Craigslist Personals Replacements: Top Alternatives For Casual Encounters

Two of my favorite sites were recently taken down: Craigslist personals and  In this guide i'm going to be talking about the best alternatives i've found after the takedown.

Since people used craigslist personals for different things, I'm separating this post into a few different categories to help you find what's best for you.  It's also important to understand that finding escorts, hookups, and casual sex online has been changed because of new laws in the united states meant to attack sex trafficking.   For that reason, some of the new sites aren't exact personals substitutes, but still help you get the same end result.

Best Alternatives List

This section will cover the all the craigslist personals alternatives I've found.  Some of them like Kijiji only work well in certain countries like Canada.  I've included M4M next to alternatives that are gay only.


This was one of Craigslist's main competitors and a popular alternative I used to use.  When Sesta was announced and Craigslist took down its personal ads, i'm sure the owners of Doublelist were jumping for joy.  They have a unique system for a classified site: they require you to create an account and verify it with your phone number.  This is light-years ahead of what anyone else is doing online right now.  By having an account and making the ads private they bypass the SESTA law and essentially make the world's best craigslist personals replacement.

The obvious downside is that is kind of annoying to have to put your phone number in to make an account, but hey, it beats running into spam and having to pay.

The community on the site is a lot like craigslist personals.  You post ads, with or without pictures, and then people reply and you can reply in turn.  You can include your phone number, where you live locally, and any other details about what you are looking for in a date.


Adult friend finder is the biggest online community for casual sex and no string relationships.  You can follow people and have a newsfeed where you will see updates from your adult friends.  Like Craigslist personals,  you'll see personals ads in your newsfeed with pics or just descriptions of what people are looking for in a hookup partner.

Personally, this is the site I have had the most success with after the shutdown.  It is the most similar site like craigslist personals when it comes to results.

Many of the people I meet with on AFF were regular CL users back in the day.  Usually we agree AFF isn't perfect, but it gets the job done and has some cool features like cam-to-cam chatting, voice chat, forums, profiles, and your own blog.

Craigslist Personals Substitutes For Gay and M4M

In addition to the sites above like Adult Friend Finder and Reddit, there are some good gay-only alternatives to craigslist personals.  If I had to make a rough guess, I would say that about 50% of all sex listings on Craigslist Personals were for non-straight sex, which is w

  • Grindr
  • Gays Go Dating
  • Blued

If You Love M4M, Use Grindr Instead of Craigslist

If you only want to find male for male casual encounters, then Grindr should have been what you were using anyways, why are we having this talk now!

But seriously you can see pictures of people that live in your local area, you can see people's pictures, and match with other gay singles.  Plus it's all free, it's about as perfect as it gets for a gay hookup website / app.  The downside with a free service is that there can be the occassional spam that is not an actual person and is just a fake account trying to get you to view their webcam or something fishy.

Why Did They Take Craigslist Personals Down Anyway

Craigslist made the decision to take down personals after the government passed a law called FOSTA - SESTA.  This law now requires all websites to moderate their ads and holds them responsible for any illegal sex trafficing done on their platforms.  So if someone used craigslist personals to sell an underage person as a prostitute, Craigslist themselves would be charged with prostitution and suffer the legal consequences.  Obviously this is not something that they wanted to deal with and they don't have the staff to moderate millions of new online ads a day, so instead they decided to shut things done.

And they aren't the only ones.  Many of the best sex dating sites across the internet are now returning 404s as they pull the plug and go out of business.  The only legal sites are ones that don't have an ad posting format such as dating sites like tinder, AFF, and other alternatives listed above.  These sites require you to give over your full name and identification which makes them not liable in the case of sex trafficing stuff.  In my opinion there is nothing stopping sex trafficers from making a fake account and lieing to find clients on tinder, etc.  Also, I think many of us would be just find with using Craigslist Personals with an account, so some people are still trying to get Craigslist into an account system for posting new ads.

Bottom Line

What did you think of this list of craigslist personals alternatives?  Please leave a comment below if you have any other alternatives you would like me to add to the list!

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