The Best OnlyFans Girls and Female Creators to Follow Right Now!

In spite of the fact that it’s only half a decade old, OnlyFans has quickly rose through the ranks of content sharing sites to become the top platform in the industry where creators and their fans can congregate and, of course, share various media with one another.

With tens of millions of active creator accounts on OnlyFans right now—and it’s a number that just keeps growing daily—finding the best content creators that the site has to offer can be quite the challenge.

Well, you came to the right place: we’re here to give you a list of the best OnlyFans female accounts right now who are making some of the best content that any discerning, well, fan can definitely enjoy.

You can thank us later!

First Look at the Best OnlyFans Creators of 2021

  1. Sam Slayre— A top independent solo creator
  2. Kacy Black— A top female OnlyFans creator right now
  3. Maria Moobs— Provides top-notch performances
  4. Zayla— A top OnlyFans bikini model
  5. Lucy is Loud— An inspirational OnlyFans model
  6. Haley Brooks— Best for short video content
  7. Molly Sims— Best themed content on OnlyFans
  8. Riley Kwums— Best OnlyFans account for body-positive content
  9. Daisy Dray—Best for photo content
  10. Cup of Carli— Best rates on OnlyFans
  11. Emmy Beehz— A top homegrown OnlyFans creator

In-depth Look at the Top OnlyFans Creators

1. Sam Slayre— A Top Independent Solo Creator


Visit her Instagram here

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Sam Slayre is what you get when the girl next door finally decides to open up an OnlyFans account and make amazing content for her followers. Whether you’re looking for sweet video content, photos, or regular post updates, Sam is able to deliver them for her subscribers.

Plus, it doesn’t hurt that Sam doesn’t charge high rates for you to get ahold of her general content, which are well worth the price of admission by themselves, since you’re only looking at paying the base $4.99 rate for a monthly subscription to her OF page.

And just because she charges low rates doesn’t mean she shirks on regular updates, because you’re going to find that she’s quite consistent when it comes to posting new stuff on her OnlyFans page.

Plus, she’s also open to doing customized content and doesn’t leave you hanging when it comes to fan interactions. Feel free to send her a message, wait for her reply, and be amazed at what she’s able to offer you with her personalized content.

2. Kacy Black— A Top Female OnlyFans Creator Right Now

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Kacy Black makes us believe that there are good forces in the universe, otherwise she would have already signed with a big studio and had her content become inaccessible to us mere mortals.

As it stands, Kacy still remains one of the best independent creators on OnlyFans who’s able to provide quality photos, videos, and post updates day in and day out for her followers.

Believe us when we say that her $4.99 monthly subscription rate is an absolute steal, because each and every picture and video clip that she creates for her fans is loaded with high production values and massive appeal that even the most frigid guys and girls can definitely appreciate.

And that’s just her general post content, too. If you want to crank it up another notch, then we highly recommend that you check out and grab yourself one (or more) of the exclusive content that she’s put out.

In case that’s not your cup of OnlyFans tea, though, then you can also always just hit her up with a DM to request her for customized content that she can provide just for you.

3. Maria Moobs— Provides Top-Notch Performances

Visit her Instagram here

Visit her Twitter here

The standard OnlyFans business model consists of regular photo, video, and post updates that are mostly pre-recorded. There’s nothing wrong with that, but if you’re looking for a more intimate experience with your OF content creator, then Maria’s your girl.

That’s because she’s the type of unusual OF account who leans more toward performing for her audiences live so that she can entertain and connect with her followers on a more personal level.

Of course, you also won’t get a shortage of uploaded stuff from her page, which can both be found in her general content posts and the more premium offerings she provides her fans for an extra fee.

And speaking of fees, Maria’s monthly subscription rates are some of the most reasonable. Apart from the $4.99 fee that she charges you to be a part of her list, her exclusive stuff is also fairly priced and won’t leave you bankrupt should you decide to purchase a video clip or two from her.

4. Zayla— A Top OnlyFans Bikini Model

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The only people who think bikinis are NSFW are the real perverts of the world. We mean, come on: swimsuits are bits of fashion, nothing more and nothing less.

Zayla is one of those OnlyFans models who’s able to show you just how these pieces of fabric go beyond the basic adult-oriented fare, as she turns each and every one of her outfits into full-on modeling gems that you can’t find from any other model on the platform.

As such, you’re going to love Zayla if you’re both a fan of attractive women and fine bikini shoots. Her images and videos are absolutely sexy without being overtly dirty.

5. Lucy is Loud— An Inspirational OnlyFans Model

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Lucy is Loud is a shining example of what you can achieve when you choose to turn what other people might call your “weaknesses” into your main assets.

By that, we mean that Lucy is a differently abled individual (she’s deaf) who has managed to turn her disability into—honestly—one of the most attractive things that you can find on OnlyFans right now.

