, trans and couples models.

Apart from its live webcams, it also has an intense and exciting porn games section, now popularly known as Jerkmate games.

The best thing about is its comprehensive free membership with free access to live cams and demos for the Jerkmate interactive porn games.

Finally, Jerkmate is accessible on the web and responds well to both platforms, whether you want to camp around the live cams or play any of the thrilling Jerkmate games. More on this in our tell-all Jerkmate review.

Is It Safe to Masturbate While Playing Sex Games?

Yes, it is practically safe to masturbate while playing sex games, including Jerkmate games.

There are no proven dangers while masturbating to sex games. However, you need to take caution so you don’t let your social and romantic life fall through due to your addiction to masturbation.

Can I Get Free Jerkmate Games?

Yes, you can get free Jerkmate interactive porn games.

Even without a Jerkmate account, browse the site as a guest and enjoy a demo of all the best traits the sex games have to offer.

Roleplay is absolutely free but only for Jerkmate interactive members. In the long run, you’ll need an account to get the best out of Jerkmate’s porn games.

Does Jerkmate Offer VR Porn?

Sadly, Jermate doesn’t offer VR porn… yet.

If you need a Jerkmate interactive experience, check out the free sex games and beat off to A-list adult stars for a change.

Undoubtedly, the sexy live cams and the super lustful Jerkmate games will make up for it.

Gaming and Masturbation – Jerkmate Games Parting Shot

Jerkmate games are all fun and engaging. 

From the best cam girls to now the best free and premium games the internet has to offer, Jerkmate games deserve a solid 9/10 for being the perfect masturbation helper. 

With these mostly free interactive porn games, you’ll find these Jerkmate games really “handy.” 

Catch my drift?

Hope you’ll have a blast with these top Jerkmate games.


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