She’s not all looks, too, as Lucy is great at fan engagement and would be more than happy to chat it up with you if you decide to slide into her DMs. Hint: you can get a faster response from her if you opt for a paid message option, which is definitely worth the price.

With obvious good looks and a fun personality that’s not lacking in humor, the self-styled “loud mute girl” of OnlyFans is one of the best female pages that you should definitely follow right now if you’re looking for a content creator that’s both entertaining and inspirational.

6. Haley Brooks— Best for Short Video Content

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A full-length video is always well and good, but nothing shows the true craftsmanship of a zoomer better than short video clips, and that’s exactly what Haley Brooks is able to offer her subscibers.

Suffice it to say that if you’re looking for quick video fixes that both entertain and amaze, then Haley’s general content are perfect for you.

Of course, by no means is this OnlyFans content creator a one-note star; she also offers exclusive content that range from photos to longer video content at an additional price.

And like any self-respecting independent OF creator, you can also hit her up with a message to have a nice chat with her or to check out her rates for customized content that she could make exclusively for you!

7. Molly Sims— Best Themed Content on OnlyFans

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Molly Sims is the kind of OnlyFans content creator who specializes in making themed stuff for her patrons. As such, you should expect no less than some prime production values on her photos and videos, which she’s able to deliver on a regular basis.

She pays great attention to detail, whether it’s through the outfits she wears down to the smallest set elements she adds to her images and video clips, which not only makes her one absolutely attractive OF creator, but the kind that also shows tremendous amounts of craftsmanship with the stuff she puts out for her fans.

Molly also prefers to shake things up with her content, so you’re going to find that she rarely repeats themes when she releases new stuff, which is always a plus when it comes to variety.

And the best part? You can get to play a part in the whole content creation process with Molly: she’s always open to taking requests and customized content for her followers. All you need to do is slide into her DMs to check out all that she has to offer.

8. Riley Kwums— Best OnlyFans Account for Body-Positive Content

Visit her Instagram here

Visit her Twitter here

Sometimes, entertainment isn’t the only thing that will get you to subscribe to one of the millions of content creators active on OnlyFans; you might need that one push to make you hit that subscribe button and follow them.

Well, Riley Kwums provides that extra motivation by not just being one of the nicest looking content creators on OF, but being an inspiration to everyone who thinks they can’t be physically attractive with a few extra curves in their body.

In fact, Riley turns those extra curves into one of her primary assets, which just makes her all the more appealing to her followers. And she shows these through everything, whether it’s her photo sets, video content, and post updates.

Riley also doesn’t shy away from giving you personalized stuff, which you can get with a simple message to her DMs. Of course, it goes without saying that this customized content is charged separately from her general stuff, so ask for her rates first before you make a request!

9. Daisy Dray—Best for Photo Content

Visit her Instagram here

Visit her Twitter here

With looks that remind you of pop stars like Ariana Grande and the kind of confidence that you can’t easily find anywhere else on OnlyFans, Daisy Dray stands as one of the best content creators working on the platform right now.

As such, you can expect some of the finest media from this model and performer on the daily should you decide to subscribe to her OF page. Particularly speaking, Daisy might be versatile, but you’re going to find that her photo content is some of the best around right now.

Whether it’s single images that she posts regularly or more hefty and exclusive image sets, one thing’s clear: each and every picture that you’re getting from this amazing OnlyFans creator is packed with high production values.

10. Cup of Carli— Best Rates on OnlyFans

Visit her Instagram here

Visit her Twitter here

Cup of Carli is a female OF content creator that gives you a mixed bag of goodies that range from fun modeling photos that you can admire to videos that will leave you glued to your screen for hours on end.

Specifically speaking, Carli is a master of providing you with stuff that’s just the right mix between sultry and respectable. They’re not necessarily NSFW, but they can ignite things in you that you never thought were there.

And you’re probably going to find it all the more enticing when you find out that all she charges for this amazing content is the base $4.99 that OnlyFans requires for paid accounts.

Her general content is already fun as it is, but you can also opt to purchase one of her more exclusive or customized offerings with a simple direct message that you can send her. This girl doesn’t hold back when providing you with nice content, so you’re definitely going to enjoy even the shortest post updates that she makes.

11. Emmy Beehz— A Top Homegrown OnlyFans Creator

Visit her Instagram here

Visit her Twitter here

You can always trust celebrities on OnlyFans to pris themselves up using photoshop to provide their fans with attractive photos, but Emmy doesn’t need the help of technology to show you how pretty she is: this girl is a natural beauty that fans would be lucky to follow.

From her looks to her overall approach when communicating with her fans, you’re going to find that Emmy’s OF content is always top-notch and crafted with some much-needed homegrown TLC that you simply can’t find with the Kardashians and Cardi Bs of the world.

Instead of going with the tired old themes of looking like a backup dancer on an early 2000s hiphop video, Emmy bucks the trend and provides you with more homey settings when it comes to her photos and videos.

Speaking of, this female OF creator primarily focuses on providing her subscribers with images—like single photo releases and full image sets. However, she occasionally treats her fans to additional stuff like modeling videos and behind the scenes content that she sometimes records for your pleasure.  

Best OnlyFans Female Creators Runners-up List

Although the chances of you NOT finding the right OnlyFans creator from the list we made is slim to none, we took it upon ourselves to give you some more accounts that you can check out and enjoy. Here, you’re going to find a mix of OF pages that range from independent performers to popular celebs. Enjoy!

  1. Megan Barton Hanson— a former TV starlet who now uses OnlyFans to create content
  2. Jem Wolfie— a great OF account for fans of fitness and pretty girls
  3. Kanricos— look no further than this page if you want customized cosplay content
  4. KarmaRX— an experienced and established entertainer giving her fans great stuff on OF
  5. Emma Magnoliaxo— if you like teens, then you can’t go wrong with this OF creator
  6. Kendra Sutherland— from modeling photos to engaging videos, you can find it here
  7. Ginny Potter—a great option for “mommy” niche content
  8. Bhad Bhabie— once an obnoxious teen, she’s taken her talents to OnlyFans
  9. Blac Chyna— has decent content you can check out

21.Belle Delphine— great, fun cosplay content available here

  1. Jordyn Woods—a celebrity on the rise working on OF right now
  2. DoubleDBoatGirl— body-positive and downright attractive OF female creator
  3. Sophie Dee— Sophi Dee is her name and content variety is her game
  4. Mia Malkova— one of the best when it comes to OF fan interactions
  5. Natalie Monroe— a sensual OnlyFans model with amazing content
  6. Dana Dearmond— fun and bubbly, Dana is worth subscribing to for her post updates alone
  7. Lexi Belle— an iconic celebrity who now offers customized stuff on OnlyFans
  8. Mellissa Belle— great for fans of retro stuff
  9. Cardi B— has decent general content even though it’s nothing we haven’t seen before
  10. Larsa Pippen—specializes in video content for her followers
  11. Mia Khalifa— she used to work with big studios; thankfully she’s gone independent these days
  12. Erica Mena— a known reality TV personality who’s now doing content for her OF followers
  13. Pia Mia— if you’re a fan of dance, then Pia’s account is perfect for you
  14. Amber Rose— part circus act, part sensual performances: that’s Amber Rose for you.
  15. Jewelz Blu— if you like your entertainment with a twist, check out this OF page.
  16. Tana Mongeau— an internet personality who’s now on OF
  17. Jessica Nigri— great cosplay content on this OF page.
  18. Riley Reid— an undeniable celebrity who does fan chats on OnlyFans
  19. Kaya—provides fans with interactive experiences.

Top OnlyFans Accounts FAQs

What kind of content can I find on OnlyFans?

OnlyFans is one of the most well-known content sharing sites online today. They have more than ten million active users, with thousands more joining on a daily basis, which makes them the undeniable top dog when it comes to site traffic alone.

Here, fans and creators are able to meet, connect, and purchase one another’s digital content, which range from photos, videos, to post updates. Additionally, you can also sometimes purchase physical products from OF creators who offer them, which is also becoming more and more popular these days.

How do I find my favorite OnlyFans creator?

OnlyFans is almost perfect, with the only thing holding it back the lack of a dedicated in-site search engine. So, if you’re looking for the right creator to follow, you’re going to be required to do a bit of extra work:

  1. You can opt to go with a third-party search engine that’s specifically made to filter and locate OF profiles. These can be searched via Google. Some of them are free, but there are other more premium ones that cost some money to use.
  2. Most personalities online who have an OF account almost never fail to advertise their respective pages. As such, you can simply click on their OnlyFans link, which they show through their other social media profiles (like Twitter or IG).

Are OnlyFans subscriptions free of charge?

There are accounts who offer free subs to their general content. However, if you’re looking for customized stuff, it’s more than likely that you’re going to have to pay the creators to provide them for you.

Top OnlyFans Creators—Conclusion

With millions of content creators out there and no search engine to help you find them, we won’t hold it against you if you initially find OnlyFans to be a bit tedious. But now that you have this article in your hands, you won’t have to search high and low to find the best models, performers, and general content creators that you can follow on the platform.

The OnlyFans female creators that we’ve listed here provide you nothing but the best when it comes to the quality of their content, and with reasonable rates, there’s no reason for you to skip out on them.

So, go ahead and hit that subscribe button, girls and boys! You’ll love them!

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